Videos related to sociopathic behaviour.

14 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. I came w/my son away from family he has a TBI from falling 40 ft@ 2 yrs old I have ptsd from it,both of us on disability, I was lonely,fell for a young con soicio,we had so little I never knew that such heartless people existed,he was 20 yrs my Jr.alone in a strange place I see I was a sitting duck,kind generous,mother of 5 .Thankful I am free.Not bitter but better.Believe still in the good & that it will come back my way but not from him.There is a reason for the season,just want u all to know it gonna be alright!

  2. Hi Mira, glad to hear you ate doing much better. It does get better. I’m ok now to, worst pain ever, they suck, God has a plan for them to that’s when we will see real justice. Peace

  3. I had never heard of a sociopath until the last 2 weeks. I am absolutely torn apart and have hung on to my life by a bare thread. I understand my story is still being moderated. I really want to publish it just to see if I am going mad or it is true. Please help if you can.

    1. Same as R P in January 2015…but these last two weeks now…feeling so torn…so very confused. Scares me how he seems to have got into my brain so much, wish I could have amesua and forget all about him, stop the pain. Im nearly 50, how could I be so stupid?!! Cant tell anyone. Feeling so desperate. Is anyone still out there?

    1. I actually have alot to say but I’m going to try and make it short and simple, so you know France It dose appear that he’s a compulsive liar, in my experience they convince themselves their lies are true, my advice is that you are too good of a man to ever let this abusive phyco back in your life to exploit youand yes good karma provail, sending blessings your way, best thing is to never let Jimmy in your life again. Absolutely inexcusable and over the line of abuse, manipulative and exploit ive behavior stay strong ive been there and left 2004 never looked back and happy ever after I loved my family and y self too much for that drama! It’s important suround yourself with uplifting positive people. If supportive effecting your life in good ways then you should find what their intentions are..i cut loose to close aquantances today for the fact it was becoming a negative distraction on my healthy stable loving lifestyle I’m starting­čĺ×I’m honest and like to help in any way i can , I’m a natural healer because of my 15 plus years caregiving in two professional fields I’m around anytime…

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