The sociopath snap shot photo of life, manipulation through social media

whySnapShot.Yesterday I experienced, the ‘Facebook profile photo’ with the new woman. However, I didn’t feel jealous, I thought I wish you weren’t a sociopath and wouldn’t ruin her life too, but likely you will. I felt lucky and relieved. I was finally free.

Sociopaths are the illusionists of the world. To them, life is a stage and everyone else are merely actors on the stage with them, other people are audience members in their theatre of life. Don’t think that the sociopath EVER stops acting!! They don’t. The photo is a ‘stage prop’.. It is a prop that they use to send a message to the outside world. Remember that they are manipulative and deceptive. The other person wouldn’t know that this isn’t ‘real’. To her, this is a declaration of ‘true love’ and ‘commitment’. Perhaps so, but it won’t be commitment in the sense that you and I know commitment. Translate commitment to ‘prisoner’ and you are closer to the truth.

Sociopaths use any stage prop that they can use. I was with the sociopath in my life for just over three years. In that time, he often used social media to get his message across. He would write statuses saying things like ‘having an amazing time with the love of my life’…… and would make sure that he had a photo of ‘us’ as his Facebook profile photo. I knew who he was, and what he was doing, and often his actions, wouldn’t particularly mirror what was happening in reality. We might be fighting, or he might be (likely was) being controlling, or playing games. Sometimes it was good, but always it was important to him to present this image to the outside world, even if this image had no bearing on reality.

The photo on Facebook, is to the sociopath, merely part of the stage prop that they use to make their act more convincing on their stage of life. The new ‘couple happy in love’ photo not only sends a message to the new partner ‘how in love’ they are, additionally it sends a message to other audience members how happy they are, and therefore the crazy psycho one MUST be the ex!  He told me that his last ex was a psycho (she wasn’t he was), he told me that his ex before cheated (she didn’t he did).

Additional to the impact that this photo has, to not only the audience members in the theatre, and the new partner, if he/she is really lucky they get a bonus, and that is to send YOU the real victim a message (on this note, I will say that in our case, I don’t feel like a victim, I was happy to lose him) but I know for many this isn’t the case at all, and indeed in earlier years, it wasn’t for me either.

The photo is part of the seducing stage, it is all part of creating an image, and of forcing the other person into commitment (I am so in love with you, you should trust me, be with me). this is of course very flattering, and the new target has absolutely no idea that in reality she is merely just another prop on the sociopaths stage of life.

What appears to be a loving and supportive relationship, in reality will be a life of being a prisoner, trapped in this theatre, with the sociopath very carefully managing the act on stage. She won’t realise that she is being used, just like everyone in the sociopaths life are used for their own reasons. They do not see anything wrong in this at all. In their mind, they are doing a ‘service’ as they are ‘taking care’ of you. Sociopath taking care, technically means, ownership, a bit like you keep a pet but more advanced, as the sociopath operates a human robot ‘remote control’ to control you and your emotions, creating a true sense of ownership to them.

If this has happened to you, and if you are upset please remember this, YOUR world is about to grow BIGGER and the new targets life is going to grow much smaller. The new target will be trapped in the sociopaths theatre, unaware of the truth and the reality.

You are now free to leave the theatre. You are no longer trapped. Neither are you someone else’s prop for their stage in life. You are free to be you. It might feel harsh, if the sociopath has retained people that were YOUR friends, as their audience members. However, just remember as you walk out onto the streets, that you are now FREE…. the whole world is out there for you. You are free to interact with whomever you want to interact with. You can travel, build careers, build new friendships, even find somebody new. This is something that would be impossible to do with the sociopath, trapped in the theatre with them, your life and world can only become smaller, and micro managed by them.

To all those who are free today – celebrate your freedom and never return to the sociopaths theatre. It doesn’t matter if they have a new leading lady/man….. for they have no freedom, you have the world.

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38 thoughts on “The sociopath snap shot photo of life, manipulation through social media”

  1. Great Post Pos & so so glad you are finally free to be your wonderful creative, expressive, natural YOU 🙂

    I pity the New Lady as, she will be given the whole Sociopathic experience. Life’s a stage but, when the main actor is playing so many roles etc…It really is tiresome & abit boring really besides, the soap opera’s re-runs get so predictable & patterned.
    Gosh, we could write the ending ourselves 😉
    If only the casting couch could talk 😉 lol 😉
    Perhaps someone should hang a sign, ‘WET PAINT’ on him because, you know how hard paint is to remove! Best to just avoid it really.
    Remember it’s Groundhog Day everyday for the Socio but, not us!

    Go forth & conquer Pos, the world is indeed waiting for you to grow bigger & brighter & blaze the trail as usual 🙂 🙂

    Love & Light PR xoxox

  2. So on-the-nose. So true. Thank you for this post. These reminders are healthy. Freedom’s better than being a pawn on the chess board any day, even when it hurts.

  3. Lord, I know this one all too well… The “props” can be through social media, or at the grocery store. The truth is always the truth behind closed doors and away from anyone else. The “love of his life” probably senses that things aren’t “right”, by now, but still smiles for the camera because it’s rude not to. At the end of the game, she’ll (or he) will remember every time there was a smile for the camera, while writhing in agony, inside. Having to force a smile while others are watching, only helps him build his stage and scenario…the scene that he wants onlookers to believe. It’s that which causes the victim of N. Abuse to be the one, who others see as “crazy” or a liar. It’s all been built into the script, by the Narcissist. I’m so glad I’m not there anymore! Thanks for this 🙂

  4. I am in the same situation. After three years of hell for our entire family, my brother’s now ex-sociopath wife has found a new victim. She is posting pictures of her kissing this poor guy on FB – if only he knew what he was getting into. This will likely be her 14th marriage and when she has drained all he has she will move on to another source of supply. As a side note, this blog has been very educational for me over the last 1.5 years and is now a life saver for my brother. Thanks!

  5. Oh how I relate to this! My ex used to post both on his Facebook and sneak my phone and post things from my account (like photos of us, to make it look like I was happy and he was the perfect boyfriend). My friends cottoned on early because they knew it wasn’t my character to be so public or gushy about my private life on FB. Once he posted this photo of me saying he was in the most amazing relationship with the most amazing girl. Another time, late at night while I slept beside him he posted to my wall this over the top statement of love and adoration for me. I swear he did this for the reasons you state and because he got off on my “community”, as he called my friends and family, “liking” his behaviour. He did it for the public cheer and to put on record that he’s a good loving guy. Makes me sick now to think of it.

  6. Hi Positiva! Thank you for another spot on post.
    I wish you a very good mid-spring 🙂 with lots of sunshine!!

  7. I´m so relieved to find this site. I´ve been wondering for months what´s wrong with me..I used to be a confident, happy girl with great family and friends. I´ve met my boyfriend a year ago, it was a whirlwind romance, very intense, even love letters sent in old- fashioned way. I have to say i was smitten. I can´t really say when it went wrong but for months I´ve felt like commiting a suicide. My BF is such a charming perfect gentleman in public that hardly anyone would believe how abusing and controlling he is at home.The really difficult bit is I had agreed to move with him abroad because of his job.( He´s working for an international company in London now.) Although English isn´t my first language I´m quite fluent. But as a foreigner I´m struggling to find a job I used to do, I was a history teacher.
    My BF doesn´t want me to get a job as he is paid really well but now I know it´s his way to keep me isolated. No family, no close friends. Just a man who expects me to obey his orders, who is lying to me and I think even cheats on me.. I don´t understand how I got into this mess. I´ve never dated violent, manipulative men and even as a teenager I didn´t fancy those bad boys. Only couple of days ago when I was accused of being stupid, ungrateful, lazy slut I´ve asked myself the only question. Why are you letting him to do these horrible things to you?!I´ve started to search on internet and this site is kind of relevation for me. Although I´m struggling to accept the fact that I might have a sociopath in my life.

  8. Great post! It’s fascinating to watch my ex psychopath execute his latest play performance. When he was with me, he was Mr. Renaissance, creative man (artist/songwriter). Now, he’s using the new gf for money to invest in property to flip. He posts Facebook photos of them together while he siphons her money. The strategy is so obvious to me. He’s trying to prove his commitment and sincerity, so she doesn’t leave. I think she’s on to him, but he is so crafty and she is so needy, he reeled her back in. I wish I could warn her, but at this phase she’s deep in her self betrayal trying to convince herself that the lie is true. Her friends are probably becoming frustrated with her because she keeps getting sucked back in. Sadly, this quick sand is a trap she has to pull herself out of. It’s sad to see this predictable pattern play out. Psychopaths lack substance, so they need to leach personalities from their victims. They become the person they are with. Also, if you dump a psychopath, s/he will work really hard to get you back. They do this, so they can break up with you on their ruthless terms. They want the control of choosing when and how the relationship ends. Psychopaths are dangerous and physically harming someone, to get what they want, is not beneath them.

    1. I really liked your post, Sia. I find it funny how their personalities change depending on who they are around. With me he liked to dress nice (brand names) and acted like a man’s man (fixed things around the house, worked on the car, watched sports, “loved” the outdoors; camping, fishing, hiking, etc.).

      He has a new girlfriend (the girl he cheated & left me for). It’s been weeks but last time I checked out his Facebook, he seems to have new interests. First off, he looks like hell– I’m not sure he has showered, shaved, or gotten a haircut since we broke up a few months ago. He’s into music now and trying to learn the guitar. Also, his new girlfriend is a stoner, so he spends most of his time smoking weed and talking about legalization.

      I heard all of this from my ex’s SIL: he thinks he’s hit the jackpot with this new girlfriend because she lives in government housing (doesn’t have to pay rent=more money for him), she gets a fairly sizeable child support check, and she claims social security disability (another check).

      You’re right about them being ruthless about trying to win you back, I tried getting rid of him for over a year. The last time we got back together, there was a 3 month break. I was so happy and finally getting my life back: doing great in school, reconnected with an old friend, and gotten a new car. Well, we weren’t back together 3 weeks before he dropped me like a hot potato. He said I “pushed” him away. Ridiculous.

      Like you, I wish I could warn my ex’s new girlfriend. Then I remember how I was warned by one of his exes yet I didn’t believe her. These @&$#*% guys, they always know how to spin a story and alter reality to their fitting.

      1. Great comment, and so true. I remember going to see my ex In his new flat, he was suddenly watching tv programmes that his new housemate watched, his accent had changed too, to fit in to those around him. It is crazy – imagine living your life like that?

  9. Hi Positiva,
    My sociopath ex (who I have a 9 month old with) finally got into a new relationship after months of us getting back together and then breaking up because I kept falling for his lies even after I told myself that I wanted nothing to do with him. I finally figured out what he was and managed to cut off contact while he had no interest in seeing his son until now. He is 22 and dating a girl who is ten years older than him and has two elementary aged boys. He has thrown himself into her world and is now “super dad” and has “become a better person because of her sons” and he is constantly accusing me of keeping our son from him even though I have done no such thing. I know that this relationship cannot possibly last and that she was a huge challenge for him…. but what happens when it ends? He moved in with her after dating for two months and they are going on 6 months. This is a long time for him and I know he must be getting bored. He claims to have changed and become a better person but the monster still explodes every now and then and of course it’s all my fault (I’m crazy, selfish, no one has respect for me, blah blah blah). This reminds me of what he really is because he is playing the part quite well…. but, again, I have the nagging feeling that things are going to end soon with them and he will be relentlessly pursuing me yet again. NC is not possible because of our son and I know that he will always use that as a tool to get to me. Any tips? It’s very hard to get good advice seeing how most people don’t knowlingly deal with sociopaths on a regular basis, much less know how to advise. Thanks!

    1. They always claim to have changed, be a better person, or that recovery is right around the corner. You are probably right if he split with her he would pursue you. It could be a bumpy ride ahead with a child with him, so maybe for now his other relationship is a blessing to you.

  10. Also, I have considered warning her about him and the kind of monster he is (ironically he told me that the last guy she dated put her in the hospital). I know that he is the very last thing she needs in her life, especially with her kids, but I am positive that he has told her all kinds of lies about me and made me out to be a crazy in case I were to get any ideas… that’s exactly how he made all of his other exes out to be to me. I know that if one of them had contacted me I would have told him immediately and thought she was psycho. It’s so hard to sit and watch… his love bombing is like straight magic so I know that she has fallen HARD.

    1. I have lots of posts on here about information the other woman. It’s not adviseable he would be likely to label you as crazy, jealous and also that he is more desireable than he actually is. This plays right into their game that they have already planned for.

  11. Hey PositivaGirl

    I crossed with your blog yesterday and I’m extremely impressed how everything connects. She was doing this too, posting pictures tagging on different places that weren’t true, posting pictures of us showing how amazing the couple is and making sure EVERYONE know I was deep in love with her. She had tagged me on FB with a engagement status…even that I was telling her that was too soon for an engagement (1 year of knowing and 4 months of actual relationship) I didn’t want a fight and accepted that…I got engaged ONLY on facebook.! Everyone asking and I wasn’t sure exactly what to say. She got a way of living temporally with me for 2 weeks that became 2.5 months until I broke up with her…but still loving her. It has been a month and I contacted her last week and she was fine. I saw her 3 times and everytime I cried. The worst part is EVERYTHING matches! She said I was her life and she was doing everything for me, she was able to give everything up just to be with me. And 3 weeks later I saw her holding hands with another guy…she mentioned him 3 hours later when I met her and she said that she is able to do everything for her…She wanted to move in with 1 month of relationship…it was everything she wanted and she took all my time, complained about my work, friends family… but I was the reason of her life. It’s upsetting seeing this. Not sure what I do with the reality. Just want to thank you to show some directions.

    1. Hi Leo, this happened to me too, with the engagement. It happened just 2 months after we met!! He made out to everybody that it was my idea!! Manipulated me into that one!! I know that the reality is painful, but also reality is where you break free. I want you to know that this is not your fault. Neither is this a reflection of you or your self worth, despite being embarrassing. It is just the way that they are.

  12. i’ve already commented on this post but it vanished, i wonder why, i’m writing this comment now again to check whether it be visible to you or not? i hope i’m doing it right 😀 how to leave a comment

  13. sorry positivagirl, it didn’t vanish actually, turns out i commented on another post, instead of this 🙂

  14. As a sociopath all I can say is that the author may be reading too much into the actions on social media. I hate seeing this belief that everything is a mirage. We too are humans, we have regrets and aspirations we just developed a negative coping system. Hate the ones that hurt you, but don’t talk about the rest of us as if we can’t see it.

    1. Well Scott the Sociopath, not quite buying the “negative coping system”…how about U go get some therapy if U really have ANY regrets. Oh, that’s right…U ARE NOT treatable or even encourageable – just like a permanently brain-damaged individual…seems U are simply ‘wired’ that way & just can’t help urselves.
      Don’t kid me (like U kid urself) that you are quite human…u are just emotionless reptiles in human form….obviously didn’t develop as much in the brain dept after ‘coming out of the sea’. But altho’ u miss something in the precortex area of ur brains…u do have frontal lobes u don’t utilise all that well (even if some of u maybe smart)…& ALL of u believe manipulative deception is the only way to ‘cope’….& over-inflated egos that are totally delusional & quite made-up. Unfortunately, ur paranoia of being exposed…has u running most of the time.
      Aspirations???? Please spare me the little ability of ur defective frontal lobes. Aspirations to deceive are not aspirations, at all. Unfortunately, U do know what U are doing & like to get ‘off’ on deceiving & hurting others. Even reptiles aren’t that callous. U often like to do over a heap of people all at once. And ‘love’ u girl…as u say it to all the girls (& possibly boys) at the same time….like a reptile, u don’t know what love is. TRUTH is…u really are lonely self-centred people who bore easily – who think hypersexuality & shock factor is the only way to U can engage urselves with others to get attention. Doesn’t last long tho’…does it, Scot?
      And the more people in society that can learn to recognise u & back away from u, when it comes to trust…the better for everyone. How about…u go screw each other instead….oh, that don’t work either coz u seem to recognise urselves…& don’t quite want to be treated like that either.
      So Scott….HATE U? NO, just go crawl back under a rock where u came from, lizard & stop USING people to try boost ur self ‘made-up’ over-perception of urself, that is seriously lacking.
      What’s that Scot? U don’t CARE…yeah…we know that! So stop preying on people who DO!

      1. Oh, I’ve let it GO….these people are inhumane…sex addicts, sexual predators trying to even view themselves as porn-stars these days – hoping to go to Asia eventually & simply bed them over there….alcohol dependent, often drug dependent too (strangely now wanting help from u to break the problem)….oddly in good high paying responsible jobs BUT some have failed since & continue to make FAKE online profiles – totally insecure. DON’T trust Linked-In – nothing is proven there, esp the photos – but work profiles there can be easily made up!!!!!! Even very old housemates, school or uni colleagues u haven’t seen in some time…thought u could trust once – even those that had befriended ur family too, in the past. Listen to the gut-feeling…watch the REDFLAGS girls! If they are truly into U…they won’t push so fast & their contact will be consistent & NOT just text. And watch the bragging (always there with these ppl from the start)…u actually find it annoying…& it IS – for a reason! And, there’s always “love U”…way too fast.

      2. I can’t pretend to know a person’s pain any more than you can pretend to know the workings of my mind. Someone hurt you, it wasn’t me though.

      3. Well, if it ain’t Scott the Sociopath crawled out from under his rock, to get some sun…I think U are on the wrong site Scotty! I don’t have to pretend knowing the workings of ur mind….U are ALL the SAME! Easy peasy once U’ve experienced the BORING cycle!!!!! And, I’m not hurt Scotty (interesting u say that cos u know that’s what u do ) – not that u’d know about emotions…I became bored to death (something u definitely know about)…so much repetitive talk, bragging, play acting & really nothing. And, seems you guys all have this problem with a ‘sour grape’ attitude. Skipping away Scotty & laughing!
        But from my compassionate side, Scott (not that u’d have ANY idea what that is & like to think it my weakness) – it MUST be a DRAG NOT having emotions – dead & empty inside ALL the time….so envious of people who do & that’s why they attract u. But, if they get a little too happy…then u selfishly need to drag them down to ur level for awhile.
        But really Scotty…do u have to steal their ‘likes’ & try to make them ur own? I suppose u need something to bolster urself up for the next victim.
        It’s sorta like a poor butterfly that gets trapped in a spiderweb…then, out it comes, bounds u up in webbing, before it sucks the goodness out! Well, point is…I can rebuild if I keep AWAY from ppl like u….but, u’ll always be EMPTY & pretending!

  15. I feel so confused. My ex told me that we had to be “secret” because his stepmom (who he’s struggled me many times). He’d tell me he would try to convince her to let him date me but it just resulted in fights He said his mom thought a relationship would be a distrction because college. In the beginning, it looked like he DID try his best….but after the honeymoon phase, it was if he stopped trying. He’d simply text me his side of things at times but other than those times, it was like he was content being secret. We couldn’t post about our relationship on Facebook. He’d be so wishywashy. In the beginning, he said I shouldn’t hold back my college plans for him. Said we could do a LDR (I thought I was going out of state)….however towards the end of our relationship he told me HE was likely going out of state. He still said we could make it. Then later, after not talking to me for almost two months, said he loved me but couldn’t do a LDR. He wouldn’t look for someone else, we could be best friends till the time is right again, he’d miss me, I could keep the phone he gave me (Never said I couldn’t keep the phone. Said he wanted to help me and my family financially). Said he felt bad for hurting me like this. However he still acted like we were a couple. Confusing me! He tried to hang with me (always involved sex) 2 times but never kept his word. First because his mom wanted him to stay and help his grandparents (they were supposedly sick) cause he does a better job than his dad. Second time he apparently got his phone wet. Third time he told me he could sneak in some time with me (he would always say he was so busy). He actually kept his word but said he needed my phone in order to switch from Verizon because our contracts weren’t up. It felt off but I trusted him as usual. Said he’d have to get my phone later because his stepmom wanted to help him switch. Had sex one last time but it still looked like he wanted to hang with me. Said he missed me and loved me. He never implied I wouldn’t get a new phone. Didn’t talk to me for little over 2 months this time before breaking up with me over Facebook again. This time his message felt cold but he said again that he prayed about it and such. Said a relationship would bea distraction. He gets too attached he said. Didn’t know if we could be friends. TOTALLY WENT BACK ON HIS WORD BUT TALKED AS IF HE NEVER BROKE UP WITH ME BEFORE. Sometime after that, he unfriended me and last week, I found out he’s with another girl. It’s confusing me SO much! HOW COULD HE MOVE ON SO QUICKLY? He posted a picture of them together….but he never did with me! And I knew him longer! He said he’s always liked me. It felt like we always had this insane attraction! He told me he loved me on our first date despite us not seeing each other for 6-7 years. Mentioned wanting kids with me too. Why is she not a secret?? Just a different approach with her?? My heart aches and doubts. What if it’ll work out with her?? Will he actually settle down with her like he told me he would with me? Does he actually love her instead? Is he gonna be loyal with her? Has he been loyal with her??

    I feel bad for this new girl. She is falling for him like I did. It’s painful to look at that photo (despite unfriending me the photo is public). They look happy. I feel jealous yet I pity her. I’m upset and hurt by him. He lied, likely cheated a couple times cause he LOVES sex, and wouldn’t communicate with me. Ignored me from time to time. Would act like it never happened save for when he broke up with me. Always blamed it on being busy and that we were a secret. It doesn’t make sense and I hate not understanding stuff. He won’t own up to his behavior. Got really defensive when my friend called him out. (She’s dealt with his shit for a long time. He told her recently he still wants to be friends cause he knows her longer….just wants to use her though) He’s very charismatic. He’s anti-social. Even said so. He’s fooling everyone around him save for me and my friend. I ACTUALLY WOULD’VE NEVER KNOWN THE TRUTH HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR HER. Thanks to her, my mind kniws I deserve better but my heart is struggling. I don’t know how I can trust again. I thought I knew him. He fooled me even when we were friends years ago. I’m trying my best not to excuse and rationalize his crap. My mental health suffered from ignoring my gut and bottling it up. I was afraid to admit I may have landed myself in an unhealthy relationship. I was afraid to hear my friends confirm this so I wouldnt tell them the whole truth. I’d soak up the “good” times as if to convince myself we’re fine! I loved that he wanted to take care of me. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Recovery is harder than I thought. 😦

    1. Don’t be fooled by photos…so easy….TRUST ur gut…it’s telling u what U need & don’t conform to someone SO lacking. Believe me, there ARE BETTER genuine men out there…& make urself worthy without them FIRST. NEVER feel needy…that is what these predators hope to pray on…& get urself out into a ‘target rich environment’ with PRIDE every chance u can. Not everyone will like u (who cares)….u happy in urself, u know u are a good person…that’s damn attractive! So move on with pride!

  16. The guy that I dated declared love immediately, introduced me to people, had told them all about me, said I was special etc.
    Met my kids, totally sucked me in. Then abruptly dumped me with a emotionless text.
    2 mths later he has a new profile pic of him with a much younger lady looking very happy and in love.
    I never got a profile pic. Perhaps they use different tactics with different people. I’m not one for posting selfies of myself, I’m sure he would of studied my profile.
    I have since blocked him now to save myself the agony.
    It’s just surprised me that they have no shame in what they do.
    You would think his friends/family would !

  17. This post is raw truth and describes the core of what goes on. I actually used the exact words – that it was like being on a theater set – to describe the experiences of socio GF to a doctor when I woke up to full reality that everything was lies and went for STD tests after being discarded. I recommend it.
    Pure theater – my socio GF actually used her own 13 year old daughter as prompt for pre rehearsed lines, as preemptive reassurances to my doubts, before she acted. The most extreme case being her daughter apparently randomly telling us over meal a story how her school friend was talking about how she would get pregnant to keep boyfriend, and then socio mum steps in and says, oh no that would be so, so very wrong. Then immediately, and covertly, socio GF started to try and do exactly just that, pregnancy to get control of me and my assets (by any means necessary, lies about using birth control, seduction with drugs to lessen my inhibition etc).
    She repeatedly used her own child as nothing more than a bit part actor in a double act in her manipulations, and of course the child was learning this was acceptable behavior and also constantly observing me to see the effects of the delivered lines and my responses.
    It is kinda obvious putting it together now and quite surreal in hindsight. They do sort of reveal themselves early on in their targeting, via verbal projection (saying exact opposite of what they really mean) and even sort of gloating over you, but of course, you need to be aware of these signs of extreme predatory callousness to escape at that early stage.
    Yeeeuuuchhhh! Strong disinfectant required.

    1. It’s interesting you say that they say the opposite to what they mean. I experienced this just before I was discarded by him, he told me he didn’t just want me for sex, which of course if exactly what he wanted me for. Dumped me a few days after with a excuse that made zero sense via text then low and behold he’s seeing someone else wks later posting himself with her as his new profile picture. I can clearly see him for who he is now. The lovebombing, the way he used his son and family to suck me in. What a jerk. Of course now I discover by the people who openly say they dislike him that he’s a 6wk women/man. Luckily he hasn’t made any further contact with me. We are blessed to be rid of them.

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