Digital Stalking – How to protect yourself online – From Womens Aid UK


Stalking is a common trait of the sociopath, as they need to have complete control over their partner. I do not recall any time in the relationship when he did not try to stalk me, and track me online. Some of this was based upon paranoia, most of it was based upon the need to control me and isolate me (by accusing me of having affairs with people etc).

Life became complicated, as I had to change all of my passwords. Close down my social networking sites, or at least deactivate. I changed passwords so many times, that i would forget what password I was using.

Often you will only know that you are being stalked when either you are unable to get into your email or social networking as they have changed the password, or more often, when a string of obscenities is yelled at you, for what they have read and taken out of context, with no conscience at all, that they had hacked into your private information. That they have violated you once again, in their mind this is fine and acceptable.

This is the address for the PDF file  Digital stalking a guide to technology risks for victims (scroll to the bottom of the page for PDF download) 

2 thoughts on “Digital Stalking – How to protect yourself online – From Womens Aid UK”

  1. Often the predator will create the smokescreen of “transference.” They’ll try to confuse their victim by accusing them of the very behavior they are guilty of. If they cheated on you, they’ll condemn you for cheating. If they lied, they’ll accuse you of lying. In their mind, a good offense is the best defense. There is no self-limiting conscience that prevents their crazy-making. And they’ll justify their need for oversight or control by projecting their bad behavior on you.

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