The truth will set you free… find your inner child…..

A great video from Katy Perry. If you are recovering from a sociopathic relationship, watch this video…. she woke up. She saw the truth… and she reconnected to the person in the mirror. Found her inner child, and realised that she was whole along. Just as you are!!

9 thoughts on “The truth will set you free… find your inner child…..”

    1. It is, she filmed that after Russell Brand married her. He is from the UK notorious womaniser, drug user, sex addict etc.

      He meets a woman with christian values, for the first time he suddenly changes and gets married? Obvs selling her what she wanted. Of course….. and that was the video she made afterwards. I saw it again today and thought how it relates to what I write on this website, so thought I would put it here.

      1. We, in the UK looked on in horror & amazement when KP married RB. He is, as you say, notorious. I think people ran sweepstakes to see how long the marriage would last. He was in a film I saw a while back called Forgetting Sarah Marshall or something like that. He didn’t act, he was just himself. I felt really embarrassed that he was an ambassador for the UK in a US film. Really cringed.

        There was another incident in the UK when he and another totally obnoctious individual called Jonathan Ross thought it funny, while on a BBC national radio program, to leave obscene messages on actor Andrew Sachs’ answering machine making sexual references to his allegedly promiscous grand-daughter (RB claimed he’d ‘had’ her I seem to remember). In deference to Watergate it was called Sachsgate here (any scandal nowadays seems to have ‘gate’ appended onto the end, well done Tricky-Dicky you managed to add another word to the English language).

        Poor Katy, such a hard lesson to learn like that, she didn’t deserve to learn it that way. It will take her years to recover.

        It seems that the cads & the bastards sem to get the girl. Hopefully we will see a shift back to a world which has some sanity in it before too long. We really must stop worshiping these ‘celebreties’. However the snag with moralizing is that it can lead to repression & a loss of freedom. It has to spring naturally from greater maturity and how you do that is beyond me. Maybe we have to regard people like KP almost like the inevitable casulties of war and help them best we can with love & support.

  1. OMIGOSH< Completely going through this now–what a beautiful, charming, unreal, creepy, confusing (like soc) illustration–of the transition/recovery– timing has been spot on lately–I'm expecting nothing less then miracles, –Soc also mirrored and used my faith-still trying to use it. Thank you again, Positiva

  2. Love this song! It is helping through my recovery. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we have all the qualities to be our best. We had it all along. Stop looking externally for approval and permission to achieve your best. Give yourself the approval and permission. The rest will sort itself out. And trust your intuition, it is your best friend. It will never betray you even though we have betrayed, ignored, stonewalled it. Your intuition is eternally faithful to you.

  3. Still married with 7 kids to one 25 years of he’ll stay for kids welcome death don’t even know if I’m the bio dad but I’m there only dad and hope they never find out other wise god bless everyone

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