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The truth about sociopaths and how they lure you back into their web of deceit.

The thing is about sociopaths is that they are very insecure people. Within themselves is a deep insecurity. That they are never ‘quite good enough’ whether that stems from childhood or any other experience within themselves.

Researchers say that there is a part that shows on brain scans that show a lack of empathy. So what if the sociopath desperately wants to change. if they want to be a better person.

Remember that the sociopath will WANT to change for the following reasons

  • Source of supply
  • An easy life (or easier)
  • Monetary gain
  • A sense of achievement (again through money or social status)

Always whilst they might pretend to be altruistic (acting in a selfless way) it is always ‘what is in it for them’

The sociopath always thinks in terms of what they can get. What is in it for them? The sociopath thinks of self first. Whilst playing a very good persona, of pretending that they are ‘helping’ you….. their actions always have their own needs at heart.

Lets face it. In simplest terms the sociopath is selfish.

If you are in the position of thinking the sociopath is being ‘nice’ of changing for you…. realistically the sociopath always has a longer term strategy. For themselves……

…. if you are in the situation and thinking the sociopath will and can change….. try to think ‘why’ why is the sociopath ‘changing’….. remember they are the chameleons…. the illusionists…. who can be whoever they want to be, to get whatever they want to get.

If you object you will likely get

  • I am being a good person
  • I am being so helpful
  • I am doing all that I can
  • I am helping you

The result is that you feel guilty. The truth is that someone who love you ‘unconditionally’ will want no rewards. They will help and be ‘good’ because it is in their nature. The sociopath does NOTHING unless it has their own interests at heart. If they fake that they are looking out for you…. its a lie. Wake up. Wise up. the truth will always set you free 🙂

Check that words match the actions

Do not get lured in  by words alone

Allow a good time to pass before you believe the words to ensure that they are words that are honest and truthful

The truth will always set you free….

Words @datingasociopath.com