This video does explain gaslighting and manipulation quite well. Unfortunately the audio with the graphics is computer based, but the information is good at explaining. If you have been involved with a sociopath, this should make some sense to you.

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. In some senses it is the worst kind of emotional abuse. If anybody can find a better one, please let me know and I can change it.

These examples are the minor kind, I have experienced worse than this. It can drive you crazy, or make you question your mind. Remember that there is nothing wrong with you. Your mind  has been played with. You can heal and you  can recover!!

7 thoughts on “Gaslighting”

  1. I always laughed when my mom thought that my ex was “gas lighting” me, it sounded like such a funny name. But after watching this, I know she was right.

  2. I love this video…My spath has moved back North, but lately keeps calling to talk me into moving up there. Says I won’t need any money. He’ll pay for everything. Says he has a present for me. Says he’s stocking the refrigerator with all the healthy foods I like. I don’t understand. I have nothing left. What does he want from me?

  3. I wish I had realized what he was doing sooner. I qualify for Mensa and he had me saying how stupid I was. As soon as he was gone, I could see what he was doing. It took my college aged daughter to tell me that he really wasn’t that smart for me to see the craziness in what he was saying and doing. Now, I just want to get rid of him. I am paying him alimony and he was fired from his job. He gets my money and won’t settle the divorce. I am waiting for my life to begin again.

    1. Hey live and learn.

      Dont wait for your life to begin again. Begin your life again today, for you, to hell with him. Let him have money, the spark that you have within your heart is worth more than any pennies can buy. No amount of money can buy you.

      I know it sucks that he gets financial gain….. buts its worthless without a conscience as when you have the ability to have love burning in your heart, you know what you have the ability to have true love burning for YOU!!! …. that warm glow in your heart. No money can buy that….. its priceless, as are you!!

  4. I keep asking why this is happening? Feel so dumb. The Badd Man is out of my home the part that is so difficult is getting him out of my heart! The Badd Man is attacking me through social media trying to convince people I’m mentally I’ll! I have had 9 maybe more phone numbers in 1 month! So many emails and passwords can’t keep them straight! My answer and way of fighting back is to live life be exposed walk through the fire! Look people in the eye trust God to expose the truth! I will not be his victim! Blondie

    1. Hi Blondie, I want to tell you, that while what you are going through is ABNORMAL, how YOU are feeling IS normal. I too went through this. I understand how it feels to have to keep changing your password. Its an absolute nightmare, I had so many passwords, I couldn’t remember what my passwords were. Before I met him, I had had the same passwords on my computers for 15 years!!! Never did I think that I would have to change my password, least of all due to someone that I loved. No, good for you, don’t be his victim. Rise above it, ignore him, he will soon get bored – and just make himself look stupid.

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