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YOU on Netflix


Is anybody watching YOU on Netflix? Story of a Psychopath who targets a female. I have been watching this series, struck, how once this was my life too. The series has a running thought dialogue of the psychopath. He meets her in a book shop. He looks like a regular guy, a humble, unassuming guy.

He becomes transfixed with her, and her life. Stalking her social media accounts to find information about her. Eavesdropping into her real life, and associations with friends, to find her weaknesses.

He comes across, as such a sweet normal guy. Kind and caring to the neglected child who lives right across the hall. An intelligent man who works in a book store. Comes across, as kind, caring, perfect.

If you are confused about what the difference is between a Narcissist, and a psycho…. watch this. Apart from the odd blip, where the mask slips, you won’t see displayed ego. They come across as humble, kind, thoughtful, caring. The manipulation, deceit, control, is mostly all done behind the scenes.

The victim has absolutely no idea who this person really is. For his real, true self is hidden behind the mask. She is completely unaware of how much information he already knows about her.  Of how much he learns about her friends.

I am only a few episodes in. Have you watched this series? What were your thoughts? His internal dialogue is fascinating. But also gives me assurance that the words written, in terms of description on this site, are indeed accurate. Words, of a life, that I was once living, every single day. For many of those days, for many years, I would write my experiences on this website (2013-15/16).

 The one that I was with, wasn’t a killer. But he would kill every single thing in my life. Until I was left as dead inside, as he was. Until there really was nothing left to take. It was all gone. Most of them aren’t killers. They simply destroy and take every single part of your life, until every part of you is gone, and you are left an empty shell of the person you once were. As empty inside, as they are. Once they can no longer feed off you, when there is nothing left to take, they move on. Onto their next victim……