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  1. Hello I put a post on Is he/she a sociopath on behalf of my friend as he really wants some feed back, can I have some feedback please & thank you.

    1. A commitmentphobe is scared of true commitment. Fear of being hurt. Will be ok with you until they feel true emotions. These emotions will make them back off, either temporarily or permanently. A sociopath does not feel true emotions and will fake emotions to get what they want from you. The sociopath will ruin your life and it is deliberate. Commitmentphobe might want to be in a long term relationship but feels fear being in one.

  2. Do you think my ex was a sociopath…we were together for 16 months, everything was perfect in the beginning I was totally swept of my feet, showered with gifts etc and made to feel like this was the person I was meant to be with, what literally felt like overnight she said she had switched her feelings off and felt confused and scared and wanted space (after already 5 weeks apart) i then found out by chance she was cheating with someone she had met when away. I have since found out she has done this with 7 people over 8 years and when describing her exs to me they were also the psychos or crazy ex. Do you think this is sociopath behaviours!?!?

    Also I am truely struggling that she has moved onto someone else and is happier with someone else without giving me a second thought and can’t help but think maybe this new person is the one or her “soul mate” ????


  3. I have been with my husband for 14 years. Since the beginnning of our committed relationship, he changed from being a persons who understood me, listened, never judged me, always there mentally & financially to controlling, violent, mental, physical, verbally abisive. We argue all the time about the most insignificant things. Every situation that needs to be resolved by a couple talking about it ends up a blow up verbal, belittling and somtimes it even escalate to physical abuse. He behaves like even in front of our 2 kids. He has also manifested this behavior with family, and close friends and neighbors. I’m so embarrassed by his behavior and we have lost a lot of friends. When we get into a full blown argument even when it’s not my fault he confuses me to think that I’m crazy about whet we are arguing about and says that I over exaggerate. It’s so exhausting when we tried to iron things, we can last hours & hours justifying how he’s right! Sometimes I think that maybe I’m crazy like he tells me to my face and tells others too. He tell our kids how bad of a mother I am and that he behaves in a violent way because I push him to do bars things. When I ignore him he gets more mad and starts breaking doors, furniture, walls, what’s er is in his way. His violent behavior torments me and the kids. So we will lock ourselves in the bedroom while he continues to rage about how awful and stupid I am. He will continue weeks without talking to me or the kids until he apologizes and promises that he will get help and he will change. Then it will happen all over again.

  4. How long can Sociopaths go on tormenting you after the relationship is over? Will it ever end? I have had no contact for a year and it STILL continues with voicemails saying he hopes I crash my car and die. The only good thing is that the smear campaign was so ridiculous that everyone that knows either of us is now convinced that his is crazy. I even sold my home and moved but he still continues. I feel like I’m losing my mind.

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