18 thoughts on “Mick Philpott – low functioning sociopath, crocodile tears and no conscience”

    1. Did you watch it all. Really sad case, as 6 children died. Yet still he faked tears in front of the cameras.

      I cant work out whether the mother of the children was part of it, or also a brainwashed victim herself. I don’t know. She met him when young after an abusive relationship with a guy who shaved her hair off. He came in as ‘rescuer’ knight in shining armour and she became dependent on him. It stuns me how he could have the nerve to act the way he did after causing that fire that took the lives of 6 of his own children.

      1. I could not even watch it all. Sickening that someone would do that. Pure narcissism. This man controlled and manipulated many. I do believe that these girls were “brainwashed”. Verbal, emotional and psychological abuses can do this to victims and then set the abuser off when they try to get away. No remorse. Do you remember Charles Manson and his followers? Or the Branch Davidian situation in Waco. This is what it reminds me of. Just horrible!! Thanks for sharing!

      2. Hi Secret;

        Strange that you mentioned Charles Manson. I read a few months ago that he is engaged to marry a 25 year old girl, and that old goat is 79 years old! Not to mention a cold-blooded killer! Who, in their right mind, would want to marry a vicious murderer?

        I was young when the Tate-LoBianco murders happened, and I remember the trial, the girls that hung around the courtroom, how they screamed and cried each time they saw him.. yelling “I love you Charlie”…. and now that I think about it, he had that same, cold, and now familiar look in his eyes.

        I guess I’m lucky that my ex was a SP not a psychopath.


      3. Hi Celeste… You are so right. As for as I am concerned, this is a pure example of how Satan uses people. This young lady is obviously not thinking clearly and under some kind of hold on her. Anyone can see that cold, demonic look in his eyes. I was young also and remember the same crazy stuff with people wanting to be around him.. like they were enchanted with him. It’s sickening to think about how this happens.

      4. Hi Secret;

        I was in 8th grade when it all happened. I had the chance to take typing during the summer at the high school and sat across from Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme – she was a senior. This was right before the murders happened, but Lynette was always off in another world. She never communicated, never looked at anyone else……she always seemed to be in a fog and I thought she was using drugs but I remember being completely blown away when I saw her in the news.

        Creepy memories……

      5. WOW… Creepy for sure. From what you described, that is the kind of person that these manipulating and controlling people seek. They give them attention and make them feel wanted and then they submit to the control of these narcissistic people. The broken become more broken… Sad but it happens so often.

  1. Hi Pos;

    I actually saw this a few months ago. Tragic that children end up in the mix.

    I know that my SP could whip up a tear or two when it was needed, but it was always strange how fast he could turn it on/off. Now I know.


  2. Hey Positiva
    Just wondering , are you alright?
    We have not heard from you for a while ( new posts ).
    Please give us a sign as to your well being ! We are worried about you !
    Love & Peace

    1. Hi LB – sorry for the delay in reply. Yes I am ok, I have been on a journey of self discovery and kind of ‘moving in’ to my home that I actually moved into 4 years ago. I know this sounds strange, but have put my books on shelves, and just putting pieces of me back together (or trying). Am sorry I haven’t been around. Sometimes I don’t know what to write about as I don’t want to repeat myself. Or I start to write a post and then scrap it. I also found this app on my phone hayday and got pulled into it!!! Honestly I had quite severe ptsd and was lost in trauma for a very long time, so things are quite a joy to me. Am enjoying finding myself again.

    1. I know she has tried to get out early, but this has been denied. I did wonder if she was in shock after this had happened, every one of her children died. I have lost one, and was in shock. Also denial that it was true and it had happened. Perhaps she wasn’t even acknowledging.

      But – also perhaps I just like to think that this is what was happening and that a mother couldn’t just do this to her children and feel nothing.

      This is him on tv before it happened (if you are not in the UK you should be able to see this) I am in the UK so i cant see it, its been stopped by the Government…. 😦 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1a6KyMTTY0

      or if you are in UK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRzJgyIvhZI

  3. Hey all,

    I am just finally catching up with all of you, can’t sleep. This man is creepy. I didn’t read the article just watched the video, (which I decided I am going to subscribe to Jeremy Kyle on utube). I just read the article. People this is confirmation, NS, DO NOT LOVE THEIR CHILD!! Reminds me of playing Monopoly as a child, who has the best, the most, who can out bluff and barter wins, same concept.

  4. By the way, who left? The wife or the girlfriend? And they were both under the fog of manipulation, I don’t like saying brainwashed, I reserve those words for people who are being held against their will. People who are lead to believe willingly, are not brainwashed, they were lead to believe by a trusted or loved person these were good or smart decisions, by “love”.

  5. Horrible Story. Those poor children. I don’t understand what his being on Benefits has to do with the story. ?

    1. It wasn’t that he was on benefits Derek …. More he used the women to provide the children to provide cash to live. That is how valuable their lives were. I am not saying everyone on benefits is like this.

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