The Psychopath Prayer – Copyright Thomas Sheridan

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The Psychopath Prayer

Copyright Thomas Sheridan from the book ‘Defeated Demons’

Hallowed by thy name.

Protect me this day from detection and background checks.

May my rat-like smirk be hidden and my pupils not dilate, allowing me to woo my targets with pity plays, sob stories about cancer and tales of childhood abuse.

Grant me wild mood swings which happen in an instant.

Help me find new social issues I can align with in order to look good.

As I saunter through the Valley of the Shadow of Fabrication carrying around Carl Sagan books to show how intellectual I am, may search engines be my guide. May the rod and staff of righteous indignation prove my superiority over all.

I shall believe what i think others would like me to believe until I discard all those losers the instant they require something from me in return.

I shall get married and avoid paying rent, have children just to see what it is like, then act like a caring parent until I lose interest in them when people give them attention that should be mine.

I will invent beautiful admirers to flirt with me on social networks have sex with something, anything, everything, to show others how desirable I am.

Leadeth me not unto successful past targets who I act like I don’t exist for no one deserves to be happy without me. Deliver me from red flags for mine is the kingdom over the gullible forever.


I sent this poem to the Sociopath – his response was Sociopath Gold….

You had better stop sending me weird shit like that as it makes it sound like your gonna kill me or something brutal and that’s not right in fact its downright serious thing to send someone. So I suggest you stop sending me things like that thank you.Β 

35 thoughts on “The Psychopath Prayer – Copyright Thomas Sheridan”

    1. Six years ago a woman married into my family. After I found out what she actually did behind close doors, the comparison between the prayer and that persons past behavior match up 100%. Thank you.
      Later, ej

  1. Fantastic!!! I particularly like the ‘unsuccessful past targets” part. An unsuccessful target for a sociopath means you are a successful human being with warmth, trust, love, ethics and strength

  2. Excellent. When I read “allowing me to woo my targets with pity plays, sob stories about cancer and tales of childhood abuse” I got chills and actually wondered for a sec if you’ve read his blog.

  3. Brilliant πŸ˜‰
    The rat like smirk I remember so well,and how,if I’d have been stronger,would have liked to wipe off his sociopathetic face.πŸ‘
    Unlike most people on here,I left because I know longer loved him,that’s made it easier in some respects. In fact I hate him so much now,and that’s not normally a trait of mine.

  4. Absolutely love it!!!!! Still deal with mine because we work together…I want to hang this on a wall at work…I might do it

  5. I like this but the problem with sending it to the sociopath is that it’s what they want. Negative attention is better than no attention and they love the fact you still think about them and even take the time to send them things. They are best completely ignored, forgotten and treated as though they never existed and are boring. They hate this more than anything. Ignoring them and keeping your focus on yourself and moving forward gives your power back to you.

    1. I agree. He knows about this blog and would see it anyway. We don’t speak. It was sent as a non response after a particular event. He is in full on smear campaign mode.

      1. Stay strong – I have been and continue to be smeared by many a sociopath. Members of my own family – people I was once in close relationship with. It effects me less and less as time goes on and I can that the minions who believe and follow these fools are mostly equally as shallow and empty. 😊

      2. It’s quite a sickening feeling who they really are. I went through a lot with him. Reading back old correspondence I can see him systematically dismantling me taking me apart. It’s pretty sick.

    2. you are so right,my x who I know is a sociopath even told me this.
      He said I don’t care how you respond,if its hateful ,hurtful,nice just as long as you respond bescasue then I know at that minute you are thinking of me.

      1. Wow, he said that? How interesting. They often give themselves away with these types of comments. Thanks for sharing this, so so true.

  6. So today is 4-months no contact and my last life coaching session……I am starting to feel better but not a day goes by that I don’t think of my S….I’ve said it before, he is/was the love of my life, I may not have been his but he was defiantly mine, I am still a lil bit sad because I do miss him so much(good times of course) I wanted to share and experience everything with him…..Today, I do not believe I can or will love anyone again the way I love him…..
    My situation had a little more intensity because I have a young son who fell in love with him too…..I wonder if my S even cares how deeply he hurt my little boy….I can only tell him that he wasn’t who he claimed to be, it was all make believe and that he hurt mommy very deeply…..when my son and I are together we sometimes see a man that looks like him and we both say “oh my God is that —-” my son brings him up more often than I would like but he needs to vent and get it off his chest, I know….Lately, I see a ton of men that look or remind me of my S, the way he combs his hair, the way he wears his baseball cap, how his reading glasses make him looks and how sunglasses look on him, it’s maddening it really is…but my life coach feels it’s the law of attraction and since I am constantly thinking about him I am attracting men that look familiar or have similarities to my S….so I need to come up with different characteristics of men that I might like and make a visual board….hmmmm????
    Another awkward obstacle for me, is that he and some of his family live and work in the same town……eeeehhh so needless to say I try to avoid anywhere that I may run into him or them….so I often have to shop out of town, I suppose the end goal would be to have enough confidence to be able to handle it if I did bump into him his new girlfriend or his family…….Geeez just wish I could get out of town as far away from his as possible……….but I can say that this experience has made me stronger, I’m more aware of myself as a women and I know what my needs and likes are….all my life I’ve worried about everyone else and their needs first now it’s time to focus on me and my needs and what I want…..I like that about me now, now I will never let someone walk on me or take advantage of me again…….and I hope to only get stronger everyday……
    Again thanks to Positiva and all of you if it wasn’t for this site, I would still be in that vicious cycle……..Jeans

    1. Jean I am going to write a post especially for you “when you think the sociopath was the love of your life” how to heal and what you can take from the experience.

      1. Will all due respect and sympathy… I cannot fathom why and how someone can remain “in love” with a sociopath after breaking ties. I wanted to punch mine in the face then expose and humiliate him before everyone he knew.

        I actually told my ex socio-sleaze (3 times) to never contact me again, that I would NEVER respond (and I haven’t) and then I told a friend of his to relay the message, “If you see me on the street I suggest you walk to the other side, to avoid me, lest I break your fucking nose.” And I meant that. Whenever I recall him I still see that nasty, proud, arrogant smirk on his face.

        Jean, would you mind retelling the story of the breakup and how you came to realize that he’s a sociopath? It might help to remind yourself.

        There are millions of men on this planet. He is just one *ONE* within this incredibly tiny point in existence, during an embittered place in time that caused you pain.

        If you had never met him you may have possibly invested that time into someone who would have treated you like the love of HIS life.

        Also, keep in mind… You were only in love with the *idea of who you thought he was* -the illusion he wanted you to see, the mirage you bought into- but you were never in love with the REAL item. That man never existed. He was only in your head.

        I also had to come to terms with that. That I was grieving the illusion, not the true him.

        I’m very sorry that it happened to you as well.

      2. Its trauma bonding. Depends how dominating they are. They are very clever. A sociopath can be incredibly charming and charismatic. Even when you know who they are. They are so good at hiding. You can start to question your own mind and sanity.

        Also, remember that while it is normal for a Sociopath to just switch off feelings, it isn’t normal for someone who isn’t one to do so. Feelings do not have a switch. Once you fall in love with someone, you do. And this is what they play on. Then there is the brain washing, mind control. I know when he left final time, my mind struggled with was he the good guy or the bad guy?

        You are right, they don’t exist they are just a mirror image of you. An empty vessel and the person that you miss once moved on, is now a different person, mirroring someone else. Quite sick really 😦

      3. That’s true. And yes… it’s very sick. I forget about the charm sometimes as
        I still struggle with resenting mine from time to time.

        They truly enjoy putting their victims through a process of making them addicted and emotionally dependent by methodically isolating them. Because they MUST be intensely adored and admired at all times.

        So, leaving them can certainly be like breaking a heroine addiction.

    2. Hey I completely understand because I feel like leaving town after dealing with my S. He seems to only wanna do or come around for his kids when it makes him look good. I used to feel down about myself until I realized my worth and how good of a person I am. After reading this blog I got a lot of insight and closure my S fits every red flag it’s sad I hurt because we have two sons that he doesn’t care about.

  7. Thanks Positiva, I can’t wait to read it πŸ™‚
    Miagataaa, Hahaha, yes I wanted to do more than punch him in the face, unfortunately…my own anger at him and the entire situation scared the hell out of me…..I have written on this site most of what I have lived through and it is unbelievable, unbelievable that there are actually evil, sadistic people in the world posing to be someone they are not so they can manipulate, use and control…….and yes today I feel that I was truly in love, I gave my heart, my soul, my everything, I was addicted, I was addicted to how he made me feel, how beautiful and sexy I felt, he filled that void I was missing, I actually felt good and enjoyed what we shared and miss it, greatly… He was the man I wanted to grow old with…….until the truth every bit and piece of his lies were exposed over a long excruciating 2-1/2 years my heart was literally twisted and pulled and yanked out… the end of it all he told me he loved me and if I wasn’t on such a truth crusade mission we would still be together, he admitted to being sick and also told me he was a liar and would never be able to change that about himself???? What why???? I’ve already exposed everything haven’t I ?? Nope, because the bomb was dropped on me a week later that he had a fiancΓ© that he was hiding from me and she was pregnant……oh wow, nice to know he was still manipulating me, sleeping with me and using me for money and a car……..of course, I ended it immediately and haven’t spoken to him since….I was a complete fool, a total idiot, but that doesn’t change my love that I felt for him, I let him into my heart, I let my guard down and he took advantage of me……now I can see how women who are abused mentally or physically continue to take their men back or don’t press charges because they love them….I was that woman……
    Part of me has mentally checked out, I’m afraid I may never feel that way for a man again, but am working everyday to get healthy……

  8. His response was a classic!!!! They only have one rule….. Treat others like rubbish….. And retaliate…. Then watch them in mega victim mode!!!! 😑

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