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What was your sociopaths source of supply?

Sociopaths use other people as a source of supply. This can be anything a roof over their head, money sex, social status, anything that they want and need and do not have themselves, they find themselves a host to give them what they want.

What was your sociopaths source of supply, what did he/she tap into you for?

My sociopath loved MONEY. When I met him, he was there for the money. He financially drained me.

He returned, asked me to give him a chance, and to prove me wrong. Of course, his motive – once again was money. I wasn’t stupid, second time around.

When I took him back, he couldn’t have been more perfect. He was so NORMAL, became hard working, paid  me back money he owed. Earned his own extra money. He just ‘seemed’ like a decent hard working man. He was so normal, that I thought that I had made a mistake, he couldn’t be a sociopath? Maybe I just had it wrong? Then I felt really bad, I had written this entire website, and although it was never based solely on him, I thought maybe I had it wrong? I was SO confused.

I had a legal case ongoing, and the payout settlement was originally valued at £266,000 over a quarter of a million pounds. He was one man, right up until the legal case ended. Which ironically was the day before my birthday. On my birthday he picked a fight. He didn’t buy me birthday present.

I had all the words beforehand, about what he was going to buy me. he was going to get me a bracelet, and whatever else he was going to get me. He bought me a card. This date was the date for things to change. Radically.

Why? Well on my legal team, my case fell apart because the barrister went onto maternity leave, and the new barrister that they brought in, didn’t understand the case. With psychopathic lawyers for the defence, I was forced to under settle out of court, for not very much money. It was never about money for me, I was going to walk away from the case, due to the impact it was having on my health.

From that date onwards, from that date in August 2014, he changed towards me. Not one month did he have money of his own for more than a few days. Instead, he just assumed that he would live off of me. I felt the strain…. just like I did back in 2012, like the financial tap was on. It felt like a parasite,  sucking everything dry.

The last time I spoke to him, he had called me from a private number, was in tears. Within hours, he had his profile up on a dating website. I know why. Its the beginning of the month, he would have no money by now, and therefore would need a new source of supply to keep him going.

Sociopaths are users

Sociopaths use other people to get what they want (I recall he once said to me ‘I am an opportunist).  They can fake it, incredibly well, and play a convincing role of normal person. Then when they have what they want, the mask slips. You see a whole new persona. Back was Mr controlling, Mr Dictator, Mr user. Being yelled. Being told what time to go to bed. He wanted to go to bed at 9pm to be up for work, and wanted me to go to bed, and lie with him, until he slept 🙂 yes I know! … Telling me that he expected his food on the table when he came home from work. Loads of things… me, being me, just refused. Constant telephone calls all day long, needing to know where am I? What am I doing? Have I spoken to anyone today? I stopped doing everything. All that i had built in a year away from him, it became difficult to do. He was paranoid, jealous, insecure.

Sociopaths are leaches, parasites, they take advantage of people for their own needs.

So this sociopath – he was a financial user. What did your sociopath use you for?