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The Psychopath Prayer – Copyright Thomas Sheridan

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The Psychopath Prayer

Copyright Thomas Sheridan from the book ‘Defeated Demons’

Hallowed by thy name.

Protect me this day from detection and background checks.

May my rat-like smirk be hidden and my pupils not dilate, allowing me to woo my targets with pity plays, sob stories about cancer and tales of childhood abuse.

Grant me wild mood swings which happen in an instant.

Help me find new social issues I can align with in order to look good.

As I saunter through the Valley of the Shadow of Fabrication carrying around Carl Sagan books to show how intellectual I am, may search engines be my guide. May the rod and staff of righteous indignation prove my superiority over all.

I shall believe what i think others would like me to believe until I discard all those losers the instant they require something from me in return.

I shall get married and avoid paying rent, have children just to see what it is like, then act like a caring parent until I lose interest in them when people give them attention that should be mine.

I will invent beautiful admirers to flirt with me on social networks have sex with something, anything, everything, to show others how desirable I am.

Leadeth me not unto successful past targets who I act like I don’t exist for no one deserves to be happy without me. Deliver me from red flags for mine is the kingdom over the gullible forever.


I sent this poem to the Sociopath – his response was Sociopath Gold….

You had better stop sending me weird shit like that as it makes it sound like your gonna kill me or something brutal and that’s not right in fact its downright serious thing to send someone. So I suggest you stop sending me things like that thank you.