7 thoughts on “How to get rid of the sociopath”

  1. Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!! Mine was pure evil. I remember thinking “what is wrong with him” when I realized he taken half a bag of periogies out of the freezer along with the groceries I just bought! What is that?? Pathetic Parasites.

  2. So many people post great songs and they can be hard to keep up with/locate if you’re in a hurry when you discover the post. Can we start a soc music playlist?

    These would fall under “Crazy Making/Gaming”:

    Morningside – Sara Bareilles
    Between the Lines – Sara Bareilles
    Gravity – Sara Bareilles
    You Love Me – Kelly Clarkson
    Man from Mars – Joni Mitchell

  3. I think this trivialises the whole issue. It’s shockingly bad. My experience is awful violent and constantly on edge.. I am not or will not be portrayed through someone’s disorder as some type of cartoon caricature from Simpsons. This person has zero understanding of my pain.

  4. Hi, I’m now coming to an end of an 8yr relationship with a sociopath. I knew something wasn’t right with her less than a year in but I’d fell in love by then and because she hadn’t got to the shouting stage I shoved it under the rug. I was told she wanted a close loving relationship which is what I wanted too. She told me same stories all time about how bad her past was and she now wanted a happy life, I was sucked in but she came across very attentive, affectionate and loving and it felt great. As she moved in and the relationship progressed into more issues such as letting me down with money, not wanting to help toward the bills we would have more and more fallouts because I would confront her with what she had done or not willing to do and I would get empty excuses which would lead to her getting aggressive and shouting her way out of situation. Then I would have to put up with 1-2 weeks of nasty attitude whenever I tried to speak to her until she decided to talk rationally again. Then when we did talk I’d get blame. Then she started distancing herself from me, going out more, telling me she was looking forward to to us having a nice nite together then changing her mind and going out. I was completely confused and felt I was took for granted. She didn’t want to socialize with my friends saying they don’t like her. She manipulated me to cut off contact with them aswell as stopping me having a life unless she allowed it. Since I damaged my knee in June this year and being at home I’ve found out just how much she lies to everyone and manipulates, I’ve tried talking to her friend and partner and even though her partner thought she had a split personality they think I’m off my head! I’ve found out she tells people I’m bad to her and hit her. I found out just before Christmas what my soon to be ex problem was and even though I tried really hard to give my daughter a nice Christmas day her mom had no interest in her daughters day and tried to spoil it. But since then my emotions are all over the place and I feel completely drained and exhausted. But I’m now worried for my daughter I haven’t liked the way she treats her and have enough evidence for a safe guarding but been advised to be careful because don’t know how she’ll react to it. I feel completely lost and on my own.

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