Psychopath Test


I enjoyed watching this, so thought that I would share….

One thought on “Psychopath Test”

  1. he just left. About 1 year later I get a phone call from an unknown number. I answer it its him raging on the phone about ne paying the 500.00 hospital bill for my tubal pregnancy, he couldn’t he was in med school. I told him to pay me back half of the 9 months rent I paid instead of skipping on the lease like him. In 1988, I was married and had a son . My son is 25 yrs old now. And, when my ex started disappearing, raging, cursing me, trying to start fights. And, I went to the doctor about my foul smelling urine, my rash that I thought was from using generic razors came back and I was told I had the initial/primary breakout of herpes I told my ex. And, I told my son. Thats when my son told me he had been diagnosed with genetal herpes when he was 14 yrs old. He HAD NO IDEA HE HAD HPV. He told me he had , had them since he was 12 yrs old. The reason my son was diagnosed and I was never told by the healthcare personell was he was in juvenile detention center when the tests were done. My son has had many trials and tribulations. He always felt ashamed, he said. At age 14 my son was tested and diagnosed with neurological disorder. I have spent his entire life being there to protect him, save him, and never understanding why he was so sick. When I told my ex I had been diagnosed with hsv2 his first response was, I am so sorry, HAVE YOU EVER BROKEN OUT BEFORE. My response was REALLY. He then went on to say he had NEVER had any bumps, rashes. And, I said Well, when I showed the doctor the pics of your penis that I downloaded from my phone to my tablet. He said, this penis has herpes. With 99% accuracy but can’t be 100% until he comes in for a blood test. My ex then said he gets a company physical every year. We ended the call with his denial and me with the initial/primary hsv2 breakout. Later, that even started getting one text after another from my ex. And they went as follows. Terri, I am so very sorry, I have done this to you. I feel horrible, I am not handling this well, I don’t know what to do. But, you were misdiagnosed you don’t have hsv2 you have hpv. His txts went on to say: After, we broke up in 1986. Mary(who later became his 1st wife) saw bumps bumps on his penis. Terr, I know you didn’t give them to me. I got them after we broke up. He then txted he went to a doctor at Baylor Hospitall where my ex worked as a surgical tech. The doctor treated him for GENITAL WARTS, he put inferons up his penis, froze off the warts, and then had plastic surgery on his penis. My ex txted on that THEY (HIM AND HIS 1ST WIFE) never had any problems and he never thought about them again. UNTIL, NOW. He txted OMG Terri if I had remembered I would have told you. I would never hurt you, OMG I can’t stop crying.
    I responded, okay now I have hpv to get tested for, because I have made myself clear and my doctor hasn’t misdiagnosed me or your penis. I am goung through the intial/primary hsv2 breakout. My ex has been cold, distant, absent, raging, threatening since those txts. He has sparaticly paid my medical. I have had blood test, test results showing I have not got Any old antibodies only new antibodies for the hsv2. Still waiting on my pap test for the hpv and any signs of carcinoma cells. I have seen a grief counselor first visit this week. The therapist agreed I am depressed one for the cruel way I was expised and the the cruel way my ex has reacted since finding out. I am waiting on my pap test to decide whether to file criminal charges and/or sue him civilly.

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