It can be difficult either being in the relationship with the sociopath, or leaving them. They are masters of manipulation and control. Sociopaths will burn your life to the ground, if you hang around with them for long enough.

It can take some time to rebuild your life, rebuilding your social networks. Or even trusting someone again. Additionally you might find it difficult to explain to those close to you (if you have anybody left) how you are feeling.

Facebook can be great, but it uses your personal information, and maybe you want to stay anonymous. Please use this page, and the comments, to drop by to say hi. How are you feeling today? How is your day going? On a scale of 1-10 how are things going for you?

Comments come to this site, all over the site, but as a reader you wouldn’t see this. So that you know you are NOT alone, drop by and say hi. Know that you are NOT alone, there are thousands of people every day reading this site. Say hi, and support each other.


339 thoughts on “STOP BY AND SAY HI!!”

  1. I have split yet again from my sociopathic ex.
    I believed him Everytime and I feel very foolish.
    The turning point though was the third time he tried to strangle me, I put up with the lies because I knew everything was a lie.
    He had access to all my social media and emails, proudly telling me he could even see my whattsapp messages.
    I’m now trying to rebuild my life and forget about the last 5 years

    1. Hey Shazper, your comment, did alarm me when you say that you have split with him ‘yet again’ and that this time he tried to strangle you.

      I don’t want to frighten you. I cannot diagnose the person that you were with. But if you were with someone who is psychopathic in nature, and he has got to the point of potential strangulation, you REALLY do need to take this seriously. People like this, can have an inner rage, and lose control – they have no guilt, remorse, or shame for their actions. A violent one (not all are) is a VERY dangerous one. I can promise you, that this will NOT get better over time. It will only get worse. Please do not return, what other support networks do you have available to you? Family, friends, access to DV support in your area?

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