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A thank you from five years ago

This came up as a FB memory from five years ago. I don’t know who wrote it. But if you read this, I just wanted to say thank you as it made me smile today.


I don’t know where to start but I think the best way too is to say thank you. Two years ago is exactly when you started to save my life. I was so deep in the darkness that I no longer believed I would ever see the light again. But in some weird way I found myself to your site and thats when my jorney of self discovery really began. From our previous messages I’m sure you can tell that I’ve been down that dark, draining painful path that so many others that follow your site have been down. But today I’m able to say that I found myself again and I definitely found the light again to. I want to say thank you for helping me do that. Its amazing how a stranger across the world can touch your life in a way that no one else can. You have helped me and so many others understand that what may have happened to us was wrong and that we deserve so much more. The details of my time in the chambers of a sociopath becomes a distant memory of my past more and more everyday. I still have healing and recovering to do but now I believe that someday soon I will definitely be the person I once was and so much more again😌. Thank you for being strong enough to share your experiences and for guiding me in this painful, life altering, self realising journey. Thank you for being the voice for so many of us who are stuck in silence. I can only imagine that I am one of thousands of lives that you have helped change for the better and that you have been the voice in a world of silence that says ‘ you are worthy, you deserve better, you are not crazy, you can live again and you can feel alive’. Words will never be enough to express to you how your site, reading your articles, reading about others experiences helped me stay sane in a time when I couldn’t trust myself let alone anyone else in the world. But I found myself trusting your words, your messages of encouragement and those of your followers. I will never forget the lessons I have learnt in the last 10 years of my life and I now know that some things needed to happen in order for me to realise my self worth, to realize that I too deserved to be loved and cherished and respect and that I too should be grateful for all the beautiful things that life has already given me.

I wish you so much of joy and happiness. I also wish you so much of strength for all the days of your life. I know that it isn’t always easy to be the one that others need or depend on when they are on this kind of journey. I hope that you are blessed richly and that you receive the blessings because through your work people are literally saving themselves and working through challenges that they never even knew existed. May you always find yourself surrounded by loved ones with helping hands for all the moments your words have helped me live another day.

Thank you thank you Thank you
Much light and love
From A Soul Survivor🙂