The sociopath snap shot photo of life, manipulation through social media

whySnapShot.Yesterday I experienced, the ‘Facebook profile photo’ with the new woman. However, I didn’t feel jealous, I thought I wish you weren’t a sociopath and wouldn’t ruin her life too, but likely you will. I felt lucky and relieved. I was finally free.

Sociopaths are the illusionists of the world. To them, life is a stage and everyone else are merely actors on the stage with them, other people are audience members in their theatre of life. Don’t think that the sociopath EVER stops acting!! They don’t. The photo is a ‘stage prop’.. It is a prop that they use to send a message to the outside world. Remember that they are manipulative and deceptive. The other person wouldn’t know that this isn’t ‘real’. To her, this is a declaration of ‘true love’ and ‘commitment’. Perhaps so, but it won’t be commitment in the sense that you and I know commitment. Translate commitment to ‘prisoner’ and you are closer to the truth.

Sociopaths use any stage prop that they can use. I was with the sociopath in my life for just over three years. In that time, he often used social media to get his message across. He would write statuses saying things like ‘having an amazing time with the love of my life’…… and would make sure that he had a photo of ‘us’ as his Facebook profile photo. I knew who he was, and what he was doing, and often his actions, wouldn’t particularly mirror what was happening in reality. We might be fighting, or he might be (likely was) being controlling, or playing games. Sometimes it was good, but always it was important to him to present this image to the outside world, even if this image had no bearing on reality.

The photo on Facebook, is to the sociopath, merely part of the stage prop that they use to make their act more convincing on their stage of life. The new ‘couple happy in love’ photo not only sends a message to the new partner ‘how in love’ they are, additionally it sends a message to other audience members how happy they are, and therefore the crazy psycho one MUST be the ex!  He told me that his last ex was a psycho (she wasn’t he was), he told me that his ex before cheated (she didn’t he did).

Additional to the impact that this photo has, to not only the audience members in the theatre, and the new partner, if he/she is really lucky they get a bonus, and that is to send YOU the real victim a message (on this note, I will say that in our case, I don’t feel like a victim, I was happy to lose him) but I know for many this isn’t the case at all, and indeed in earlier years, it wasn’t for me either.

The photo is part of the seducing stage, it is all part of creating an image, and of forcing the other person into commitment (I am so in love with you, you should trust me, be with me). this is of course very flattering, and the new target has absolutely no idea that in reality she is merely just another prop on the sociopaths stage of life.

What appears to be a loving and supportive relationship, in reality will be a life of being a prisoner, trapped in this theatre, with the sociopath very carefully managing the act on stage. She won’t realise that she is being used, just like everyone in the sociopaths life are used for their own reasons. They do not see anything wrong in this at all. In their mind, they are doing a ‘service’ as they are ‘taking care’ of you. Sociopath taking care, technically means, ownership, a bit like you keep a pet but more advanced, as the sociopath operates a human robot ‘remote control’ to control you and your emotions, creating a true sense of ownership to them.

If this has happened to you, and if you are upset please remember this, YOUR world is about to grow BIGGER and the new targets life is going to grow much smaller. The new target will be trapped in the sociopaths theatre, unaware of the truth and the reality.

You are now free to leave the theatre. You are no longer trapped. Neither are you someone else’s prop for their stage in life. You are free to be you. It might feel harsh, if the sociopath has retained people that were YOUR friends, as their audience members. However, just remember as you walk out onto the streets, that you are now FREE…. the whole world is out there for you. You are free to interact with whomever you want to interact with. You can travel, build careers, build new friendships, even find somebody new. This is something that would be impossible to do with the sociopath, trapped in the theatre with them, your life and world can only become smaller, and micro managed by them.

To all those who are free today – celebrate your freedom and never return to the sociopaths theatre. It doesn’t matter if they have a new leading lady/man….. for they have no freedom, you have the world.

Copyright 2015

The truth will set you free!


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