Sociopath Sin Bin

This page is for Sociopaths. While this website is written from a non sociopaths perspective who was victimised by one. I do recognise the need for Sociopaths to talk about their issues. Repeatedly, since writing this site, I observed that Sociopaths wanted to talk in an anonymous way. I think that with Sociopath specific sites (from my own observations) there was competition, almost a need to prove just how ‘badass’ they are.

I have a victim ‘share your story’ – here is a Sociopath ‘share your story’….. your comments are anonymous. I know how much you love to hide. It must be frustrating having so many ‘win’s ‘ sometimes that you can’t really tell people about (after all you are not the narcissist – who would?).

I hope that this works, as I would very much like to read stories from Sociopaths. Those who do not wish to read – can avoid this page.

I honestly do look forward to hearing your stories also.

Nikki (Positivagirl).



The truth will set you free!

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