Netflix recommendation ‘Dirty John’

Has anyone watched this? A friend who was with a psycho recommended. I am hooked.

Documentary if you don’t have Netflix to watch the series.

I often wondered why did I return when I knew all that I knew?

Because they are good. Because they can be so believable. Because they can go to incredible lengths to cover their real motives and agenda.

Who else has watched this? Any thoughts?

If you can think of any other good recommendations, please drop them in the comments below.



14 thoughts on “Netflix recommendation ‘Dirty John’”

  1. Thank you! Someone recommended the same movie to me. I agree with you—-they are that good.
    Long journey and a lot wiser! I wish you well on yours!

    1. Thanks T-Ro. I watched the whole series yesterday. Watching how she went back, when she had uncovered the truth. Yet believed him when he continued to lie, cover, but confessed to some lies as he just wanted to be ‘good enough for her’. That rang so true. I wish you well on your journey too.

  2. I watched the docu series, not the fictional series. The one with real life dirty johns and OMG! The stories are so similar to what we victims go through it was CRAZY!! The red flags EVERYWHERE!!

    1. I watched the fictional yesterday. Whole series. The other one is on netflix, I plan to watch. When you watch it, it is so crazy what they do. Especially when she had the truth in all those papers but still stayed with him. Like me, writing this blog, even though I knew what i knew, I would allow him back, 2014 and believed that perhaps I had got it wrong. Absolutely crazy what we went through.

  3. I watched it and felt like I was almost in the programme… reliving some of my past experiences…
    Most people think it’s threats.. and their overtly abusive… But.. I was really impressed that they highlighted coercive control and how much more insidious it is… how he seemed attentive.. thoughtful.. she being a busy successful woman.. he acknowledged that fact.. and used it .. he wanted her to be able to relax more.. enjoy their time more.. he wanted to help.. he could ease the burden and pressure off her … running errands.. making her morning drinks… the little things.. menial tasks.. that take time… make a woman feel loved.. getting under your skin.. their slow dripping on every aspect of your life… closing in on you entrapping.. isolating .. the love bombing and romance is all part … Of the.. Campaign..
    The Project…. and his work…

    1. Yes, exactly, how loving, kind, nice they can be and how confusing that is for the victim. The love of your life. Rarely seeing the truth. As this is hidden from you. Yes, I remember he would cook for me, take care of me. Be there for me. Seemed like my best friend. We were lucky I think.

  4. I started watching this and it has made me physically sick. I see my own story playing out in so many ways….I’m free now, and watching this reminds me how vulnerable we can be to true predators. The bottom line for me is – if it’s too good to be true…run…

  5. Hi Yessssss I watched Dirty John and Dirty John was Dirty and a liar and a sociopath just like my ex was …Very Good movie.🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 Run like the gingerbread man…..

  6. Well, it’s been a little over 2 1/2 years and I’m feeling ready to date. After breaking it off with my sociopath ex-girlfriend I’m finally ready to start dating. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would take this long.

    1. Yay good for you Howard. I think it is good that you took time out for yourself, to allow yourself to heal and recover. This should enable you to make sure that you don’t get manipulated again. I really hope that you find somebody who is worthy of you! Be happy!!

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