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All sociopaths will at some point or another  display a sense of moral outrage. This is displayed, as fake often over the top outrage about something that they consider very ‘immoral’. This gives the sense and belief to the outsider that the sociopath is a good guy/gal. The audience receives the message of a moralistic person who is honest, and truthful, a good person. Of course, this is just an illusion and the reality is nothing like the act that is now being played on stage.


I often get comments on this site displaying moral outrage from sociopaths. It is a ‘how dare you’ display of rage, that fights for truth and justice. Which is kind of ironic considering they are the most dishonest people  on the planet, and become so twisted in their web of deceit that they do not know what the truth is.  Comments are all over the site, but especially so, on the I LOVE YOU post. Sociopaths hate that post for some reason, so with this in mind, before I generate yet more moral outrage, I agree that yes, you can love, but your definition of love, is really not the same as mine! 🙂

What is the purpose of sociopath moral outrage and what does it achieve?

Sociopaths can display moral outrage about lots of different things

  • Standards of other people
  • Items that are in the news, politics and current affairs
  • Anything that is a sense of ‘injustice’
  • Anything that they can point out to be just ‘morally wrong’

I was with the sociopath in my life for three years. When I first met him, he was full blown, go to town displaying moral outrage. He continued to do this throughout the relationship. Usually when he was displaying moral outrage about whatever, he was also being manipulative and deceitful, and trying to steer attention onto something else. Moral outrage achieves the following for the sociopath:

  • Takes attention from their own actions (deflection)
  • Reflects them in a good or different light to who they really are
  • Makes them appear stronger than they actually are
  • Diversion tactics
  • Attention seeking behaviour
  • Makes you feel that you should also feel this way, and if you don’t then you must be ‘bad’ (another mind control and brain washing technique)
  • Dupers delight and the joy of conning
  • Is part of the mask of disguise

Over the years, I witnessed this moral outrage many many times. Always it was fake. I remember in the early days we were out in  pub  and a young mother was sat on a chair, almost in tears about the actions of her ex, she was upset, staring at her phone talking out loud texting her ex. He looked at her in sympathy and said to me with concerned eyes

It’s terrible how some guys treat women and the impact on the mother and also the children. Makes me sick how men can do this to someone, she doesn’t deserve it

This was in the very early days of our relationship, I was too trusting and blind. Telling me this information was a great deflection technique and I have no doubt that he got great dupers delight from my reaction that he was a great guy. I told myself how lucky I was that I didn’t have a man like that. I shouldn’t laugh about it, but today I can as at that moment in time, the man that I thought was a good honest man, a good father, hardworking, was anything but….. His moral outrage was a perfect ‘cover mask’. The truth is, that at the time he was duping and conning me. He was:

  •  lying about his ex dying of cancer
  • Faking he had a job
  • Stealing from me
  • Faking he was a good father
  • Deliberately presenting a false image and living fully behind the mask

This is all part of the games that sociopaths play. Being without emotion they get bored, and so they get off on duping and conning the victim, misleading, derailing, and psychological abuse. This makes them feel superior, as internally in reality they are very insecure, like the child age that they are stuck at.

Feigning moral outrage, mirrors the behaviour of decent honest people

I would imagine how often that you experienced moral outrage, would really depend on the sociopaths initial assessment of YOU. With me, I was at the time still working with homeless people. I was offering support to women who had experienced stillbirth. I was fighting a legal case – for no other reason than for a sense of justice trying to prevent what was happening to me, happen to someone else.

I was therefore a good candidate for moral outrage rants and outbursts, as he had already assessed me and knew that justice and equality was important to me.

The sociopaths sense of moral outrage is always over the top. You look at them surprised, when these outbursts come, and think why do you care so much?

The  truth is that they don’t care. It’s all part of the game that they play.

The last time that I experienced a moral outrage rant, was after we had split. We were no longer together, and had been split for a while, at least six weeks. I knew that he was already dating, and using online dating sites. Although he thought he was clever and keeping it hidden, I knew and had enough, so I put my own dating profile online. Psychologically it was my way of moving on. Something that I hadn’t done in three years of knowing him. Well, that REALLY KICKED OFF.

Now this is the absolute hypocrisy of the sociopath. They have a sense of one upmanship and do not like it if you do what they are doing. It is quite odd, bizarre and particularly crazy. They like getting one over on you.

He was outraged the day that he saw my profile. After pretending that his friend had seen my profile (he couldn’t admit that he was on there himself) later that day he went to my local pub, told  that I was cheating on him (look at my profile he showed the barman who knew us both when were together – and probably didn’t know we had split). Giving the illusion that the reason we split was because I had cheated on him. The truth already on a the dating site and had been probably for months, he was dating other women…. typical sociopath double standards. He turned up outside my house three times that day. Shouting and yelling

Your’e mine, you belong to me, you slut you whore. I loved you, you cheated on me.

Of course, I was embarrassed. I felt humiliated and degraded. He didn’t care. The final time he showed up shouting and yelling I called the police. I wasn’t going to play his game anymore. But …. well maybe I did, as I removed my profile, and made it hidden.

Sociopaths are takers. They are users. Believe me, when they are feigning moral outrage, be it about world politics, a local sense of injustice, how men treat women – or how women treat men…. believe me, it is all just a distraction and diversion.  It is just another illusion. Yes an illusion. Sociopaths are the masters of illusion. Everything in life is a lie, they are the lie, they fake the lie, become the lie, they even believe their own lies.

Sociopaths are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. You will see them feigning moral outrage about things such as drug use, while banging up as many drugs as they can. Moral outrage about cheating and infidelity, yet be complete womanizers or man eaters. Make comments about peoples poor parenting skills, yet not see their own children for years. When they did see their children play games lie to their children, and then go further to play victim to everyone else, how they are hard done by and cant see their children.

Sociopaths are a league of their own. this is beyond false accusations moral outrage to give persona to the outside world about just how GOOD they are.

Sociopaths, they are in a different field. you have to understand that everything in life IS a game, other people, are audience members on their stage of life. Real normal people display moral outrage about things that they feel passionately about. However the sociopaths moral outrage is rarely genuine and is often just a tool behind the sociopath mask of deception.

Another form of moral outrage, more subliminal – used in the beginning of the new relationship to mould and shape the new victim to do what they want

Moral outrage is a very good tool for the sociopath to use, to get someone to do what they want. This is particularly effective in a new relationship. The new victim, not knowing the whole truth, will be told all of the ‘bad’ things that the previous victim did. Often this is made up, lies, or just a twisted fabrication of the truth. By telling the new victim tales about the ex – they can now get the new victim to do what they want. Examples of this are:

  • My ex was really lazy and didn’t do housework
  • My ex didn’t like sex
  • My ex couldn’t fix things around the house
  • My ex didn’t give me enough attention
  • My ex  was a taker and didn’t pay their way
  • My ex cheated on me with another man or woman

Saying this sets a message in the new victims mind as they are now trapped in the ‘feel good’ factor. The new victim is keen not to be what the ex was, and so complies, stage one of sociopath brain washing has begun.. The new victim has no idea that they are now on their way to becoming the next stepford wife/husband.

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