Video: The psychopath next door

This video is called The Psychopath Next Door (really good video, keep watching as it moves past corporate psychopaths to psychopaths in relationships) 

This site is specifically for victims of sociopaths/psychopaths. There is a difference between a narcissist and a sociopath. The impact is very different for the victim.

Often victims of sociopaths have no idea that there was anything wrong, or that they had been played or abused, until the horrific truth comes out.

Psychopaths have no conscience (narcissists do). Narcissists do things as they care about nobody but themselves. Psychopaths have nothing to hold them back. They are highly manipulative, charismatic and charming. They don’t look like a freak, or a nut job. In fact, they appear incredibly normal.

What sets the psychopath apart from the rest of society, is the lack of conscience. Being without conscience, they can do things that no normal person would ever consider doing.

Dating someone with another personality disorder, can be abusive, but the abuse is to your face. Psychopaths are incredibly clever, and the abuse (unless narcissistic rage occurs ) is almost always hidden. Behind your back. Smiling to your face, and telling you that they love you, while behind your back a whole different story is happening.

The effect on the victim, can be devastating. Psychopaths can affect ALL areas of your life. Often there is a combination of the relationship ending/coping with the devastation of your life and the truth coming out/ruining and smear campaigns  – all at the same time. Perhaps yesterday or two days ago, everything was NORMAL, AMAZING, then BANG the truth is blown up in your face.

Spread the awareness of socio/psychopathic behaviour. The more we talk, the more we get awareness out there, the less impact they will have.

6 thoughts on “Video: The psychopath next door”

  1. I have to comment on the information and the blogs on this web site. Without this information I believe I would have been destroyed by my predator next door neighbor . I am still maintaining no contact. I anticipate that she will attempt to destroy my livelihood soon as she did my household. I despise her existence. Keep the information coming, I love it.

    1. I know i was involved in a very long legal case, and I have no doubt that there are psychopaths in the legal profession. Unfortunately I came across them there too 😦

      1. They are ruthless, and they just don’t care. They ripped me apart, but the things that they said were just made up. It was really bad. No evidence to back their words, they just cobbled a defence together, I even watched on bare faced lying to the judge. Unbelievable.

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