Leslie Steiner: Domestic violence, why victims don’t leave

An important video, that talks about domestic violence. A sociopath or psychopath who is violent, is the most dangerous of all. Socio’s have no conscience. Which means that in an act of rage, they can be capable of anything. They lose control. You might think, my partner is never violent. The truth is that they could be. They are capable of anything.

If you are in this situation. Please seek help. Many men and women in this situation feel ashamed that this is happening to them, and fear asking for help. There are domestic violence units that can offer support and guidance for you, look up to see if there is one in your area. One of the most important things is to get out SAFE. Google how to get out of a violent relationship in a safe way. Make an exit plan to leave. If this is happening to you, this is NOT your fault. Please seek help.

17 thoughts on “Leslie Steiner: Domestic violence, why victims don’t leave”

  1. Great video. I got out by filing charges against him after he put his hands on me. The next step I did was file an order of protection which was a stay away order. After the warrant was issued I had to stay in a hotel because he was still living in my house but was evasive and he knew he was going to be in trouble but kept texting and calling me over the next five days before they caught him saying how sorry he was and how much he loved me. Bull shit. I ignored all of his calls and texts. He did not love me he loved his source of supply. Don’t believe these con artists. They will say anything to keep you in their trap. The neighbor called me five days later after I was staying somewhere else and said she saw him go into my house. I called police and met them there. I told them thetecwas a warrant for his arrest andci filed order of protection. He was arrested and served the order of protection in court. I changed all locks got a security system and nailed all my windows shut. I let everyone know the situation, neighbors, police, family and friends. GET OUT! Make sure their is No Contact EVER!! The peace you feel after is like a fresh breeze and happiness dies come.

      1. Hello Pos, I’m sure you’ve read my story recently of him begging to come back being rejected and me getting slammed. Well he’s back in jail again.I did well 4 months no contact. I’m sure he just was pissed I discarded him first. Well guess I can say I had contrpol over this situation, thank God for order of protection.
        Hi drama, you did the right thing, proud of you..stick up for yourself.we won not them.stay in control.. Peace and love 😎💚

  2. So much rings true. I was always making excuses for him, for saying things that were crude, rude, or nasty, and cutting. He reinforced it by his constant “nightmares” and “flash-backs” of all the times he was abused by his parents and siblings. He never physically abused me, but the emotional and financial ruin was probably more fulfilling for him because he always felt he was so clever and could make people do what he wanted.

    I realized something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. However, on the day when I left and I told him I was going (thank heaven’s my son was there as back-up) I realized I was looking at a stranger. There was something about his eyes that were creepy.. he was just plain scary… he looked almost like he was wound so tight that he could have blown at any second.

    Sad thing is, that I really never saw I was being used. I saw it as being kind and tolerant of someone who had it so much worse than I ever did and deserved to have something better in life.


    1. Yep I saw those eyes too. They almost go black and have a predatory stare.that was the last time I saw him. I knew then to RUN!

  3. Ditto on dark eyes & predatory stare– and very sad as well as –they are capable of so much rage under all the charm, mask etc. I didn’t see it thank God but he eluded to a rage/ temper problem, and clearly knowing what I know now, it comes with the territory and is unleashed in unexpected & impulsive ways. So grateful to have survived & be NC 5 months . It makes me shutter to think about the danger so many of my sisters & bro’s are in or escaping. It’s always a wake up call to hear these stories. I’m so sorry for Lisa, may she rest in peace.

  4. From before the time I met my now-ex in person and we were still just chatting online, I knew he had a gun because of how he’d talked about his depression and plan for *not* killing himself with it, the steps he’d taken to “make” himself go through before he’d “allow” himself to use it – on himself.

    Aside from all the shit he actually did to me when we were together, and the times I *should* have gone to the doctor and even the ER as a result but didn’t, he (or anyone else) wonders why I became so afraid of him?

    He never mentioned the gun again, but the fear was already planted before the grounds I could actually recognize as a problem were ever set.

    I didn’t even realize until this moment, listening to this talk, how insidious this kind of thing can be as a threat.

  5. Great video, great message, talk about it, share it, keep fighting to end the cycle of abuse any way you can.

    What hits home more than anything was her belief that she was the dominant partner, she was the strong one, she could help him through it.

    Not all abusers are sociopaths, but that doesn’t matter, all that matters is getting out safely.

  6. Brilliant Youtube… depicting exactly the various stages of a psychopath (I also know from first hand experience) – they must all have the same manual…..thanks heaps for spreading the word so perfectly and the message to get out as soon as possible…. There is not enough info or education on identifying people like abusers, bullies, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists etc… how they the predators suck us in and confuse us. I think denial and the point not mentioned their lack of empathy or conscious were the hardest two things to come to terms with.

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