About me

About Me

This blog comes from a life that has been a real journey of learning and discovery. I live in the UK, I spent my life, in the real world, working with statutory homeless people. I worked daily with drugs, alcohol, mental health, domestic violence, prolific offenders, prostitutes, young people leaving care, asylum seekers from war torn countries, to name but a few.  Of course, working with the issues that come from this too.  I have worked in this field for over 25 years.

I have a BA Hons. In Housing and Development, so I am not a writer. despite this time at uni, i still returned to working with homeless people, and networking with other agencies.  Following on from this I completed studies at University in Counselling. I also have a qualification in psychology.

Coming from a background working with people with complex needs, I try to write in a way that is down to earth and easy to understand. It complicated enough having been  with a sociopath, as they are prolific liars and masters of deception, so I try to write in a way that is easy to understand.

Work that is on this blog, is copyright to the author. All works are copyrighted and all rights reserved.

I am not a writer. Everything that is written here, has been as a result of the life that i have led, either relationships, spiritual understanding, professional experience, academic understanding, and just common sense! – Probably most importantly, when it comes to healing and recovery, KNOWING what works to help, heal and recover people, tried, tested and practiced for most of my life working with people 1-1 in the real world.

 I truly believe that the truth will set you free. Once you know the truth, you can’t really fully return. I did try though!!  And this too was an experience. The sociopath even if they care about you, the most that they can possibly do, they cannot change. The outcome will sadly always be the same.

If you have been affected by a sociopath, don’t give up hope. There are millions of victims  survivors throughout the world. Spreading the truth, survivors can support  and help to heal each other.

131 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Thank you so much – your blog helps make sense of the impossible. I’m still reeling and trying to re-build my life, luckily I have a wonderful support network of kindness which has been highlighted even more through this ordeal.

    The web of lies are still surfacing, he just couldn’t tell the truth about anything. The phone calls he had that must have been with himself?! Setting third parties up to unknowingly collaborate the lies… then he wanted to spend more time with me so faked freelance contracts and paperwork so I would leave my job. He really had no sense of shame or consequence, even when he exited (very early in the morning) he still lied about having not left.

    I broke all contact – the last communication that got through was a text – he said ‘I will always love you’. But he can’t and there lies the tragedy, as I will always be able to love and always be able to show others kindness.

    I’ve cried every day for months – a little less each time. The pain of betrayal is so deep… I hope everyone who had been affected will find answers in these pages. So thank you again for your time and dedication x

    1. Yes I went through the phone calls in front of me to make his lies believable that was a favourite of his. Oh yes the I will always love you….. Yeah they don’t know the meaning of love. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thanks for your blog and helping to bring together a sadly large group of people. It’s hard for people who have never dealt with a high functioning sociopath to truly understand the nightmare they can leave behind.

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