Proof Peter Pan is a Sociopath

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Whether or not you agree with the assessment, this article is a list of all the reasons why we should take a look at Neverneverland from a slightly different perspective.

Now, when I say ‘Neverneverland’, I mean ‘Collective Consciousness concept of Neverland’ – which, like the Bible may, in some ways, be directly contradictory – the residence of an immortal youth who lives just about as far away as some of the quickest pass-bys of the Moon.

Idolizing tropes in a blind way can be very dangerous. There is a need to shed some light on Peter Pan’s behavioral problems, the same way some have already shed light on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trivializing/ romanticizing Stockholm Syndrome:

Feminist scholars have long argued [‘Beauty and the Beast’] sends a terrible message to audiences (especially young girls) by basically showcasing an abusive and power-imbalanced relationship as some kind of ideal fairy-tale romance.
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25 thoughts on “Proof Peter Pan is a Sociopath”

  1. 50 Shades of Grey is driving me crazy for this exact reason. The guy is clearly a Narcissist/Sociopath, but most women are going ga ga over how sexy he is. I understand being turned on by BDSM, but this guy is abusive, controlling, and demeaning. It has nothing to do with safe, consensual, loving kinky sex.

    Either society is extremely f*cked up to think this movie is sexy, or these women haven’t been in ACTUAL relationships like this. In reality, there is nothing sexy about it…that’s only a fantasy in the movies.

    1. Yes, I couldn’t read 50 shades of grey, and when I heard people raving about it, i thought, seriously? This guy is a psycho and an abuser? You think abuse is sexy and cool….. er….. not.

      1. I have never given up on a book once I started to read it but boy was it a struggle to read through 50 Shades – I tried to see it as therapy

    2. why do you think women are always complaining about their boyfriends? They are attracted to the socialpathic personality but at the same time don’t like being treated like shit. Basically exactly what turns them on is exactly how they don’t want to be treated. That probably doesn’t make any sense to you does it but that’s as clear as I can think of to make it.

    3. I was so looking on here to find something about Christian Grey as my views are EXACTLY the same. Its so disturbing how the way he is has been made sexy when he’s nothing but an abusive control freak! There is even elements of rape in it which I can’t fathom how no one seems to pick up on it

      1. Yes I have thought the same. Only reason I hadn’t written about it, was because everyone else has, and my views about it, were years ago. It isn’t normal is it? Although I did have a submissive who wrote on the Facebook page, where I shared a link to a 50 shades article (there are 2 that I posted on the Facebook page) that she is a submissive, and that a ‘dom’ is nothing like a sociopath.

      2. When I woke from the deception knowing everything was a lie a figment of my imagination oh wait his! In my emptiness my heart ripped out of my chest, overwhelmed by sadness I remember it is him who can’t be exposed who refuses to know love. Freely we give freely we must let go of a lost and lonely soul! Peace and love to every soul!

      3. I know what was ment to destroy me has made me more loving and courageous then I could have ever dreamed of! Just finished 4 miles in the rain cleansing my soul with deep sorrow for mankind and all the deception that holds them in bondage! I want to give my life to help set the captive free! My journey begins today. To every trial we must overcome my prayer is that it can help us rise above our pain and keep our hearts pure of the poison intended share goodness and wisdom the rest of our days! Peace and lOVE to all! On Thursday, February 19, 2015, Dating a Sociopath wrote:

        > positivagirl commented: “Yes…. and I hope that you can continue to > give love freely. Something that he will never be able to do. You are the > winner here! :)”

  2. Good morning friends! I did not read the book I may see the movie to get an opinion. No person should give their power to another we have to keep a clear mind. Walking in love should never mean that we forget our beliefs or submit to anything that hurts ourselves or another person! Compromise for the wrong reason will take us down a road we are not meant to travel! May today be full of clarity and wisdom!

    1. Hello Blonde 111 & Positva Girl, your posts are inspiring. I used to give my power to my ex, but must walk, follow my own path now. I’ve lost at least 3 friends due to his dramas, anger, immaturity, jealousy of late. My mind is starting to clear from fog of his brain washing. He used bible against me too. Many friends & outsiders said they sensed he has a dark/evil spirit but I used to think love, positive mind, strength & prayer could heal his soul. He’s a tortured/tormented, lost soul. He may do this to the next woman if he finds one. He’s had 3 failed marriages & other failed rships due to control anger, jealousy, & probably other issues etc. I was travelling on the wrong road! but he was there for me when my mum was sick & later when she died. He kindly went on plane with me & drove me to funeral which was interstate nearly 2000km frm my home. he wanted me to rely on him & said a few times of late, since Mum passed. ” I’m the only one who is here for you in the longterm”. He wanted to be virtually my only, reliable friend.
      He often showed his anger. He may have been a distempered sociopath or narcissist. He never stole money or things off me & very hard to catch him out in a lie. Other women didn’t seem to ring or sms him. Maybe he was extra cunningly smart in covering his tracks. I did see a few very long, different coloured hairs in his kitchen, but not now for 2 yrs & sometimes in more recent times on his jacket or jumper, after we’d been apart for a few wks or mths. But they never visited or sms’d, or rang, tried to make contact with him while I was with him, to my knowledge & we were together most of the time. He doesn’t fit all sociopathic traits but definitely has Narc or BPD traits, behaviours. God bless all. I hope I can keep up no contact & not weaken this time. I enjoying returning to my earlier interests & hobbies & reconnecting with old friends, but those 3 I may have lost, I don’t know.

      1. Hey, keep going with no contact. Isn’t it a good feeling when the fog starts to clear? When your brain starts to come back to you and you can think straight again? There might be bad days as you remember the ‘happy times’ …. but remember that those times were probably you being controlled and manipulated too, just because you felt happy it didn’t mean that you were thinking for yourself.

        That is the point, you can be with them, and be happy sometimes, with someone else directing you owning you, controlling you – or be happy every day, with the only person in control of you and your life, being you!!

      2. Good morning Dragonfly! You are a beautiful soul listen to your instincts (Holy Spirit). As I navagate through my guilt sorrow and shame writing letters to myself is very therapeutic, finding that for now I only talk to people who are positive and uplifting. The greatest restoration comes through love not in a sense of the mind games yet prayer and keeping my mouth quiet in judgement publicly it to has been a process! Have had some anger issues with this deception. Positiv is spot on with the NC! Love who you are! God only made 1 of you! There is a process to healing first we conceal then revel that the writing part. Next we deal for me nothing he said or did was real! Healing is soaking my mind in what is pure and good! Lots of teaching tapes on love leadership and discipline. So sorry to hear you have lost your mom they are the glue that hold us together! My experience is that when our loved ones leave this earth there spirit stays close and forever in our hearts! Having lost a very special mother figure recently missing her I hold one of her special hankies and talk to her. Remember the battle is spiritual and one of the greatest forms of praise is love a purified heart! When I submited to God his peace returned to me! Peace and love to you in your journey! Remember every soul is precious to our savour!

      3. Funny I have so much to say and just can’t allow my sorrow to emerge even in the disbelief and total frustration my own sanity being challenged ? My need to protect him! Bottom line for me is if today was my last family would know I am sain would never harm myself! Crazy I even have to say it! Peace and empathy to every friend who endured unspeakable heart ache!

      4. Blonde do you follow my facebook page? If you do, check out the top post on the page. Am going to be back posting here again. But have been posting on the facebook page x

      5. He hi-jacked my Facebook and all my contacts! Have not even tried to recover these things, damage is what it is! Very sad! I’m going out for my run walk? Enjoy the day!

      6. I went through that too blonde. He contacted he said 75 people who were on my friends list, send horrible emails. Even when we split the last time, he had blocked men from my facebook list. Just appalling. This is how pathetic they are. Am sorry that you have been through this, it is such a violation of trust, and is emotional abuse.

      7. Hi Positiva & Blonde 111, thanku for your lovely replies, response to my messages. I am now 3wks no contact & I thank god for every day, its hard sometimes but its good to have peace & no 1 talking at me, brainwashing me about religion, angry, trying to play on my emotions, drain my energy all the time. I ended up becoming addicted to buying crystals esp amethysts befor we split, when we began having trouble again, last yr. I spent too much of my life savings but at least have lovely pretty aesthetic things & they have energy, are said to have healing happy vibrations,energy in them anyway. I have so many they taking most room on my dining room table there is just enough room for my dinner plate, cutlery, my place at head of table. I believe the combined number of my crystals in my house, also in spare room helped me to break away from him. As he was draining my energy, perhaps I tuned into the crystals energy & it gave me strength, healing to draw on, who knows. I like to think of it that way. Also maybe my mum’s passing maybe gave me strength, as maybe her spirit helped me to stand up to his controlling, bullying, bossing me around, brainwashing me, his constant negativity after 2wks of being relatively nice, stable. His happy mood never lasted long mind u. Love & Light, blessings to u all. I’m sorry to hear Blonde 111 that u lost a mother figure, recently. Hope u feeling better, healing. xx 🙂 thanks for your lovely posts again :)xx

      8. Well done to you for 3 weeks no contact. It’s strange you should say about addiction to buying things when things were bad. I did that too. I thought it was me running from him and doing the only thing that I had in my control. I wonder if that was set up by him for me to have nnothing. So he would have greater control?

  3. Almost all these “fairy stories” have another not so “fairy” story behind them. I too read the book of the shades thinking it was an erotic novel, what I found is a bad story the same type of the “romance” novels or soap opera romances with a sadistic, controlling, good looking and rich men and a young virgin who stay because with she “he will be different”, “because he have a lot of traumas as a child” and maybe that’s the reason of his acts and omissions. As in any badly written story he magically changes because she loves him…Im sure the author have a close encounter with her own sociopath and the book is the result of the fantasy of thinking how everything will be if he changed…

    1. You are so right! We dream of this fairytale and if we give over control of ourselves it becomes a nitemare!!! Lesson 1 is we only can control our own behavior choices and decisions. We can lead the horse to that living water but to drink is their choice! Love can walk away wanting only the best for another! Don’t think this decision comes easy for me I am walking through a fire that has cut me at the core of my being yet renewing my mind is all I can’t ask for! Christ in me!

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