How to retain your privacy when accessing Facebook for support


If you use Facebook networking, you will know that if you click a ‘like’ or make a comment, it comes up on your News feed, so that EVERYBODY can see what is happening with you. Personally, I feel that this is an invasion of privacy. It can also stop people from accessing support, for fear that other people can see what you are writing.

This post is to explain how you can post and comment,to any support page or open group on Facebook, without information being linked to your personal account.

For some people this post might not be relevant. Perhaps you don’t use Facebook at all, or perhaps you do not mind your personal information coming up on your news feed for all to see. Personally, as I have experienced ruining and smear campaigns, I like to keep my work separate from my personal life (it is easier that way) why fuel the gossip?

There are different types of support available on Facebook, some are pages, and others are groups. Β This website has a Facebook Page.

Facebook groups are either:

  • Private
  • Closed
  • Open

If you post into a private group, you would need to be added by a manager of the site. Anything that you post into that group is private. It will not come up on your newsfeed, and nobody could see that you were a member. Additionally you wouldn’t be able to find the group either. Even if someone sent you a link to the group, it wouldn’t be found.

In a closed group, you can post comments and like others comments and posts, your comments will NOT be displayed on your news feed. However, anybody could see who is a member of the group from the front page. This means that what you post in a closed group is private, but that others could see that you are a member of that group (should they seek out this information) – this increases the risk that a determined socio could create a false identity and also access the group.

In an open group, anything that you post will come up on your news feed. This is NOT private.

Dating a sociopath page on Facebook

Dating a sociopath has a Facebook page. It is not a group. The reason for this decision, was

  • Ability to shout out for help and send a quick email to a manager of the site (you cannot do this with groups)
  • Accessibility and ability for people to find the page and hopefully then the website, to receive the support from other readers of this site (what great support you do offer) Thank you!! πŸ™‚
  • From a management point of view it is easier to manage
  • While a group – could be made private/closed for security, from my own personal point of view, you wouldn’t know if a sociopath would access that group, and this makes me feel uncomfortable as there is access to so much information about your real life, on Facebook.

WARNING – Commenting on a Facebook page in your own name (or open group) WILL show on your New Feed!

What is on the Facebook Page?Β 

I write different things on the Facebook page. Usually these are short inspired thoughts, as I think of them. Usually these are very short. On the website I write long posts, that give detailed information. On the page, I write short quotes as they come into my head ‘write and send’. Sometimes I also write post card quotes and share inspirational quotes from other pages (I LOVE the Narc-ology Page)

How to retain your privacy when either ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ on either an open group, or Facebook Page

To retain your privacy is fairly simple to achieve. You would need to set up your own Facebook Page. See here for information how to set up a Facebook Page.Β can use both pages and your own account, without logging out and back in.

To swap identity is really easy, and you can easily switch from your own personal Facebook identity to the page identity (which can be whoever, or whatever you want) – for me it is dating a sociopath πŸ™‚

To do so after setting up the page, Β at the very top, on the blue bar you will see the Facebook logo on the left of the blue bar, on the right you will see the following

Your name

Click on the cog and it will say ‘use Facebook as’…. you click how you want to post, either your own identity, or using your Facebook page identity. Doing so will NOT be linked to your own personal account. Anything you like or comment under your own page identity, will NOT come up on your newsfeed.

You do not need to log out or log back in, just click the cog, and change your identity it takes a second to change over whenever you want.

When you do this, you have freedom to use Facebook as you wish to access other support pages or open groups, without your privacy being infringed.

If this sounds complicated – please ask for clarification. πŸ™‚

If you go incognito (or not) please ‘like’ the page πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “How to retain your privacy when accessing Facebook for support”

  1. Is your group a private group on fb? I am considering making RLR a private or closed group, but I don’t want to lock out others who made need the support??

      1. Here is a funny story….4 years ago(,when he was sleeping on x wife number one’s couch,while going through a divorce with x wife number 2) We courted,for a short time,than he slithered his way into my apartment…He had facebook at the time…Ive never had nor do I want it…anyway,I saw his facebook page,and he posted a picture of me on it,and underneath the picture he wrote “Im going to take this one for a ride”….I didn’t know much about facebook,confronted him,and he said his soon to be x wife number 2,got onto his facebook page,and wrote that…so,I called her,left a voicemail stating”please do not talk about me like that” she than texted him immediately and said quite simply YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME….Just recently,I learned,someone else,cannot access someone’s facebook page from a different computer. Or,they have to have their password. CORRECT?

  2. Thank you PositivaGirl! I have liked your Facebook Page already and I was liking some of the posts, but I did not want everyone to see what I was liking.. So, I will take these steps you outlined here! Thanks again!

    1. I am unsure if I have written the post clearly as I can see that some people are having problems New day. If you have a problem doing this following instructions in this post can you let me know?

  3. When you join facebook you are surrounded by people who are functionally brain damaged caused by digital dementia. On top of that people are totally oblivious of the surveillance apparatus that is part of America’s aggressive war on leaks and other efforts to control information. Facebook is part of that.

    1. Omg – this needs to be a bumper sticker! Functional brain damage! So awesome. I am disturbed by Instagram, not to be so far off topic. Young people posting so many photos of themselves? Is this what we have come to?

    2. Hey Hans ,
      You have such a way with words .
      I don’t really care what people on FB like or not like , I will never be on it .
      First time I cought my Soc in a lie was over FB and left a bitter taste in my mouth to this day .
      Pretty soon they may take the word
      Privacy out of the dictionary and we are helping them .
      I agree with you 100%
      Greetings to you

      1. No – lol what’s PATHETIC is when you Google your self and pictures of your ex and his current come up, pic of your ex and wife #2, his kid #1, lol. Not a single one of you! Hahahha. Oh why because you don’t do that ridiculous crap! Lol. I just have to laugh.

      2. I hate the invasion of privacy on the net. I rarely use my real name apart from on my own personal Facebook account. Its such an invasion of privacy. There was a site called gone too soon, for people in grief. I was horrified when a lot later after Maya died, i put in my name, and it came up with photos of us in the hospital etc. I don’t like facebook either for the reasons of privacy.

        That was why I wrote this post. I don’t want to know what people like and what they don’t. What they think.

        And Facebook and alcohol is a DISASTER….

      3. Lol, you know I occasionally drink, I drank more socially before my ex, but watching him drink a 36 pack, (at least a 12 pack daily), the smell, stupidity, and eww everything for 8 years. I am good. I just like a really good glass of wine here and there. But according to mediation, it’s “24oz max a day”, I think it’s a typo must be “24 pack max a day”

      4. My concern with apps Instagram, kik messenger, Snap chat, even FaceBook, if parents do not monitor what their children, or even adults who are technologically challenged, have no clue what they are sharing with the world. Then you have a new host of problems, it’s scares me.

    1. Hi Becky, the best place to tell your story, is in the ‘my story and tell your story’ it is a very long post I think around 1,500 comments the last time I looked… but a lot of readers have this post saved and you will get support and comments if you post your story there. Welcome to the site πŸ™‚

  4. Just changing my contact info. The crap really hit the fan after I started posting here. I guess he didn’t like that I thought that he is a Soc./Narc?

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