12 thoughts on “Video: Jenna Stauffer and Sandra L. Brown on Psychopathy and Pathological Love Relationships”

  1. Glad I’m getting this info now … Ugh, just wish I’d had it sooner. It all makes perfect sense. That “intensity,” that “vibe.” Crock of sh*t.

    1. Please keep the information coming, I still have my female neighbor predator trying to contact me. I get a text saying its over an another like nothing happened then an email saying good-by another text to call her. “this is unbelievable” I need the continuous flow of information to remain no contact, and to continue to know and understand how abnormal this whole situation is. Thank you so much.

  2. Needed this reminder. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely high on the empathy spectrum–needed to be reminded it’s not my fault.

  3. Can you comment on how the same heightened traits aid in developing the skills necessary to not fall prey again.

      1. In the video, she states that the same heightened traits found in victims, empathy, investment, loyalty, and trust will be the strengths to recovery. I don’t understand. I identify with these traits and have fallen prey to this psychopathy. I feel these traits make me vulnerable and I should work to lessen them rather than embrace them.

  4. I have been a victor…. a survivor if you will, of a very dangerous sociopath for seven years now. I say this, because I am not dead. I started dating him in 2008, married and had a child with him in 2010, and left him in 2012. I didn’t leave sooner because of the way he made me feel like no one else would want me and that I was the crazy one. Unfortunately, he has made it his mission to destroy me and utilizes our son as his primary weapon. It is difficult to get the police and even the judge to hold him accountable for his behavior because he has made me out to be a crazy, alcoholic, with history of violence. None are true. He will not destroy me. I will prevail… and I say this amidst yet another heavy legal battle over contempts against him for violations of the court order…. as I fight them by myself, without a lawyer. Stay strong guys… I believe it is key for us log on and see that we aren’t alone in fighting.

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