Finding your happy ever after…….

I woke this morning, and first thing, I was inspired to write this mornings status on the Facebook page. I wanted to bring it back to here. I do think it is an important message to relay.


I had spent my entire life looking for ‘happy ever after’, constantly I was hurt and let down, as I put my faith and trust in others.

I needed to meet a liar, manipulator, thief, someone who would constantly turn my world upside down, removing everything that I thought was of value in my life, to learn what was truly valuable.

I needed this to learn the most important lesson of all. I learned that my happy ever after was closer than I thought.

It was never ‘just around the corner’, or with anybody else…. . For my happy ever after was within me.

Please don’t give your power and your light away.

No partner is more valuable than you are, particularly If they steal your happy for themselves. Your happy ever after has always been within you. Love you, cherish you, treat yourself like your own best friend.

You see, this is the psychological trap. With the sociopath, being charismatic and charming, they take a hold of you, and your life. They take YOU hostage. At first the mirroring is perfection. You think in this person lies your happy ever after, but they are simply mirroring your own happy ever after that you are FAILING TO SEE.

It feels blissful…..for a while. Then it changes as they later reflect back to you a distorted image, mirroring is now mixed with them, so they mirror part of them onto you (feeding back what you already know _the truth), with what you want to hear (the lie) this distorts you, and the way that you feel about you.

The light within you is altered changed, but because you recognise it, and this person has perfectly reflected your happy back to you before, you don’t know why you feel so bad. It’s all an illusion, a cheap psychological trick.

You don’t need anyone else to reflect your particular brand of happiness. For the light is never purer than when it is contained within you.

Sociopaths will always distort the light, always distort the truth. Will always distort your happy. Will always bring darkness into your light. Take back your power, find your happy ever after, it’s closer than you think….. It’s right within you.

Copyright 2015

The meaning of this – and the spiritual lesson

It is probably one of the most important lessons that  I have learned. I always knew that the secret of true happiness came from within. I tried to practice mindful thinking. Yet, it was just words of a mantra, that had little bearing on how I was living my life.

All of my life, I would say that I had sought my happy ever after elsewhere, than from within. So many people ask the question:

How will I trust again?

How could I ever love again? I feel so betrayed, hurt and let down?

By asking this question, you are missing the most important lesson that the sociopath teaches you, and this is….. to trust yourself! Additionally, it is more than this. It is about  not looking for your happy ever after in anyone, or anything else, but YOU.

Did you know that this is how and why the sociopath IS so effective? They are effective because there are so many people out there who still haven’t got it, and are looking elsewhere than where they need to look. Within themselves.

Once you get this, that the secret of true happiness, and YOUR happy ever after comes from within and NOBODY can really give this to you, do you know that really it is also difficult to hurt you too? How can your happiness be taken away, if you are the one making you happy?

The sociopath will very happily break you, if you allow them to. They are happy to come in feigning to be your happy ever after, lying, manipulating and deceiving you, telling you all you want to hear. Did you know that they are only telling you what is inside of you? They see:

  • What they hear you say is the truth of what you want, or are
  • The real truth of how you are actually perceived

Then – they fill the gap in the middle. This is how you feel so content, how you feel that you are with the love of your life.You didn’t know that the greatest love of your life, is you? …….

You see what happens, is in the beginning the mirroring that they do back to you, is initially perfect. It is a perfect mirror image of you. Later that mirroring becomes twisted, now they are feeding back to you a twisted image of yourself.

Establish no contact

When you establish  no  contact, you start to purify and as long as you keep centred and focused on you, realise that this person is not only bad for you, but toxic to you. This doesn’t mean hating them, When you do this you are still giving your energy and power to them (and yes they can be energised by this)……. the best thing is to feel NOTHING let it go.

There is nothing to feel bad or hateful about. Yes they might have taken your innocence, altered your view, but you will always return back to you. Who you are. For some people they might see this as a loss, they might feel that they have lost the happiest time of their lives and that now all hope is gone. Lose that thought…… as if you are feeling that way, you still haven’t woken up to see the truth. That the happy ever after lies within the person that will ALWAYS be in your life – YOU!

All rights reserved copyright 2015

The truth will set you free!


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