A thank you from five years ago

This came up as a FB memory from five years ago. I don’t know who wrote it. But if you read this, I just wanted to say thank you as it made me smile today.


I don’t know where to start but I think the best way too is to say thank you. Two years ago is exactly when you started to save my life. I was so deep in the darkness that I no longer believed I would ever see the light again. But in some weird way I found myself to your site and thats when my jorney of self discovery really began. From our previous messages I’m sure you can tell that I’ve been down that dark, draining painful path that so many others that follow your site have been down. But today I’m able to say that I found myself again and I definitely found the light again to. I want to say thank you for helping me do that. Its amazing how a stranger across the world can touch your life in a way that no one else can. You have helped me and so many others understand that what may have happened to us was wrong and that we deserve so much more. The details of my time in the chambers of a sociopath becomes a distant memory of my past more and more everyday. I still have healing and recovering to do but now I believe that someday soon I will definitely be the person I once was and so much more again😌. Thank you for being strong enough to share your experiences and for guiding me in this painful, life altering, self realising journey. Thank you for being the voice for so many of us who are stuck in silence. I can only imagine that I am one of thousands of lives that you have helped change for the better and that you have been the voice in a world of silence that says ‘ you are worthy, you deserve better, you are not crazy, you can live again and you can feel alive’. Words will never be enough to express to you how your site, reading your articles, reading about others experiences helped me stay sane in a time when I couldn’t trust myself let alone anyone else in the world. But I found myself trusting your words, your messages of encouragement and those of your followers. I will never forget the lessons I have learnt in the last 10 years of my life and I now know that some things needed to happen in order for me to realise my self worth, to realize that I too deserved to be loved and cherished and respect and that I too should be grateful for all the beautiful things that life has already given me.

I wish you so much of joy and happiness. I also wish you so much of strength for all the days of your life. I know that it isn’t always easy to be the one that others need or depend on when they are on this kind of journey. I hope that you are blessed richly and that you receive the blessings because through your work people are literally saving themselves and working through challenges that they never even knew existed. May you always find yourself surrounded by loved ones with helping hands for all the moments your words have helped me live another day.

Thank you thank you Thank you
Much light and love
From A Soul Survivor🙂


24 thoughts on “A thank you from five years ago”

  1. Always, always when you need some strength dealing with such tragic issues an email pops up and makes you cry and remember you are not alone in this. My ex has been texting lately and it hurts.

  2. Aw! So glad to have helped in the character building and finding of yourself! I mean, not directly, since you and I have never met, but it’s nice to know so many people have had a part in making you a stronger person through this experience! 🙂

    1. Would’nt your ex-socio gain so much satisfaction in playing a victim on the same site you are confiding in? Time to be done with this….too many coincidences at the same time my ex starts coming around.

      1. This isn’t my ex lil bits. This site has been running since early 2013. He didn’t write here. Not that I know of.

        But he knew about this site. Often I would be writing and he would be banging my front door down. I had one rule on this site and that was respect. What I found is if they wanted to come here they would anyway. So might as well come right out and say they were a psychopath. From memory psychopaths opinion was helpful here I guess because apart from attention there was nothing that they could personally gain. But it happens everywhere.

      2. This is my website btw 🙂 I just haven’t written for sometime. I have needed healing. I used to write this site sometimes daily when he was around. (posts 2013 to 15/16) I just wrote what I saw as it happened.

    2. Out of interest – what did you gain from this site?

      Also. Because I am nosy. How did you manage to get a psychopath diagnosis? Not like your type sign up for therapy. What did you do?

      1. Because I’m bored, I’ll bite. I did something when 7 that was out of the ordinary of most children, so my parents, well, the parent that was left, put me into therapy. Therapy didn’t last long. I knew shortly before that incident at 7 that I thought differently than everyone else. Waaaaaaay later in life, unbeknownst to anyone except myself and the doctor involved, I got an off the record diagnosis. Obviously I didn’t want that type of thing officially recorded, so a deal was made and no paperwork was ever done on the diagnosis. I’m extremely high on the spectrum though- so I’m a rare one.

        Oh, and what have I learned here? Patterns mostly … patterns and behaviors that are very predictable are shown here. Also, confirmation of how “victims” keep thinking of us decades after we’re through with them and long since have moved on. We get little hints that that’s the case, but this has been hard evidence time after time that you guys never forget nor move on.

      2. Oh my this is fun. You think you see patterns and are so rare but you my friend run the same circles all aspd diagnosed people do. Boring typical and quit amusing watching you cycle your typical routine. It was good to go full circle to see the sickness people like you really have and will always have. What a sad life however you don’t understand that either. You don’t feel and will never understand love. Your learn proper responses to life from watching tv and others to know how you should respond. Ground Hog Day is a favorite show. Please don’t ever try to cry…I laughed at the bad acting job poured out for me.

        You see I played my ex for what I wanted all the while he thought he was playing me. Finally made him leave couldn’t stand the bad acting. I still play him when he engages.

        You keep on thinking your a rare one but your not……only full of bs. Careful who you think your playing because they might already have u figured out, Unfortunately that doesn’t bother you either. Your off to be bored in your head…a real rare one, never. Really no point at all.

      3. You sound like a lil sociopath yourself … you make me proud!
        I don’t need nor care for your validation. I simply was answering your question with honesty hun. I love the way I am – rational, without the blindness of empathy and love to make me weak and unable to make sound decisions. Going through life on the high road, without pain and living freely with no inhibition? I’d choose it every time over the turmoil I see you chose to put yourself through over and over. I pity you and how you put yourself in situations over and over to feel heart ache and pain. THAT is the sad life.

      4. That’s the thing you can’t hurt their feelings. Although, if it was of benefit to them they would pretend you have. Have just logged in will catch up.

      5. @positivagirl – you are correct. We have to have an emotional attachment in order to get our feelings hurt. It’s quite liberating to not care what others think.
        However, I do have a handful of people I care about the opinion of; ones who have earned my respect in one way or another.

        Also, it’s been said punishment doesn’t work on my kind either – which I completely understand. I can’t speak for everyone, but all it ever has done is just make me smarter in not getting caught. It’s more an irritation than anything else, it can be avoided by simply just getting away with things.

      6. @lilbits please educate yourself before asking questions … a psychopath is BORN. If I had signs of this from a ripe age of 7, obviously I was born this way.
        Sociopaths are the ones made from trauma. You sound a lot like an unstable little sociopath. So, please, you tell me, what trauma is it that YOU went through?

        @positivagirl I took “I don’t think people think of you in a positive way” as the no one likes me comment, but I see now I did take that very loosely translated.
        As for prison, of course no one would like it, hence the reason I mentioned just not getting caught.

      7. The name of this site is Dating a Sociopath no? Sociopath and Psychopath run the same line but most definitely have differences. I am versed in both of these aspds more than I ever wanted to be.

        My only trauma was to love someone who did not deserve it. Do you even know what love is? I could easily play a sociopath as I have learned how they work but fortunately I have empathy so it would never last long. I am done wasting my time here… go find the Dating a Psychopath site.

      8. Lol you are a rare psychopath. But you never had a diagnosis to do you a favour? 😂 Come on now. I don’t think people think of you in a positive way. Just that you screwed their life, and they are struggling to recover it. Years later. Usually it can happen thinking about someone years later. The one you loved. The one that got away… It’s nothing flattering.

  3. My mistake, @lilbits my lil protege, I was answering @positivagirl ‘s question, you just wanted to be included.

  4. @positivagal thank you, I know I am rare. You say no one likes me, however the funny thing is that everyone in my life thinks I am one of the best people they have ever met. The things I am saying to you they would never believe came out of my mouth, and if someone told them it was me saying these things they would not believe it. I’ve seen it happen before, no one could ever fathom me being a psychopath, in fact they think I am quite the opposite.

    1. I didn’t recall saying nobody liked you though. I said the reasons people remember someone like you isn’t flattering. If you have destroyed their life confidence and identity.

      1. …please….earn your respect? I hope everyone looking for answers in this situation reads this string and realize how unbelievable sociopaths are. When the love and feelings are gone the lights turn on and this is what you find.

        So did your dad beat the shit out of you or what is your genius reason for your condition? Or maybe got this from mommies genes?

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