Do sociopaths get Karma?

Does it seem unfair, that there are people on this planet, that can walk all over other people, doing what they like, repeating that pattern of behaviour with different people, and yet they seem to be fine, while your own life is falling down. You might ask the question ‘where is their karma’ and feel cheated at the injustice in this life.

Do sociopaths get karma?

I have witnessed twice in my life, where sociopaths got karma. With the last person who was in my life, he had karma, and he knew it was karma too. I need to find the letter that he wrote to me, and I will edit this post and write it in full.

Back in 2012, he had been duping and conning me the whole relationship. Everything, from the time that I met him was a lie. He had left, and I had taken him back, yet again he faked that he had a new job, and would pay me back all of the money he owed. Of course, there was no job, only more fakery, faking and taking. It got me further into debt.

I had taken him back again, only for him to repeat the same behaviour. He wrote me a two page letter on purple note paper. The letter said

How he was going to be a good, responsible man, and how he was going to work hard, and each week he would pay money into my bank account. If he didn’t the letter concluded, he deserved to be out on the streets, homeless, and with nothing and nobody.

His karma came fast, within weeks. Of course the above that was written in the letter was just a lie, and part of the game that he was playing. A few weeks after writing that letter, I was living in hell. He had stolen personal possessions, stolen from my bank, shouting and yelling, despite he had stolen from me, he called police on me! (sociopaths love to use the law to control you). I called the police also, who removed him from my home, called him a parasite. He had, by then burned all of his bridges with everyone, and had nowhere to go. Alone in a different city, he was then, just as his letter had said to me, living on the streets as a homeless person, with nothing and nobody.

He was to stay there for a week or so. Until he was rehoused into a house with addicts and alcoholics. Just as he did to me, they lied stole, created noise nuisance. He was there for a considerable time, probably a year and a half? Living the life that he had created. He often talked about how this was his karma. A miserable existence with little in his life but other liars thieves and addicts. The mighty had fallen.

I witnessed karma with another one too. This person had also significantly damaged my life, only his karma came 8 years later. I didn’t see him for 8 years. I did, by chance, as his life was falling apart. Oddly, all that he did to me, that he hid, and played good guy to the outside world, while I was the bad one, was to be exposed. He met someone else, his actions were made public when he did it to her. His own family was destroyed. Damage he did to my life, was done to him. He also said to me when I saw him 8 years later

I bet you think this is karma?

I said nothing and just stared at him. Of course I thought this. It was this, that enabled me to let go.It wasn’t my fault, his karma was proof…. I both cases I got to see the karma.

Have you seen your sociopath get karma? Do you think that karma exists?

One took two weeks, the other eight years. Both knew what it was. Both knew it was karma, in both cases it hit them hard.

Don’t think about revenge, the universe will deal with them. If it isn’t now, there will be a reason for that. Their karma will come…. not if… but when.

So be warned for sociopaths who read this site. It will catch up with you!!

The truth will set you free!


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