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The high functioning sociopath – The art forger

This is a video of a high functioning sociopath. The patterns of behaviour are the same high or low functioning sociopath.

In this video he:

• Using a relationship for his own benefits (she worked in the art world, he married her)
• Moves into her house and her life, in a short time
• Used her connections to forward the idea that he was interested in art, and was a collector of art and would have art for sale (mirroring her)
• Using someone else to do the work of painting
• Providing ‘fake’ authentication
• Becoming lost in his own lies
• Offering money to the Tate art Gallery – to build trust for his own ends (similar to what I had written about in financial conning) – how they give something to build a false position of trust
• Using ‘sickness saga’ to try to get out of his actions (faking heart attack)
• Compulsive pathological lying (saying he was in the secret service) ridiculous outrageous lies
• Lack of conscience, guilt, remorse or shame
• Motivated by greed
• The ability to use others for his own needs and financial gain
• Not being able to stop
• Feeling superior and more intelligent than other people
• Threats and narcissistic rage (including threats of violence) when confronted with the lie
• Using what is ‘right’ and ‘moral’ – faking this ‘rightness’ to gain trust
• Appearing to be ‘normal’ – masquerading as an established scientist
• Learning a lot of knowledge to appear as a man of culture
PS – he was caught – eventually as his wife reported him!