How to cope with harassment and stalking


This is a good video about coping techniques for Narcissist and Psychopath/Sociopath.

It does work. As I have tried these techniques prior to watching this video. It did work. A sociopath controls by fear. You need to remove the fear.

This video gives excellent advice on coping techniques when things are out of control, when No Contact is impossible.


5 thoughts on “How to cope with harassment and stalking

      1. Hi all, it’s very good but seen it ages ago, the sociopath is now using another number to stalk me with oh well, I’m so honestly relaxed in myself now I don’t care what threats and kisses he wants to send me as I know it’s all a lie. He loses every time, it’s been 8 months of no contact and I love it, never knew it was so easy until I read this site, it’s like I got permission to leave a wake up call, so glad I followed the instructions or god knows what would have happened to me.

  1. Hi again, I have blocked the new number the sociopath is using to contact me, he is so mad he is even writing the texts as if I had responded to him, how pathetic, it makes me realise what a nasty manipulating person he really is, he knows if he appears at my door it will be the police. I really thought after 8 months he would get the message that I’m not interested in his bad behaviour and abuse. I don’t feel scard anymore as I have met someone who understands this type of confusion . I’m glad that I still have myself and I can carry on with my life. I did not suffer financially that much I was just glad to get away in one piece.

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