Female sociopaths view of love

I know that a lot of sites that write about sociopaths from the non sociopath perspective do not welcome sociopaths to comment on their site.

female sociopath

I do want to share sociopath thoughts here simply because –

The truth is that  you will NEVER get answers from the sociopath. Not ever in a million years.  For this reason,I  find their comments useful. The sociopath in my life would NEVER admit anything, even if it was damn obvious and there was evidence. It would only enable him to play more stupid denial games, which is just tiring.  But, as we all know, this is just the way that they are.

There are quite a few posts on this site with comments from sociopaths on these posts. For some reason, sociopaths (my ex included) become irate where it is written that they cannot love. I am unsure if this is because their cover could be blown, or…. if they don’t know what love is?

Another viewpoint from a female sociopath

I read this today from a commentator called ‘nobody’ and thought it said a lot, that did match what i had observed, but explained in words, that I could not. It probably isn’t pleasant reading, especially if you are still in love with your ex. But the truth will always set you free.

I don’t love like you do, and I wouldn’t describe it as love, its a feeling you’ll never experience and can’t relate to, just as I can’t relate to the love that you experience.
My form of love is a feeling of admiration. I look upon my love interests as ideals, and I can mirror them back to themselves. I become them for a little while. Sometimes I forget that I am no one. I don’t have an identity so I’ll immerse myself in them, and i can easily forget that it’s all a facade. I’m forever searching for a purpose or identity and for a brief period i have one in them. I usually go for the mentally unstable, those in desperate need of someone. I’ve been told on several occasions that I arrived just at the right time and that I saved them in a way.
My love is a form of protection. I’ve taken care of a few threats to my love interests. In high school the group of kids bullying him got expelled for drugs planted in their locker. It made me mad when things hurt him. He was my little mouse, too frail to protect himself from the world, and I had to do it for him. In return, he bought me things, amused me, and had amazing sex. He was really mentally unstable, more so than any other mouse I’ve encountered. I had to save him from suicide on more than a few occasions, and I was only the cause sometimes. On some days he couldn’t get out of bed and I tried to help him. I protected him from himself quite a lot. I wasn’t inherently good or evil. I never hurt him physically. I yelled very little, and we didn’t fight much. I didn’t cheat that much, maybe once or twice and he never found out about it.
When he left i was angry. Usually I’m the one to break it off and I have no idea why he did. I think he saw through me. There was no fighting or anything before he just wandered off. It hit me hard though. I had to lose the identity i created and realize that i was no one again. I was really bummed for about 2 months, and then i just blended back in and created a new identity all by myself.
It’s really odd that I compare him to a mouse I just realized. I used to torture mice when I was bored, and that’s kind of what this was, except he didn’t die and we both benefited somehow.

Still, a lot of the posts on this website piss me off, but it helps me understand the mice a bit more. Although some things are just plain rude. We’re not monsters like you say we are, we can do monstrous things, but so can you.

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Sociopaths do ‘mind control’ and brain wash you. Once you see the truth, you see the light – and you cannot ever be controlled in the same way again.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I have to say that there’s no real way of telling if these so called proclaimed posters are psychopaths/sociopaths. Most of them haven’t been diagnosed or even realize they are what they are. I question some of them because their oratory description of things is just too spot on. But then again, they very well could be. Especially when you see their direct contradictions in every sentence they type. None of the bullshit they spew makes sense. Unless your mind is just as distorted as theirs is. Then it’s just organized chaos. Mentally. And sociopathic

    1. It makes sense to me. I am not a sociopath. But yes I know what you are saying about whether they are or not. But then, we could say that about people we have dated, unless they have a formal diagnosis, but then, even if they do, that’s just one persons opinion. That is all psychology/psychiatry actually is, someones opinion.

      The reason that I put it here, is because it is female sociopath and I know that there are a LOT of male victims of female sociopaths who come here, and complain (perhaps quite rightly) – that there is not enough about female sociopaths. Not dating females or being a sociopath I have no clue how they think. I can see correlation with the male (apart from the animals) – thats psychopath anyway isn’t it?

      How are you doing bluegal?

      1. Hey Positivgirl 🙂

        I’m doing ok:)!! I have to say I’m doing much better than this time last year. Divorce is almost final and I’m embracing me for the first time in 17 years:) thank you for asking girlie:) 👍

        Yeah I know what you’re saying too! It’s so weird when we talk about them, it feels
        Like you’re going down the rabbit hole in a never ending saga of weirdness that just won’t end.

        I think what I was trying to say is that some posters come on here and claim they are socios(by virtue of what?) and I’m like how do you know? But then again the answer with them as we know is always confirmed when they open they’re mouth lol. See how convoluted its gets speaking of this foolery we call socios? LOL 😂😂😂 Its crazy!

        And I have no doubt there are plenty of men victims out here. None at all. I believe I’ve seen a few and it isn’t pretty seeing a guy so confused and broken, yet he has no idea what happened to him. I feel deeply sorry for those guys as me being a woman having survived and swam through the muck to other side, I KNOW how it feels. Lots of resources for women but not nearly enough for men in this area

  2. WOW! I dated (what I believe to be) a female Sociopath for 2 years (we’ll call her Girl A), and this person’s story is nearly spot-on. When I met Girl A, I was still involved in a relationship–which she convinced me to leave because she would “blow my mind and be the best girlfriend I’d ever had.” Then things moved fast and intense. It was definitely a honeymoon phase; and she would use lots of flowery language telling me I was her “soul mate.” The sex was quite good, too.
    But things started getting weird. She would still be really flirty with other guys; and really never publicly commit to me enough to flat out tell people, “This is my boyfriend.” Sure, we’d go home and be all intimate, but it was like she

    Then her ex came back in the picture. And HE WAS THAT LITTLE MOUSE described above. Man, I heard so much about that loser ex. Seriously, what a loser: a deadbeat who couldn’t pay his bills, liked to graffiti trains, a high school dropout. And here’s me, honest and hardworking, with advanced degrees and a future, and she starts cheating on me with him, then denying it. So she lived a double life. She’d hang out with me, be intimate, call me a soul mate, then disappear and be hard to get a hold of (because she was hanging out with her ex, smoking weed, doing god knows what else).

    And we’d vacillate back and forth for two years. She’d cry a confession about cheating on me with her ex, then want to keep me close. Then she’d get distant, so I’d leave. Then she’d reel me back in, telling me how much she needed me, how I was the only one who truly understood her (man I heard that one a lot). Then she’d be flirting with my friends, leading them on. And when those guys would ask her out or try to kiss her, she would never tell them to stop. Because a sane person would say, “I’m sorry, I’m with someone already.” So she ruined a few of my friendships with other dudes.

    And all the while, she’d cry and cry about her “Little Mouse” ex boyfriend. Always worried about what he was doing, that if she didn’t help him, he’d end up in jail. It didn’t make any sense to me why she’d be so upset over such a loser.

    Finally after 2 years I’d had enough. I said goodbye for the last time, and truly did No Contact as you say. I spent time with myself, learned to enjoy myself, and met a truly wonderful woman who was honest and steadfast. And we’ve been happily married for 7 years, and we have 2 great kids together.

    It’s not to say that Girl A never tries to contact me. It happened maybe once every 2 years or so. But I just ignore it. What I have is WAY TOO GOOD to waste a thought on Girl A. What bothers me is that Girl A, through all her lying and empty promises sort of made me “carve out a space for her in my heart.” Because to a rational person, when someone keeps telling you that you’re “soul mates” and “destined to be together” you start to believe it. But it was all horseshit. She’s a lousy person, and isn’t even worthy of being called my soulmate. More on this later.

    1. Dear InThePast, you described my ex, a “man”, & his behavior to a tee. I have seen similarities in others’ stories before, but your description hit the nail on the head. I am quite grateful to read this as lately I’ve wondered if I’ve been delusional again. I thought my doubts were gone and I had seen his true self, as a person to be avoided who thrives on lies and manipulation…but as time has gone by, I’ve healed a bit…but recently become emotionally cloudy.
      I run into so many people who still adore him. It’s hard hedging their questions & looks of disbelief when I respond that he is not to be trusted. I’ve not contacted him in any way, but so many people in the community know him, it’s almost as if I can’t avoid information about him. This sort of interaction has lead to a ton of self doubt & paranoia/confusion. Reading your comment helped wake me up a bit and remember how none of our 2 yr relationship was ok.
      The whole pursuit, full of intensity and passion, that turned to nearly suffocating soul mate talk and preposterous comments that I was going to save him…but then publicly it was rare that I was acknowledged as his S.O….and I would get all confused because he would be so obsessed with me privately. He would put me in uncomfortable situations and then applaud me on how well I handled them, telling me how he knows how strong I am. (I later realized this was so he could pursue other women and engage me in triangulation to watch me squirm.)
      There was his horrible bad-mouthing of his ex, with whom he has a child. He would call his ex “insane” and a “crazy bitch”, yet I eventually found out he was regularly sleeping with her (&others) when I wasn’t around. He would overtly flirt with other women around me and then complain about them later; talk trash about people I thought were his “close”, yet few, friends; delay or ignore work requests/clients, while lamenting his lack of money (I paid for everything bc I thought it was an investment in our future, as he talked about all the things he wanted to do for me once he made some $. All the while he was secretly saving for a house that he bought immediately after we split.)…playing games with everyone remotely involved with him.
      And then, as you describe, came the crying apologies. I would be so stunned, and would have immediately left in a normal scenario, but he had woven me in so suffocatingly tight to his life, that to leave meant destroying my career, “friendships”, everything I’d come to love. Eventually, I left after I discovered how deep the lies and abuse had lead me down his rabbit hole of crazy. It’s been hard because he seems to be doing a lot better than I … Onto a new “relationship”, new house, still maintains adoration from his harem & ex wife…I only know bc I’m told about it by people who think I must certainly want to know bc he is so great…it’s like I’m out of his clutches, but maybe I still need to go farther and leave town, but I refuse to let him run me out.
      Anyway, thanks for your comment. It was helpful for me to read & get a little reminder/wake up call.

      1. Maypop,
        I’m glad my anecdote helped. I have to say that reading other people’s stories on this site has helped put things in perspective for me, too. It’s like having a 3rd person perspective on my own life, and FINALLY realizing how f-ed up and incongruous everything was with Girl A.

        Because that’s what sociopaths do. They put you under a spell, making you blind to the atrocities they commit, under the guise that you can’t let them go because you’ll never find something as good.

        I’m here to say to everyone here who’s suffering, trying to get away from a sociopath that you CAN leave. YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING BETTER. They’ll throw fits and tell you otherwise, but it’s all hollow lies. THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE, who want NORMAL relationships, WHO WILL BE FAITHFUL. Don’t waste another day being duped.

        The best decision I made in my life was to walk away from Girl A for good and never look back. Well, it’s a tie. The other best decision was asking my wife to marry me. But I couldn’t have even gotten to that point had I not gotten rid of Girl A. And here’s the great part: my wife is everything that Girl A was not, and more. My wife is honest, steadfast, reliable, proud to be with me, and you know what else? She’s just as good-looking as Girl A, and the sex is just as good.

        I got out 10 years ago, and I’m here because I want to let you all know that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, just not with a sociopath. They will keep you in a hellish prison and feed you scraps; just enough to string you along. DON’T LET THEM HOLD YOU CAPTIVE ANYMORE. LEAVE. HAVE FAITH THAT THERE HAS GOT TO BE SOMETHING BETTER OUT THERE, PICK YOURSELF UP BY THE BOOTSTRAPS, AND NEVER LOOK BACK.

    2. Everyone on this blog is awesome!!! Wow your story is similar to mines except my sociopath is a guy. My ex loved comparing me to other women and creating many triangulation scenarios to trigger my emotion s. Flirting with women was a full time job with him. My ex made me aware that every woman wanted him. He did this in very sneaky ways to throw me off, saying things like she doesn’t know what we have in common. Or I don’t like her she’s not my type babe it would be foolish to cheat on you. Looking back on it now this was my ex weapon of mass destruction against me. He played on my insecurities with fear and control. I also see it now how I was only cherished and loved the most behind closed doors. I was never his GF out in public this was one of many red flag moments that I ignored. This experience has left me in shock & confused. But on the bright side this blog has help me focus on me more and to keep NC forever.

  3. OH, Booo Hoooo. The sociopath has “hurt feelings”. I have no compassion for her – it’s all an act anyway. She is so weak she used her boyfriend to feel powerful, and then was shocked when he saw through her bullshit.

    To compare someone to a mouse (which she admittedly used to torture – which is sick and disturbing in itself), is so dehumanizing it’s gross. She never did her ex a favour by being with him – she created co-dependency with someone else who was as weak as she is.

    It would be great if we could put all of these weirdos on an island and let them manipulate, control and abuse each other, and leave the rest of us alone.

    1. I think someone may have already done that 🙂 I’m watching Celebrity Big Brother UK on a live stream here in the States and I’ve spotted a few Narcs, a malignant narc and an empath or two in that house and the chaos and ridiculousness is in abundance LOL

    2. Wow, offend much?
      I think YOU may be WORSE than your view on a sociopath.
      Everyone on this site is broken and it really is disgusting how much of an obsession this has become for you people. Most missed the message of what was written and started complaining about their sociopathic ex. People can post hateful comments all they want but the issue needs to be addressed.
      Now, why don’t you take the psych test and just see what kind of person you are.

  4. I just read in Haaretz a really good story about politicians being psychopaths. But the article said that the terms psychopath and sociopath are no longer used in the psychiatric Bible. It’s been replaced by the term “antisocial personality disorder.” Does anyone out there know anything about this? Are we supposed to refer to them as APD’s?

    1. Yes, ASPD is the “medical term” for psychopathy, sociopathy and some other things clumped together now. But it’s just that …. clumped together. So, for a more detailed conversation on just a sociopath or just a psychopath, it’s still okay to refer to these terms just for simple labeling purposes. It’s less confusing than just clumping them all together in one new medically correct term they have recently come up with and will most likely change again in the years to come.

  5. Hi everyone! This is the first time I writing here but I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks now.
    I’ve broken up with my boyfriend for over 10 years a few days before New Year’s and things are still very confusing.
    He had cheated on me, psychologically abused me for years, cheated again, he hacked into my emails and sent me threats through my own email! He spread lies about me, he lied to me, even when faced with evidence of his wrongdoing. He manipulated me (and still tries to manipulate me!), used me… well, mostly the things everyone else described here.
    I am still struggling to release myself from his hook on me. But it is really hard.
    My closest friends know Bout everything that led me to leave him, and are really supportive (I truly don’t know what I’d do without them. I love them so!) But still, they don’t seem to fully understand what I’m going through. For them, I should go.out and move on. Have casual sex with someone I feel physically attracted to just to get my ex off my system. But all I fell like doing is staying at my parents’, in bed. I don’t sleep well. I usually fall asleep at around 4 or 5 a.m. (it’s 5 a.m. o’clock right now here in Buenos Aires). I’m only working two or three days a week so the days I don’t have yo work I just stay in bed. I try to read some books I’ve been long waiting to get my hands in (reading used to be my favorite thing ever) but it doesn’t give me any pleasure so I dumpy books and start reading g articles here instead.
    I haven’t been able to do CERO CONTACT yet. He often sends me whatsapp messages and I feel his sadness so I usually reply with a short dry answer.
    I know splitting up was the best decision I’ve made. But I still have doubts from time to time. And I don’t seem to find other men attractive. They all look the same to me, except for my ex (lets’ call him Z). I want to get over all of these things. And I really think I deserve better… but he destroyed me in so many levels…
    so I`ll keep reading this Web and hopefully I’ll learn how to cope with this shit he put and is still putting me through.
    Thank you all do much!!

    1. Hang in there!
      stay away from him, no contact!
      Visit YouTube, see all the video’s about narcissist, and why we are so addicted to them. watch Melanie Tonia Evans video 1-3. They gave a lot of perspective into my addiction.
      But also be aware that you are valuable to the traits of the narcissist. you probably need to adjust your boundaries, and regain your self-esteem.
      remember that what he saw in you was a giving person, hang on to that, that is a God giving quality when administrated proportionally to what you receive.

      1. Thank you so much, Erik! I’m struggling with this but all these articles and support are giving me hope. THANK YOU! And thanks to everyone who posts on this website. This can really save a lot of people.

  6. This is a really interesting read. Ive just finished reading The Psychopath Test which talks about sociopaths alot… I can relate to what youve said as my ex is a sociopath too. Thanks for posting

  7. Thank you “nobody”. It fits, no matter what else is said – it fits. I applaud this set of statements. I don’t care why or who or when or anything else for that matter (being honest) the shoes she describe fit someone I know so perfectly that I’m surprised there are stores out there for them at all.

  8. I’ve shared my thoughts on my Former-Fiancé on your site before. Sociopaths definitely do not feel love in the same way as the rest of us – take it from me! Having gone through the textbook rollercoaster ride which ended a year ago (by which time I was even willing it to end!) I was quickly substituted for an older model with cash to burn (& probably really nice too!) but not before I’d been accused of getting my Former Fiancé into serious debt (nonsense as her parents are loaded!) And dumped by text – very cowardly. But it didn’t stop there – soon as it was revealed I hadn’t actually got her into debt & she’d been fooling around with someone behind my back the whole routine fell apart. I started getting phone calls (which I didn’t answer) and was bombarded with text messages. It was very odd. The messages were bizarre – one minute it was something along the lines of “I’ve found someone much more suitable than you. He loves me and I love him. We’re going to spend the summer in Greece..” The next minute it was “For Gods sake answer your phone” finally after texting her & respectfully asking to leave me alone she responded with “I don’t want us to part on bad terms – I wonder what you must think of me ?” I managed to get all my funiture back but I had to wait almost a year for my share of the deposit on our flat. She was halfway to Greece by the time I managed to get it back (having sneakily arranged for the money to be transferred into her bank account by the letting agency the day before). I could go on… Even though I still miss waking up with her (or the version of her) I shudder at the thought it could have carried on & we might have ended up getting married! This is an amazing site – keep sharing your experiences it really helps a lot.

  9. I fooled about with a female “Socio” once. She was, in reality, a sad and abused girl with a substance problem. Unfortunately for her and those around her, it made her an incorrigible bitch and I left her in a parking lot after a short time. I’ve been around long enough to understand that if you want to act like a jerk then you need to be the one with the car keys. I never saw her again.

    I agree that a certain segment of this population is simply not fit to invite into ones life. Unfortunately, the entire population is often lumped in with this certain type of personality. The ASPD spectrum encompasses a wide variety of personalities, not just domestic predators, and a number of these other subtypes are beneficial to society.

    Hearing that you are “incapable of love” is irritating to people because it is a negative mischaracterization. The experience is most decidedly different, at a bare minimum, but an emotional experience nonetheless. It’s very existence, regardless of form, renders it subjective, based on the individual. Incapability is nonsense.

    I dare you to say I don’t love my wife. I’ll stab you with a No. 2 pencil. Lol.

  10. I would like some more tangable evidence of sociopaths as a true reality. yes some people are nuts and maybe can be labeled, …. coming from a bipolar person.

  11. Great article! My question is ‘Have you been ‘duped’ by a Sociopath?’

    Sociopaths/Psychopaths are fun, exciting, seductive, charismatic, impulsive, sexy AND unfortunately individuals diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder. They are manipulative, abusive, lack of remorse empathy, liar, etc. What does this mean to you? After you have been drawn into their world, you are going to find:

    a) They don’t keep agreements.
    b) They have a disregard for the law and any rules.
    c) They lie, are deceitful, can use aliases for their own personal financial gains or pleasure.
    d) They are not concerned with their own or your safety.
    e) And they don’t have remorse which translated means they don’t care that they hurt you.

  12. Wow this post has made me realise that my sociopath girlfriend completely modeled her aesthetic & interests off me when we were together. I never understood her personality at all (sullen & angry at core) & she abruptly changed her appearance & interests shortly after we split.
    She was essentially dressing in & interested in, whatever she thought would mirror my interests at the time – for a long while I thought she was amazing and quite distinctive, until later I concluded that she was just a callous, untrustworthy & bad spirited person.
    But the whole mimic thing – the clothes & interests, I only really just got this from above, & explains why she changed so quickly afterward, they weren’t her authentic interests, they were mine! She just went on & assumed someone else’s thereafter, the next in a long line of that performance.

  13. this is what i do. sometimes i feel like im only half psychopath. i really believe when im feeling an emotion its real but i only feel emotions when someone is in front of me honestly half the time i “hurt” someone that loves me i really just want to go to sleep drink some wine eat ice cream honestly anything but deal with their bullshit. im becoming more and more fascinated with the topic because im reading things that i can relate too. understandably since i am able to write this response you can see why i say im this crazy weird 1/2 breed. or maybe since i know its all anonymous i feel like i can express the thoughts in my head. idk exactly whats wrong with my brain but i know for a fact i am a mirror of other peoples personalities emotions characteristics all that crap that makes humans human. idk.

    1. you should really try to get some professional help. if you can understand whats going on and do the work, understand you have a good chance of getting better.

      1. Psst … do some research. . . Therapy doesn’t help our kind. We just play the therapist. It’s a waste of time and money on both our parts.

  14. theunknownpersonalitydisorder – so why dont you get psychiatric help? If you are self aware enough to know you do these things and you are a 1/2 breed of a narssacisstic – sociopath then why dont you “LEARN” to control your actions so as not to be destructive to humans?

    1. I’ll just copy and paste because this reply applies to you as well: Psst … do some research. . . Therapy doesn’t help our kind. We just play the therapist. It’s a waste of time and money on both our parts.

  15. Well Im new to all this. I was dating up till about 4 months ago a single mom. Kids 17…. Well anyway a little bit about her past (family history as she calls it) Her parents were divorced when she was like 11, by 13 she was having sex and drinking. Her mother couldn’t control her so she ran to her alcoholic father who let her runs with boys, drink and (possibly raped her) At 19 she has a baby, is running around the concert scene, drugs and boys and being abused. Then at 24 her younger sister dies (sort of another mystery, some sort of brain tumor) From here on out she tells me she is raising her son and doing everything she can to be a good mom. Well, its one guy after another, more sexual abuse, threesomes, etc….Then at 35, I come along…..Im 44, had my share of cocoa girlfriends, (my own fault) Im bit of a co-dependant/empath (finally realizing this out now) anyhow, the relationship starts off fast. I told we are meant to be together (she rang a bell at some event (asking some intention of a good man) and poof an hour later I meet her at this event. This is the story she tells me anyhow….so the relationship starts off. She wants to have sex the first week Im with her, I hold off but after about 3 weeks I give in. I start hanging out at her house, trying to be the cool guy, red flags are already flying and her kids really disrespectful and I ask him not to be rude….(well that backfires) After that Im the bad guy and Im always trying to make up for it. Little do I realize Im being manipulated to love her kid, be there, do this do that….Whenever i ask her to come to my place its an excuse, she’s ambivilent, blah blah…I try to understand she is a sensitive bird so I continue to get sucked in. As the relationship continues she is still talking to some distant Exs (always has an excuse why) and a fuckboy, that wont stop txt….she continues to tell me nothing is going on and that I am jealous. I ask her to stop and then things quiet down for about a few weeks then its back at it. I start to get suspicious so I start checking her phone…(my bad) For some reason though I am still in the game. She is always looking for advice, support, money, yet never takes any of the advice. I buy everything, she never offers to pay because she claims to have no money and is in debt…..go figure. Im still in this. I even read her diary at one point…ya guys do that shit…and there is another entry about a 3 way she has with some friends…and it sais she wishes she could have a guy that would let her fuck other people and it be ok…sorta like being Poly…when I spoke to her about it she denies it and sais it was how she was feeling at the moment….anyway…months go by, I have to travel for work. I fly her to LA a few times….shes flirting at the airport, makes me uncomfortable all time yet Im in love right….lol ok so Im finally over my trips to LA, I come home…and we get into a fight. She turns off her cell phone and no response…I go to her house at like 6 am and she pulls up around 8 with a friend…come to find out she hooked up with some random dude….she apologizes….will never do it again, we see a therapist…blah blah…Then I have to leave for work and she is going on paid vaca from mommy with sonny boy, think nothing of it, she is sending me pictures and telling me she is safe blah blah….we come home and things are not the same….she wants space, blah blah….Im like whatever at this point. Then she goes off to a family wedding. Same thing, we are safe, family…She comes home, we finally get together after weeks and have sex and she tells me she cheated on me on vaca and after family wedding. After the wedding she calls me unbeknown to me (while she is on her way to go have a 3 way with a couple dudes) Well when I find out I hit the fan and its been down hill since then. Some contact up till about 3 weeks ago and now nothing. She sais she cares deeply for me, loves me but is already seeing 1,2,3 guys possibly. Its been horrible for me. I now know and are waking up to my true self and realizing how we can all get duped by love. Listen to your gut first, head second and heart last. Ill write more later about specifics, (like she borrowed money, and is a licensed therapist in the state of CT)

  16. Why do some call sociopathy an anti social disorder. I am married to a sociopath (trying to get divorced) Quite the contrary. She is a social butterfly. Ever on Facebook. Easily bored. Always seeking the newest trends in fashion, music and pop culture. She is for everything and against everybody. Shallow, envious and covetness are the currency of life. So bored so easily its impossible to be in a committed relationship like a marriage. Marriage can become boring and mundane sometimes I know. No one’s fault. However, these who lack all human empathy will bring forth drama where none should be, gossip for the sake of it. Manipulation being the end game for self gain, merely for the sport of it all. Living with or working with a sociopath is akin to a chess game. It forces you to think deeply about every move, two moves ahead and never look behind. The path has pieces that don’t obey the rules of the game. Your pieces are all pawns and theirs all queens. It will spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically deplete you friend. Don’t walk run from these once your air them out.

    1. Hi Lisa, I think they call it ‘anti social’ as their behaviour is anti social towards others. Not to their face of course. As you say, they are charismatic and charming. Mirroring other people, which is why they can be so popular. What you say is right, ‘for and against’ for to your face, against behind your back. This is what makes them anti social. Yes, they love and thrive in drama. Create drama, just for the sake of it. It makes them feel important. Particularly if they can be the centre of the drama. It is exhausting to be around. I often thought how it was like a chess game too. only I had no participation I was just moved around the chess board to his whim, and others were also pawns in the game too.

      Love your comment, thank you!

  17. Divorcing a female sociopath right now. Called her out, slated her in divorce court and niw the pathetic cunt has no idea what to do or how to act. She’s a little girl and knowing what I know now my goal is to fuck as many of these retarded whores as possible because it’s the easiest pussy on the planet.

    Basically attractive retards is what they are. Gold mine.

  18. I absolutely adore the reference of her partner as her “mouse.” Cute. I agree with her comment that this blog has helped understand our “mice” better. It’s also lovely to see that we have such an affect for so many decades after the fact. I mean, I know we do, just look at my inbox (lol), but still, it’s reassuring to see we were so unique and different than all their other relationships and that they’ll never get over us. Once again, just look at my inbox for proof of that! I have “mice” from 10+ years ago still thinking of me and how I was the “best thing that ever happened to them.” Why do they just keep asking for it?
    Okay, this is a bit cold of a comment, I realise, even for me. I usually try to stay kind and open to everyone’s viewpoint in my comments on this site, but I just can’t help it with this post.
    Now, for the part I disagree on. I do LOVE. I do. Yes, it’s different, but it’s definitely love. I just don’t see the point of loving when it doesn’t benefit both parties, though. Which, let’s be honest, everyone believes whether they admit it or not. We all have psychopathic qualities – even if just one or a few.
    I think things differ, however, due to the fact that I am a PSYCHOPATH (web md says psychopath’s are born this way – with a lack of empathy in our frontal lobes of our brain) so I was just always this way. The person quoted in the above post is a SOCIOPATH (web md says they are made by nurture and trauma – which causes them to be less stable usually – ie the way she says she mirrors and becomes her “mice” – because she has lost herself through her trauma). I could be wrong, but this is what I’ve learned through my experiences.
    Oh, and I always end relationships first too. It’s a power thing, maybe. Not sure. And when I get bored I get bored, it’s just how it is.

    1. What if you couldn’t end the relationship first?

      Remember the ending here. He woke one morning and thought he would suprise me with his exit. But I knew his ways and had published “dear sociopath” announcing it was over before he got the chance. That was funny. Well it maybe wasn’t at the time. So they don’t always end it. Although they do usually end the person. Ie to destroy them. They don’t want someone else benefiting from what they have invested into.

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