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The funniest things that Sociopath’s do and say!!

Having been involved with a sociopath, you would all know that they can say and do things that are beyond the ridiculous. In a bid to move away from negativity, I thought that it would be good to write the funniest things that they do or say. Please join me, by telling your stories in the comments section. You can post anonymously if you like too!! ūüôā


Lets laugh….

Narcissist Ego

  • I am going to be a huge¬†musician, I am going to write music and be more successful and raise more money for charity than Bob Geldof. I can see me flying all over the world, into huge clubs playing. I am going to be massive.

Reality:¬†He is still at home in his single bedroom in his parents house, apparently writing music. He isn’t Bob Geldof, he hasn’t raised money – in fact, he lives financially off his mum.¬†

Sociopath Outrageous Lies

  • I am going to buy an Alfa Romeo car

Reality: This never happened,¬†he couldn’t drive and didn’t have a driving licence.

  • My ex girlfriend is employed as a Consultant at a large hospital earning ¬£80,000 PA

Reality: She had previously worked in a cafe, but currently was unemployed  

  • I have bought a house, paid for it cash outright, it is in trust fund for my child, my ex lives in it

Reality: He has never bought a house. In fact his ex lived in state housing

  • I have a job, a professional job, earning ¬£45,000 a year

Reality: He was unemployed, claiming state benefits

  • My ex is dying of cancer, she will be dead imminently (he kept this up for 2 months)

Reality: She was alive and well, and probably watching tv at home

  • I will pay you 3 months rent in advance if you let me move in

Reality: He never had a job, (apart from the jobs he faked), and he never paid a penny ever

  • I have been to a job interview, I have been head hunted, I will earn ¬£100,000 a year, line managing 60 staff. I couldn’t believe it I was head hunted at the job, You can give up work, or can work part time. I will take care of you financially.

Reality: He ‘faked’ going to work for the next 6 weeks. There was no pay and no job.In fact, he never worked, he faked a total of 4 jobs, leaving the house every ¬†day ‘pretending’ to go to work. There was no rent ‘upfront’ in fact he got me into thousands of pounds worth of debt

  • I was in a huge car crash, someone died, he was driving

Reality: This never happened, he cannot drive

  • To ‘reinforce’ his lie of the car crash, every time a double decker bus went past he¬†ducked¬†as he pretended he had post traumatic stress disorder

Reality: The accident never happened

  • I need to stay where I am, the place has been burgled, all my things were stolen

Reality: This never happened, he had no things to be stolen, and there was no burglary either

  • He faked phone calls in front of me by setting the alarm on his phone, and then would have fake phone calls in front of me, to back up lies.
  • He told me he has having a new tv/fridge freezer delivered – but I would get there it was all a lie. I would question it, and he would say ‘oh don’t worry about that’
  • He told me he had decorated his room, and how fantastic it was, he told me he had all new bedding….. I got there and the room was exactly the same.

Ah, I will think of some more later….. what are your stories? Please tell me it wasn’t just me

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