The high functioning sociopath – The art forger

This is a video of a high functioning sociopath. The patterns of behaviour are the same high or low functioning sociopath.

In this video he:

• Using a relationship for his own benefits (she worked in the art world, he married her)
• Moves into her house and her life, in a short time
• Used her connections to forward the idea that he was interested in art, and was a collector of art and would have art for sale (mirroring her)
• Using someone else to do the work of painting
• Providing ‘fake’ authentication
• Becoming lost in his own lies
• Offering money to the Tate art Gallery – to build trust for his own ends (similar to what I had written about in financial conning) – how they give something to build a false position of trust
• Using ‘sickness saga’ to try to get out of his actions (faking heart attack)
• Compulsive pathological lying (saying he was in the secret service) ridiculous outrageous lies
• Lack of conscience, guilt, remorse or shame
• Motivated by greed
• The ability to use others for his own needs and financial gain
• Not being able to stop
• Feeling superior and more intelligent than other people
• Threats and narcissistic rage (including threats of violence) when confronted with the lie
• Using what is ‘right’ and ‘moral’ – faking this ‘rightness’ to gain trust
• Appearing to be ‘normal’ – masquerading as an established scientist
• Learning a lot of knowledge to appear as a man of culture
PS – he was caught – eventually as his wife reported him!


11 thoughts on “The high functioning sociopath – The art forger”

  1. I was approached years back to forge works of art, I refused, the main reason being, that my art is just that, why would I copy someone else’s work? Being an aspienwoman sure does have it’s advantages at times. 😉

    1. Yes, I thought about that. With the attention to detail.

      I lost days, It all began with watching a tv programme called fake or fortune which is on BBC, this guy bought this chagall which he paid £100,000 for in the 90s, turned out to be fake! Worse than that the committee said that they wanted to burn his painting. Made me think how much of art is actually fake? People pay so much money for something that is fake?

      So that was it…. I ended up watching all the series I could find. Which then led to me (I don’t know how) buying a vintage russian painting off ebay from someone in Bulgaria (its not arrived yet, but I like it).. From there — I ended up watching about art forgers. Watching this guy Eric Hebborn video wow… this guy had been to Royal Academy of Art. (another really interesting video you might like)

      He faked hundreds of old masters drawings (some sold to museums) . …. so I ordered his book, started to read the first few chapters,think wow.. he is a psychopath (from childhood) –

      I had never heard of this man before, then it unfolds that he published this book confessing everything (that I bought) – and another he published called the art forgers handbook – 4 days after publication he was murdered!!

      For the first time in a long time, am going to start doing more art. Will be good for the soul I think, certainly therapeutic.

      1. I recognise the guy’s face, it was around 24 years ago, so memories are vague. I will definitely watch the video. 🙂 I was told at the time about him and that I could par with him etc. It didn’t feel right though, no matter how much money was potentially involved, so I couldn’t be swayed, dispite personal circumstances at the time.
        My way of thinking was, ” If my work’s that good, why would I copy someone else’s when I want to create my own? ” ( Aspienwoman trait. 😉
        My art is spiritual and priceless to me, a lot of time and effort goes into each piece, to achieve the desired result, but the buzz I get from achieving each creative challenge is immeasurable. 😀
        To copy another’s work, I feel, takes that magical element away, that energy from source and the sense of achievement felt at allowing your own creativity to come through and shine..
        There is a dark side to the art world, I’ve been aware of this for a long time now, hence I’ve kept my creativity personal, as a tool of healing and enjoyment, until I’d explored as many areas as possible in my creative journey etc. The culmination of skills, eventually coming together to show my true life purpose here. 🙂
        I definitely recommend it PG, for your soul being and as a healing tool. No matter what’s happened in my life, my creativity is like a balm, it takes me to a magical realm where nothing can touch me. The only way I can explain the feeling, is it’s on a ethereal level, you literally float inside. To be free to just be, makes for dancing, singing, the full caboodle in my case, No self consciousness that others may be judging etc, a fairly like state of being, to put into words the feeling inside. 😀
        With time spent alone just ” being “, anyone can achieve the same state, it’s there inside each of us in different ways.
        I’m always happy to help on the art front btw, if anyone needs any tips etc. 🙂
        Maybe we could start a creative group here? I think that would be lovely, to share our creativity and inspire each other. What do you think? 🙂

  2. Just want to spill for a minute. I am feeling especially enraged today. My ex told me about taking one of his new girls to our special place for our special drink. There is no logical reason in the world that I should care about that. I hate everything about that man. I sure as hell don’t want anything to do with that place or that drink and I sure as hell don’t want to be there with him ever again. For some reason though, I am enraged by this tiny betrayal – because we had made a pact that we would never go there with anyone else. One of a thousand. And the least of them, I should add. It has set me on a vivid spiral of hateful thoughts and rage that I can feel physically in my body. All I can do is scream at him in my head. It is so infuriating that I cannot make him hurt like he hurt me. I think today that that would be the only way that I could ever feel less upset. I told my therapist that I wanted to tattoo his true nature on his forehead (like in ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) so that he could never talk to any woman again. I also told him I wanted to slash my ex’s face with a knife. Yes, those are the nature of my thoughts these past two days.

    1. They generally pick the most upsetting thing they can possibly do to you …. Then do it …. Just because they can .

      I found that if I sort of prepare myself for it and realise that the person they may …..or may not ….as Pos says be doing it with is having it next off them , it does help a bit .

      Try and stay strong !!!!!

      Easier said than done I know when you are being poked repeatedly with a big pointy stick . Just remember Ronald McDonald image that Pos conjured up !!!!!



      1. It doesn’t matter if they are lies or truth, it needs to not make any difference to me one way or the other. I need to reach a place of true indifference. That will come in time, I know. I am impatient. I hate the constant rage. It gets a girl down!

        A lot of the anger I currently feel comes from the knowledge that I cannot hurt them back. I have to take it and move on. There is not even the abstract hope that one day karma will “give them theirs.” They don’t feel anything. They can never be hurt. Well, that is what makes me better then them. Value judgment intended. So I will throw down the pillow I just finished screaming into and go on with my day. We were ragging on Dr. Phil a while ago – he says on one of his advice web pages that “time heals nothing.” I disagree. Time will make it better. As long as I am doing the other things as well that I need to in order to heal.

        I need to stay prepared for it like you say, Nick. I need to just plan on it happening again and just wait for it. Maybe that will ease the sting a bit the next time something comes up.

        Thanks for the high fives, guys. It makes me feel a wee bit better just knowing that you care. :0)

      1. Hmmmm …… Better not share mine , it scares me that I could even consider what I would do if I thought there was any realistic chance of getting away with it …..

        Lucky for mine that I have 2 lovely Daughters that stop me dead in my tracks I suppose .


      2. @jusagurl

        I thought I was the only one who had this vision, (dream). Then I realized it’s never going to happen, Satan needs evil doers. He will probably persevere forever. Sigh. It’s nice to know I am not alone, thank you for sharing, I don’t feel so “mean”.

        NIBSIH 😱

  3. It’s absolutely horrid how these people carry us so low … I too have had done terrible thoughts about what I would like to happen to that lying, thieving, despicable piece of …. .
    And it’s true that I want him to get his just desserts cuz I’m in pain and he’s not. My poor little heart is so beat up and blocked off. *sigh * I’m going to be so happy when I’m happy again ….. But when??

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