Lack of remorse guilt or shame

A sociopath does not experience the same range of emotions and feelings, that a non sociopath does.

Whilst they can commit, terrible acts against people, to lie, manipulate, deceive, and use. They can come back, (the boomerang effect) as if it never happened.

They do not feel, or experience, feelings of remorse or shame. That part of their brain, of their emotional development is missing. And it will never be there. You cannot teach somebody to feel  something that they do not feel.

Sometimes they do things in anger. Or in temper (usually when they have lost control). Other times, it is a deliberate attempt to manipulate you, to get what they want.

Whatever the reason, the outcome for them is always the same. They simply want to fulfil their own selfish needs. And they won’t feel the least bit guilty about how much it is going to cost you either.

A normal person, after doing something hurtful towards someone else, feels guilt. They feel a sense of shame, or feel remorseful for the pain that they have caused. A sociopath however, doesn’t feel like this.

The only time that he would feel this way, is if his actions had a negative effect on his own life. He doesn’t particularly care about yours. He doesn’t even go as far as to comprehend if he affects your life, unless he is in deliberate ruining mode. Or even if he will ultimately affect his own. He is focused on one thing, himself.

A non sociopath, has an urge to confess their sins and has a need to clear the air, to be frank, open and honest. A sociopath does not feel or experience this. To them, they have done nothing wrong. They cannot really see what the big fuss is about, and as they do not feel guilt, and they do not worry about other peoples lives (unless it affects their own), they feel no need to confess, or to be honest. Being dishonest, and compulsive lying is the cloak that they hide behind.

A sociopath hates for you to repeat things that he has done in the past. This can make him angry as you are expecting emotions that he simply does not have. You are asking something which he cannot feel.

A sociopath has a lack of conscience. A lack of remorse guilt, or shame. Acts that he does, he feels is quite justified (in his own mind). And after it is over, to him, it is in the past.

A sociopath is an opportunist, and cannot help but act on an opportunity that comes his way. He is impulsive, and will react if an opportunity comes his way. He is always thinking about his own needs.

As a sociopath lacks the ability to make life plans, or to learn from past mistakes, he can repeat the same acts over and over. Which to the non sociopath feels quite evil, and uncaring, how can they do these things, and continue to do them, when they know how much they hurt you?

This hurts so much, as it is natural to reason that a sociopath feels the same feelings everyone else does. But they don’t. They simply do not have the same range of emotions that non sociopaths feel.

They have no conscience at all. They repeat the same mistakes, as they cannot learn. It is like a ghost going through the wheel of life, doing the same thing over and over.

They get angry when you confront them about what they have done, because you are expecting a range of emotions that do not exist.

To the sociopath, anything is theirs for the taking. Whatever they want they will take it, if they feel that they need it more than you do. They will do anything to achieve this, they will lie deceive, manipulate to get what they want.

A sociopath might pretend to’ feel’. In fact, they are very good at playing victim, but it’s almost always an act. It’s fake, pretend, and definitely not real. Playing victim is just another ruse to manipulate you. It is just another way to make you feel bad for them, and to take the focus of attention away from whatever it is that they have done.

Do not expect to ever get a genuine sense of remorse, guilt or shame from a sociopath. It does not exist. If they show it, then they are faking it. Because truly they are emotions that the sociopath can never feel or experience.

Copyright 2013

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