Debate – If a sociopath is ‘without conscience’ – do they have a soul?

If a sociopath is without conscience, do they have a soul?

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Anybody who has been in a relationship with a sociopath, who has been used up and then spat out like last weeks garbage knows, that a sociopath doesn’t have a conscience. Robert Hare even wrote a book ‘without conscience’.

One of my other interests in life is spirituality. So, for me, this raises a lot of questions.

If I quickly share my own personal beliefs with regard to spirituality – they are (briefly)

  • That the soul is eternal
  • That the body is a vehicle in which to carry the soul – and it continues after death of this body
  • That our lives are mapped out before we are born, for greatest spiritual growth
  • Some people are teachers and therefore have harder lives to  help others
  • That it is our conscience which stops us from hurting others.
  • That our conscience, is our ‘higher self’ or our spirit guides warning us
  • That love is the  most important thing in life – we  are ‘love’ anything else is fear

I think a lot more than that, and probably more deeply on the subject than I should, but I realise that not everybody is spiritual who will read this (or holds those beliefs), so I have kept it brief.

The one thing that most people who come to this blog do have, is a knowledge, understanding, and the sense of pain that you go through when you have been involved with a sociopath, and the devastation that it does to your life. It is almost against everything that we were taught to be ‘right’ growing up. Against everything that our life experience has taught us.

We are taught to:

  • Be thoughtful
  • To help others
  • To treat others as we would like to be treated
  • To have respect for others
  • To have respect for ourself
  • Don’t stand on others to get to where we want to be
  • Do not hurt others
  • Do not lie, cheat or steal
  • That if we do bad to others, then there will be karma (what goes around comes back around)

These are basic things that any good parent teaches a child. I respect that some people would not have learned these lessons in childhood, but even if they haven’t, life usually teaches this too. By messages we see on tv, by watching others pain etc. Whilst in early adulthood it might take a while to learn, but by later life, most adults know these simple rules.

We learn from past mistakes and from others mistakes

We therefore expect everybody to be this way. Because a sociopath seems so very normal when we meet them, (because we also know that there are people with mental health who do not always follow these rules). We therefore expect them to follow the rules of society. We are fooled into thinking that the sociopath (because he mirrors us) is:

  • Just like us
  • Has similar beliefs and values
  • Is moralistic and a good person

By mirroring us, they are showing us that they are good people and that they share common values of a decent human being.

Whilst I am spiritual, I am not particularly religious, I leave that to the religious folk. For me, religion is simply a road map to spirituality. But if you look at the 7 deadly sins they are:

Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

Envy is the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation.

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

How many of those deadly sins did your sociopath portray? I have witnessed all seven! And so, this is my question, and my thought. If a sociopath does not have conscience, do they have a soul?

If they do not have a soul, and are not guided by their higher self, like everyone else, who are they guided by? We all get that pull in our stomach with anxiety if we have done something wrong. We all get that part of us that holds us back, or if we don’t then we know the consequences. If our life here on earth, is about spiritual growth. what is it for the sociopath? As they cannot grow, or learn, if they repeat the same things over?

If that is the case, if we are ruled by our highest self, then who is the sociopath ruled by?

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41 thoughts on “Debate – If a sociopath is ‘without conscience’ – do they have a soul?”

  1. This is a question that I have pondered the past week myself. Does a sociopath narcissist have a soul? Well, I do believe that all people have a soul. However, we are not all ruled by God. I believe that God knew us before we were born and he knew what type of person we would become. I believe in free will, but I also know that God knew before we were born, what choices we would make. Psalm 81:12 So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices. Romans 1:28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

    I believe that there are two rulers in this world, God and Satan. For me, people who do these things are about as evil as they come. This kind of evilness does not come from God, it comes from Satan. Therefore, they are ruled by Satan.

    This sounds like a good though process for me to continue on my blog since I have been pondering it myself.

    1. I agree with this. All have souls, but as to what becomes of it… God gave us free will. That means He won’t stop us from screwing up if that’s what we decide to do. Those who choose to make an entire life out of evil and do not repent of it will have the outcome that the Bible says they will get.

      1. Do you think that they are using their free will though gothchiq? I got the impression, sometimes that he had such poor impulse control, that he just couldn’t resist the opportunity. And because he was unable to learn from past mistakes or make goals or plans for the future, he did the same thing over and over. It was and is quite incredible to observe.

    2. Yes do so Katrina, would be good to read it your views 🙂 The one thing that I learned (as I have stayed friends with my ex) is that some things he really cannot help doing. The only person whose life he causes destruction to, is his own….. but he would repeat the same thing over and over.

    3. I recently got out of a relationship with a psychopath. Everything you said about how they are was the same as what I went through so I won’t repeat.
      My hypothesis based on the socio/psychopaths I have known.
      – All things on earth are part of earth and consciousness.. whether guided or not they are part of all/oneness. Therefore they have life/consciousness.
      – I think it’s part of their Karma perhaps from incarceration. Not to be held in total darkness, living in their own pain/ fire they create.. As all that is created by desire is killed by Shiva.
      – Perhaps it is a neurological thing they suffer from.. the ones I know have also signs of FASD, ADHD, BPD… If you look at one.. Truely without judgement (for me anyways) I see a suffering person with no way out.
      *shrug* just my opinion.

      1. I don’t know Jen. While they don’t have a conscience to feel guilt for their actions. It is still a choice to hurt and harm others. As their primary motivation appears to be to ruin and destroy others I think this is their fault. They don’t have to be like this. I don’t think they ever feel bad. Unless it has consequences for them. Even then that thought is fleeting.

  2. positagirl, this is a very good question. one i cant find the answer too know matter how much ive learned……….

    1. Thank you Karen,

      It is something that we have all thought about at some point or another? I know that I have, as often the behaviour, was more destructive and ultimately even went against his own life, It was in fact nonsense or ridiculous. if I said ‘this is ridiculous’ he would say…. “I resemble that remark” lol

    2. I believe that the sociopath may have a soul. But they do not have a spirit or higher self. The spirit is ultimately the part that is inhabiting the human body, and when we shed our human body the spirit ascends to the afterlife. My assumption and my belief (this is just my thought and opinion only) is that when the sociopath dies, there is no reincarnation or afterlife. They simply die. As our spirit lives on, the sociopath does not live on because there is no spirit. The soul dies along with them. Does anyone kinda follow? I have kinda confused myself. But this is a topic I have thought much on, after my experience with a sociopath

      1. Its an interesting topic. I do think of it like some mental disorder. I know a lot won’t agree, but the patterning is just too ordered and followed by everyone with the disorder for it not to be in the mind. If it is in the mind…. perhaps the soul is intact?

        Although those actions that they do to others as everything is all about them, and they walk over and stand over anyone that gets in their way, those actions can be construed as ‘evil’ so I do get it why people think there is no soul.

      2. To Kellycarby..interesting thoughts..I thought the conscience was in the soul though..since they do not have a conscience then I would wonder if the soul has “parts” or if it one area of it would be shredded or what. I still am leaning towards no soul but I am going to do a little research today of what the soul actually consists of.

      3. Yes Kelly . I get it. I do think as another here.that we are ruled by God. or Satan. I never believed that some souls could be ruled by satan until I went to New Orleans were my girlfriend & expierience a
        horrid spirit in our Hotel bedroom. It was after this that I attracted this sociopath that literally affected almost all areas of my life and is still harassing this girlfriend .my ex husband & old landlord.. They are EXTREMELY clever. I even got a detective/ restraining order etc
        but it proved useless because he is out of town. I’m doing chord cutting tonight and every night hereout.

      4. Yes! I agree, only us spiritual souls will live on and they will simply die and their soul will die with them – deservedly.

  3. I have read that a sociopath has formed this behavior in childhood and can change, (hard to do, but can change) whereas a psychopath was born with it and there is something hardwired in their brain that can’t be changed. Both portray the exact same behavior.

    I google searched if Sociopath’s have spirit guides and came to this website. If Satan rules a sociopath, but it’s possible to change, then does Satan stop ruling them and God and good spirit guides take over?

    I have had many readings with my sociopath being with me, and everyone we go to for a reading, says they see his spirit guide. They all give us a similar readings, and I never mention any previous readings to anyone. They seem to be accurate for awhile, but the end always ends up in his old behavior. Can a sociopath give off any vibe they want to scew what the psychic is seeing or interpreting?

    1. This is really interesting I have also read that psychopaths are born that way, and sociopaths are made that way.

      Also with the readings. Well, i had a couple of interesting experiences of that with the last one. She said things to him which were true. Then when we split up he laughed and said ‘yeah but I knew the truth’…..

      What if they believe their own lies? Or what if they can lie subconsciously? I don’t know.

      I know that the actions that they can do, are so absolutely destructive, they can only be seen as evil.

      However, I split with the last ex 9 months ago. He stayed in my life, and when we split, Found out about sociopathy. He couldn’t deny it either.

      He DID improve. I am not saying massively, what I found with him, was that he had ‘triggers’…. something would act as a trigger and he would go into a stuck record mode of behaviour and repeat that behaviour. It was like an automatic reaction.

      But also, there were some things, where his brain was just wired differently. LIke it was back to front thinking. He wasn’t following a logical train of thought.

      Yet, in his soul, despite his bad behaviour he did definitely have good traits. I do think that there needs to be more research into it. I just don’t know…. when you look at high functioning ones, and the mass destruction that they can cause (corrupt bankers, politicians)…. they have no moral compass.

      If they have a guide, then —- why wouldn’t they receive guidance (like through intuition) through their guide? Like we all do. You know that feeling in your stomach which causes pain when you are about to do something wrong? Why don’t they have this? If it is just in their brain? …..

      So many questions, I really don’t know what the answer is…

      1. I do think they believe their lies and I do think they lie subconsciously. So my thoughts are, they can fool a reading by both of those things or by just living in the moment. Then after that moment or awhile later, freewill comes in, they change their thinking and behaviors, causing the outcome to change.

        My sociopath as been in my life off and on for 4 1/2 years. We have had about 5 or so readings together in the last year saying he will come back in a year for good (he is in the military, overseas at the moment) and we will be together. He put in for early discharge, or so he says, and it was denied. A year ago is when he came back in my life. His behaviors did improve, however, a truck load of truth was just dumped on me about what he has been up to the past year, and he denies it. So, we are off again. He will tell me that I don’t understand his mind. And, I don’t. He says he does it without thinking and he never thinks that far ahead. He says he racks his brain and tries to figure out why he lies and he doesn’t know. He said at first he thought because he wasn’t ready to settle down, but he says he’s ready to settle down and still lies. I asked a psychic once if he would stop lying and she said yes, if he realizes he has to do it himself instead of thinking everyone else will fix him.

        The psychics all say they see his spirit guides. And, describe the exact same figure. But, are they good spirit guides or evil portraying to be good? I don’t know. I do know I have a lot of intuition or gut feeling and I seem to be able to read him the most accurate. That feeling drives me nuts when I know something is up and I go looking for the truth, eventually exposing him.

        So another question besides the spirit guides, out of everything I know about him, it’s still hard to stay away. Sounds crazy to the outside world. I know he will be back and I don’t trust myself. How are you able to stay away? Do you still have contact?

        Hope this all made sense. I am all over the place lately with everything happening over the last week.

      2. No, he isn’t out of my life. as I have written this blog. He has been in my life. Similar behaviour.

        I would say to be wary of psychics though. It can take all of your money. For a start, he wouldn’t just stop lying. That’s not realistic. The lies are told as a defence mechanism. It stops people getting really close (you can get close to the image that they portray).

        I do think that they are often very damaged people. Follow your own intuition rather than that of a psychic. Remember that the psychic is being paid money. ….. your own intuition and guidance will be more accurate. You have to learn to listen to yourself. That gut feeling….. you might speak to a medium which might make you feel better, and take away your gut feeling of hurt and anxiety… but your own intuition is often more accurate. As that is your guides speaking to you.

        There are different types. Just as all people are different so are all sociopaths…. each has an individual personality. Its like defence mechanisms, have you heard of that with Freud? …. inside there has been hurt and pain, and I think he is right when he says that he does it naturally without thinking about it. Its a natural reaction. I think that this is a defence mechanism. To protect themselves.

        I don’t know why they are so destructive, causing destruction in your life. The only thing I can think of, is possibly as causing you destruction will weaken you, so that they can be in control of you?

        Having control, is the biggest thing. What is your gut feeling telling you? It is likely that he will never change. People rarely don’t whilst their might be an improvement for a while, old patterns of behaviour would emerge. As they use this for survival. To protect themselves.

        I would suggest that the psychic is giving you information on what she ‘thinks’ to be correct…. as that is normal behaviour. But a sociopath isn’t like this. The lie is their protection. They are used to using it. Often they witnessed lies and deception in childhood too. Maybe there was abuse or alcoholism, and they saw another parent using lies to cover for that behaviour etc…. so in their psyche growing up…. lies became part of the personality? That really makes sense to me. Imagine a disordered family, where that behaviour is covered up to the outside world? That is a sociopaths normality.

      3. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across one medical professional’s forensic analysis of some sociopaths (I say “some” because, I believe it’s possible for others to possess similar traits but not necessarily have the same physiology.) Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate the page to validate, cross-reference or share since.

        Forgive the less-than-layman’s paraphrasing but, essentially, the gist was that some sociopaths lack a pre-frontal “flap” that most others possess, that serves as a filter of sorts for impulses. The conclusion was that, because this breed of sociopath receives information directly from the brain, without the benefit of processing (conscience?), s/he doesn’t know the difference and simply acts.

        That’s not to say s/he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong; sociopaths have had as many experiences as others to observe the impacts of their actions. The real question is, are they themselves able to view wrong behaviors as wrong, or under such circumstances, would they see what we perceive as wrong as merely a social obstacle to be heeded only as necessary? Sociopathic behavior seems to suggest the latter.

        You mention most receiving direction from their higher self, in this medical professional’s terms, the sociopath would be receiving direction from his ID, or lowest primitive self, creating sort of unevolved responses. I don’t know about the validity of this accounting, but I did find it a very interesting possibility.

        We do know that it is nearly impossible to treat the sociopath, and I wonder if that is because the needed treatment is surgery rather than psych analysis. We also know sociopaths don’t seem to respect that they own a problem, but seem to understand they are fundamentally different.

        Coming from a spiritual perspective, I would think this wouldn’t make them soul-less as much as extremely difficult to help “save”. If self-growth and acknowledgement of a higher power are prerequisites to spiritual atonement, these would seem to be possibilities outside the realm of the sociopath’s innate capabilities due to physiology. In my opinion, that would make the need for a medical solution for these individuals an important goal, otherwise, theirs is a literal life of hell on earth, complete with destruction to the lives of the unwitting.

      4. Interesting thoughts thanks jusa. One thing that springs to mind reading your comment. Is, how I was when I had severe ptsd. (it was really severe) – I had no empathy for anyone else. created carnage in my life, I responded to triggers. It was like a switch going off, and during that time I had little control. I do also know that the cognitive processing in my brain wasn’t working properly. When triggered severely, I felt a huge pressure at the front of my brain.

        I wonder if there is any correlation? I did see work of a psychiatrist who believed that it was caused by an unresolved trauma in childhood. This really does make sense to me, as what I witnessed, often was like a triggered reaction when the switch went off.

        Biggest difference was that the sociopath is deliberately trying to cause harm or hurt. Used pathological lying and manipulation to control. With severe ptsd I didn’t do that. My triggered reactions were for protection. But – is it possible that the way that sociopaths act – (in a deep psyche way) is for their own protection. They harm others, before they think that person would harm them?

        Or is that too far out and empathetic? … possibly I guess.

      5. I’m not in the medical field, but questions like this make me wish I was. It’s just conjecture, but I suspect pre-frontal operations can be impacted by trauma and long-term abuse as well. I also supsect the issue with “real” sociopaths (meaning, as birth defect, rather than environmentally-inspired) is physical in nature, compared to impacted brain paths mapping, if that makes sense.

        In a nutshell, I believe there are multiple/varied roots to the problem. I suspect traumas can cause symptoms that mimic sociopathy without being a truly permanent condition, whereas “real” sociopaths won’t have a recovery option without medical intervention.

        As another poster suggested, I believe there may also be pseudo-sociopaths with different levels of disrupted pathology, however, making all of this difficult to distinguish, but just as damaging to the lives of those they encounter.

      6. I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while now…a woman that does reiki told me they don’t have a soul, but my ex had a spot on instinct, definitely on a quantum level, made me think little greys are taking over these souless bodies. A real mystery, have you come to any further conclusions about this? Would love to hear.

      7. It is a very interesting thing Paula. And one that I thought about a lot. If you think about the actions that they do. Almost all are against 10 commandments. So are they evil? Or are they beings that help us to evolve to a higher level? They break us down so completely that we have no choice but to rebuild again, from scratch? I don’t know what do you think?

      8. Interesting point of view, thank you for that, it’s true that the psychopaths that kept coming in my life eventually woke me up, lead me to actually be grateful for them because of how consciously aware I am now, also we should love everyone because we are all one.

  4. Whilst based on your posts I doubt you will listen to a sociopath (disempathetic – meaning I care about some people, Google it if you don’t know). Yeah I’m a pathological liar but only when it’s helpful to me so no point right now cos I’ll never meet any of you. Anyway I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in a soul, however while I don’t have a conscience I do have better logic than most people I know and do think that can make me more moral than some of you who only do the right thing because it makes you feel better in yourselves (now that’s selfish by a socio’s standard) whereas I do it because it’s deemed right by society (even if I don’t agree with it), granted I do it to blend in but with your type of attitude why would I want to stand out? Socios are useful to many people in many places (surgeons, businessmen, spies etc…) but you only hear the research from prison iinmates, if all research into empaths came from prisons then you’d look a lot worse too, the fact of the matter is that sociopaths likely have helped you but you didn’t notice because they are better at hiding than you suspect and you aren’t looking at people that help you (plus you can’t see their ulterior motive)

    1. Hi JK, thanks for your comments. First of all, I quite agree about research only being used from a limited number of people who are in prison, and how accurate is this for the vast majority who are in society?

      Secondly you have a misunderstanding of what an empath is. An empath is rare. It is not how all people who are not sociopaths/psychopaths feel? Empaths actually feel others emotions as if they are their own. Most normal people don’t they can empathise, because of their own life experiences – but they do not actually feel it – an example would be if someone came into a room and that person felt sad, you could feel sad too. Most people don’t feel that way – they would only know that the other person feels sad because they were told, or their body language displayed sadness.

      The sociopath, not being held back by emotions, could have an idea someone is sad, by accurately reading body language and what is said and how. Empaths actually feel it. Not all non sociopathic people are empaths. it is quite rare.

      For me personally, the charismatic sociopath helped me a lot. I was stuck in trauma when I met him, I had PTSD, he mirrored me – to get what he wanted. But that was what I needed (there is no greater loss than losing yourself).

      Helping others because it makes you feel good – how can that be bad? You are not causing damage to other people. It is selfish when you are thinking of yourself and causing others damage.

      Yes, some high functioning ones can be useful – but also they can cause a lot of damage (look at some world leaders).

      Personally I do not hate sociopaths…. You likely will not agree with me, but I think that it is a disability in the brain. Having to go through life pretending to be different to who you are….Being someone who is acceptable to others, then exploding in frustration……

      I am not a sociopath – but I have good logic and analytical skills…. but i use that to good use, positive not negative.

      1. Haha, no I don’t agree but who am I to judge? I just find it amusing what stereotypes people associate with me. Fair enough with the empath but it in itself is also loosely defined. I doubt everything you do is positive, more than me I imagine but that’s a different matter, everyone does a mix of good and bad – Hitler sorted out the German economy but we still think of him as a bad role model. How is helping others because it makes you feel good bad? Well the same reason anything I do for someone is bad, I did it for my benefit (different benefit but personal gain all the same) I’m not saying you think it’s bad for personal gain but many in society do. Back on topic, I don’t believe in a soul as I have already said but I have a different mechanism for morals instead of conscience (logic) I accept that many people disagree that it is the same thing and I know I only use it to hide who I am (with exception to the few people I care about) but it I feel actions and intent are all that matter in the world not what we desire if we don’t act on it.

      2. I find it interesting what you say about Hitler. How could you possibly think that he is a good role model for sorting out the economy? When so many innocent Jews were starved to death and then burned??? — you think sorting out money is more important than human life? Or — did you say that just for dramatic effect?

      3. The point is he did do good despite the large amounts of bad, you may do large amounts of good but that doesn’t mean you haven’t done bad things as well. So yes it was dramatic effect really.

  5. I am wondering if they do not have a soul. And if they dont have a soul they are not human. If that is true then they just are what they are. Predators. I am not sure I believe this..however, I find it so hard to believe that I allowed evil in my house and didnt even know it. I would have “felt” it. So I wonder if they are soul suckers..the “imposters” The clay pot that is to be discarded when their job is done and some pots are useful..some are not. If they do not have a soul they can not carry evil or good. But as empty vessels suck the life out of you. This is one theory I have come up with but again not sure whats true at this point. What I cant help but wonder is why seasoned gifted people with discernment cant detect the evil in them if they have evil. Also, if they are evil and have evil then how do they infiltrate the churches and live with Jesus name all over the place. Something is not adding up for me with the psychopaths now that I have encountered one. Was involved for a few months. I am leaning towards the empty predator soul suckers. They are just doing their predator job like a shark would. If they are not human (like a shark) then they will not be held accountable for what they do..they are not human.. Very interesting subject and thats the only conclusion I have been able to come up with for now. Ill let you know if I have any other theories.

    1. I did read once – that most of humanity are guided by angels…. some – are guided by dark angels. In fact I cant remember where this came from? After my daughter died, I met a man who was the most awful abusive man – and I guess at that time I was more spiritual than I normally am, and the word dark angels popped into my head. I looked it up and the term does exist….

      1. Oh I 100% believe in dark angels and demons..and I have seen them a time or two. Thats why I find it so odd that I could not discern evil in this I am seeking another explanation..the only other one I have come up with is they are that good at being imposters…I will keep thinking.

      2. I guess it is the mirroring and being a reflection of you. Of course a mirror image of yourself (as you think yourself to be good) – would then think that the person mirroring you is also good. Possibly….

      3. Yes, thats what my friends have said. I figured it out the mirroring myself . I never knew about this before him. And then in a voice mail one day I noticed it sounded exactly like me. It was creepy. However, if he was reflecting me…was that an illusion and evil was behind it? Or as I said before are they empty vessels to try to suck your soul. But that in itself is evil..but to be evil ..I believe you have to have a soul for evil to attach too. Maybe, I should rethink that thought about demons having to have a soul to attach is very mind blowing this whole thing. A lot to think about for sure.

  6. The posts that habe resognated with me are
    1.Put on your rose colored glasses and pull up a chair.
    2Sociaths, wjy they can never love.
    3.Never trust a sociopath
    Although all the posts taught me about these shallow and hollow people, these aree my favs. Peace an love 😉

  7. I think feelings are irrelevant. As the OP stated, we are taught by our family and society how to act. I think that there are varying degrees of pathology when discussing sociopaths. If they understand anger, they are capable of understanding the reciprocal emotion.

    I do believe they have learned to close themselves off to emotions that are capable of hurting them. The most devastating feelings are those that are caused by rejection. If you are rejected enough, not loved or held enough as a child you will not develop the ability to love. That is not to say that you are incapable of understanding what is right or wrong.

    Think of some one is born blind, or deaf. They will never be able to see a beautiful face, they will never see and have that illicit an emotional response. How about music to the deaf? I will never no how anyone can make it through this life without hearing something so beautifully crafted that it moves you to tears. Having said that, the blind may never “see” something beautiful, it doesn’t mean that they can’t learn to appreciate why others find it beautiful, they can learn to appreciate the beauty of that thing for it’s other qualities. You can explain in part the emotional response to a piece of music,,but the deaf can appreciate why the hearing like it.

    So, then it is my theory, that even a sociopath, can learn why people love. I think that they probably envy those that can. Can you imagine for a moment, growing up as a child that you were blind, and no one ever realizing it? Or being deaf? I should think it much the same way with a true sociopath. Then throw in the social stigma of this disorder. I think that the sociopath learns to process reality far different than we do. If they aren’t taught strategies to deal with their inability to deal with their lack of emotion, then how can we expect for one moment that they could behave in any other way, than at the most basest of human desire?

    Soul? Right or wrong? Spirit guides? Christians? Muslims? etc……. I personally believe that truth is universal. I also think that with a sociopath, it is at the very least, relative. Cause and effect can be taught to a dog by positive and negative reinforcement. In humans, they have to be explained why for it to matter. I don’t think that sociopaths can be “fixed”, any more than the blind or deaf. I do think they should be identified early, and then taught different strategies to exist in society. As to the soul? Isn’t our existence predicated on the idea to choose between right and wrong. Just because you don’t feel it, I believe we still have a choice, if not a duty to do the right thing. Having said that, how often do we all choose the wrong, even though we feel in our gut we are doing wrong. Perhaps it’s worse for those of us who do have normal emotions. What does it say about our character when we have the benefit “sight” and still choose to walk off of a cliff.

    Yeah, I’ve had two experiences with sociopaths in my life, my brother is in my opinion. But damn if he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, that means to me he has a soul. That they are self aware, and know the difference means that they do have a soul and are just as responsible on the day of judgment. My two cents.

    1. Great comment Scott. Thank you!!

      I remember thinking about the dog analogy. I have a shih tzu. She is the most sweetest dog. Is loyal, faithful and always by my side. I often thought how my dog wouldn’t do the things that he did. But then – I guess she is loved, and not abused. Look at another dog… one who has been abused, is in a shelter. They often bite, are distrustful of humans, and in return they very often cannot be trusted either. They learned another pattern of behaviour that my dog has never seen or witnessed.

      Hmm food for thought indeed.

  8. Thank you for your kind response. Unlike a dog, humans have the CHOICE, to respond differently than the way we have been treated. That is what makes us divine!

    My brother is a prime example. Was raised in a very loving nurturing environment. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than most by far. At some point he chose to be destructive. Every once in a while, you could see him have a moment of clarity. Yet, just as quickly he would bury it deeply, and continue on with his pattern of abuse and destruction. He created lies to himself, by hiding behind the truth of a situation, so that he could look at himself in the mirror.

    It’s just incredibly sad to watch. Mostly because he has SEVEN DAUGHTERS! All of which are beginning to present with various forms of dysfunction! I feel so incredibly powerless!

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