Do sociopaths get Karma?

Does it seem unfair, that there are people on this planet, that can walk all over other people, doing what they like, repeating that pattern of behaviour with different people, and yet they seem to be fine, while your own life is falling down. You might ask the question ‘where is their karma’ and feel cheated at the injustice in this life.

Do sociopaths get karma?

I have witnessed twice in my life, where sociopaths got karma. With the last person who was in my life, he had karma, and he knew it was karma too. I need to find the letter that he wrote to me, and I will edit this post and write it in full.

Back in 2012, he had been duping and conning me the whole relationship. Everything, from the time that I met him was a lie. He had left, and I had taken him back, yet again he faked that he had a new job, and would pay me back all of the money he owed. Of course, there was no job, only more fakery, faking and taking. It got me further into debt.

I had taken him back again, only for him to repeat the same behaviour. He wrote me a two page letter on purple note paper. The letter said

How he was going to be a good, responsible man, and how he was going to work hard, and each week he would pay money into my bank account. If he didn’t the letter concluded, he deserved to be out on the streets, homeless, and with nothing and nobody.

His karma came fast, within weeks. Of course the above that was written in the letter was just a lie, and part of the game that he was playing. A few weeks after writing that letter, I was living in hell. He had stolen personal possessions, stolen from my bank, shouting and yelling, despite he had stolen from me, he called police on me! (sociopaths love to use the law to control you). I called the police also, who removed him from my home, called him a parasite. He had, by then burned all of his bridges with everyone, and had nowhere to go. Alone in a different city, he was then, just as his letter had said to me, living on the streets as a homeless person, with nothing and nobody.

He was to stay there for a week or so. Until he was rehoused into a house with addicts and alcoholics. Just as he did to me, they lied stole, created noise nuisance. He was there for a considerable time, probably a year and a half? Living the life that he had created. He often talked about how this was his karma. A miserable existence with little in his life but other liars thieves and addicts. The mighty had fallen.

I witnessed karma with another one too. This person had also significantly damaged my life, only his karma came 8 years later. I didn’t see him for 8 years. I did, by chance, as his life was falling apart. Oddly, all that he did to me, that he hid, and played good guy to the outside world, while I was the bad one, was to be exposed. He met someone else, his actions were made public when he did it to her. His own family was destroyed. Damage he did to my life, was done to him. He also said to me when I saw him 8 years later

I bet you think this is karma?

I said nothing and just stared at him. Of course I thought this. It was this, that enabled me to let go.It wasn’t my fault, his karma was proof…. I both cases I got to see the karma.

Have you seen your sociopath get karma? Do you think that karma exists?

One took two weeks, the other eight years. Both knew what it was. Both knew it was karma, in both cases it hit them hard.

Don’t think about revenge, the universe will deal with them. If it isn’t now, there will be a reason for that. Their karma will come…. not if… but when.

So be warned for sociopaths who read this site. It will catch up with you!!

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  1. I’ve asked this same question a thousand times. Yet have I seen the karma and I’m doubtful I ever will. Although I keep waiting for validation for all the wrong they have done to me and my family I no longer give it much though. Whether her karma comes in this life or after life I have to believe it will come and I must move away from waiting on revenge.
    I do think one day I will open the news paper and see front line news she has finally been busted broke homeless and hopefully imprisoned. I will not glot or cheer but I’m certain my soul will be set free.

      1. Well, I just found out through the rumor mill that last year, Karma and Satan came to snatch ex-narc/psycho and take him back to hell. He had a stroke and a heart attack, 51 years old. Satan grabbed him by the ankles but he kicked him off and stayed here on this side of hell. He now is using a walker, droopy face, and had to retire early.

        I believe Karma gave him everything he said about others back to him in spades; the way he made fun of my handicap child and me and my own illness, (I have alopecia universalis for over 30 years) his inappropriate jokes about my daughter, all the nasty things he’s ever said are now right smack in his face and he has to now wear them daily. When Karma comes, she kicks the goddam door down, that’s for damn sure! 👈✔ Karma does NOT play

      2. I don’t like what he did to you, or your children Bluegal, but I absolutely love how Karma smashed him back. I think that karma can come so hard, that the person absolutely knows what it is about too. Often it is related to the damage done to others. Mother nature is powerful, I believe.

      3. It hurt like hell to know the person I was married to all that time (16 years) really felt that way about me and my children. It’s humiliating. I wanted so bad to lash out, but I kept praying to God to take away my anger and hurt, I did not want that evil residing in my heart. Every time I felt hurt and humiliated thinking of what I found out what he had been saying about myself and kids behind my back, I just prayed until I could stop thinking about it. Then, I found out what happened to him. I trolled his page and he had posted last year he was learning to walk and talk again, but is wheel chair bound. I’m sure that noodle he had been sharing so generously with other women is now out to pasture as well. So, now, his Karma is the culmination of every nasty thing he ever said and done.

    1. I am busted broke imprisoned and close to being homeless, because of a sociopath, but everyone Loves him. It’s sad. Can’t believe people think he’s a great guy as he ruined his wife too but no one sees that.
      They like to just “blame the woman”

  2. Mine actually got karma 10 years after what he did to me the first time (20 years ago). He tried to send me to jail all those years ago on false charges which were dismissed. And then he ended up going to jail himself for something completely unrelated. I was already out of the picture.

    Will he get karma this time around. I believe so. And I don’t need ringside seats.

  3. I agree with ” Me ” . I’m starting to doubt if I will ever see the sociopath that defrauded me and many others ever brought to justice for anything .

    I’ve waited years for Karma to take her out . Nothing

    1. It might take time…… you know Nick, life will sometimes set them up into a false sense of security – then BANG…. karma can sometimes take a long time, but I believe what goes around comes back around, eventually!

      1. What do I do if he won’t stop until he has home. He is homeless and asking to come home and I can’t let him. What should I do ?

  4. Well,I hope mine gets karma,smacking him in the mouth,with something,prefably heavy….😂 just to wipe the smirk and false smile off his stupid face!!!
    Guess I’m in the angry stage… 9 months on from the hell he put me through,especially his mind games!
    I haven’t been on here for a while,since the early days of escaping from him.
    It’s not been easy,as it hasn’t for any of us,but you know what,I woke up one morning…. Dusted myself down,and decided to be positive with a capital P👍.
    I got work,I moved from my sons,rented my own place,and now have served divorce papers. I will not give up,until ive won my battle.
    Yes I question men more,when I meet up for a date,scarred I guess is the word,but not all men are sociopaths,that I now realise.
    There is light at the end of that tunnel,and that’s what keeps me going,plus the fact that I strongly believe karma will find a way eventually.

    1. Yay go you for the Positive, with the Positive P I LOVE LOVE this!! 🙂 I think gaining new employment, can be like a breath of fresh air, giving you a new lease of life. We all need a purpose in life. The sociopath is expert at devaluing whatever you value. It is so good to read that you are refinding the value and love of you again Lynne 🙂

  5. I’ve gotten to see it a couple times now. Once with my cheating ex husband, one chick did a him on him. More recently one of the ex narcopath’s flying monkeys is facing hers. I know that soon enough the ex narcopath and his current (my ex friend) will do it to each other. And I have been gloating. After the last year and a half I deserve to laugh.

    Does experiencing their karma have a lasting, positive effect on them? No. They don’t treat people any better, all they do is hone their predatory skills.

  6. I’m sure karma will come. I’ve been having dreams for more than a year now that him and the new supply will get arrested and I’ll see it in the news, both of them in handcuffs. When I dream it its very surreal bc I know she trafficks roxys and he knows but doesn’t care. I’m pretty sure my dream is astral projection or something bc when I see it its always the same type of event, them getting arrested and me just randomly seeing it on the news

      1. It’s some mix of Oxycodone and some other drug. Prescription pain killers, it’s an opiod. Sorry I’m seeing this so late 😦

  7. Karma May not be evident To The naked eye but if you listen and observe the offender you can sense the empty shell of people they really are. The best revenge is creating a beautiful life away from the sociopath and not worry to much about if karma’s going to get them. It will weather your there to witness it or not.

    1. Seeing the karma unfold didn’t make me feel better. I met the sociopath I dated when I was 49 and he was 58. We dated for a few years. I stayed connected via social media despite the advice of those experienced in these things to cut off all ties. I did this because I wanted to keep an eye on him. When I let down my guard he friends my friends and their friends and he tries to make trouble or mischief or who knows what. Who ever really knows what a sociopaths motivations and intensions are? So…I’ve let him think I’m his casual friend for the past 5 years. He’d moved on to his next victim and was no longer trying to get money and attention from me. I’ve always guessed that this man would end up friendless and homeless. He’s getting older and less attractive so it’s harder for him to establish parasitic relationships. He has a harder time keeping his lies straight so he comes across as less believable and at times nuts. He also has the types of health problems an old man that doesn’t take care of himself gets so he’s gotten cranky and belligerent. He actually had a “job”. For years he was the manager of an apartment complex and got a rent-free apartment plus a small salary. During the time I dated him I noticed that he wasn’t very good at his job. He antagonized tenants and was inefficient. I’ve noticed this week, through social media, that the woman he has been dating is no longer in the picture. He keeps posting “hospital” photos that look more like a rest home. He got into a fight with another former girlfriend on social media and she made it clear that he had lost his job, was evicted and is now penniless and homeless. He’s been using his medical problems (real and made up) to get bounced around from hospital to shelter and back. He tried to sue the employer but lost. I imagine those tenants had a boatload of documentation on him. I hate to see a human being end up homeless (even an evil one). He was born with this mental illness. He didn’t ask for it. I don’t feel bad enough to go help him though. Being involved with these people is like being a fly in a spider web.

  8. Hi, karma means action and the law of karma relates to action and effect ( which takes place over lifetimes). This applies to all appearances – good and bad. I always feel a little concerned when people refer to karma as a form of punishment as there is an unspoken judgement occurring. The abused partner or cancer patient – did they do something to deserve their suffering? No.

    There is no doubt that people who create suffering will experience suffering as a result – their actions prove that they are disturbed. Truly happy people love and embark on kind actions. Unhappy people do not.

    It’s vital that we do not go down the route of malice or wishing others to suffer – I understand we want a sense of justice, we feel we were wronged. But if we go to that place – we are only creating our own future suffering.

    We can choose to carry this experience with us for the rest of our lives – to ruminate, relive the pain daily or fantasise about their fall from grace. ( All of which will disturb our minds further) Or we can let go and be truly happy – we have the power, we have the choice.

    1. Hi sky I love your comment. I think my point in writing this post is to the people who get stuck feeling that they themselves have been punished and also the sense of injustice. I agree that karma can span many lifetimes. When we go back to spirit we agree how we can repay unpaid debts owed. Wallowing in sense of injustice or wanting revenge can keep people stuck. My view is karma will come when it is due and who knows… Perhaps you owed that person karma from a previous lifetime?

  9. They might get Karma, but would they even give a damn? Doubtful. There’s always someone else to use and manipulate or some other game to play.

    1. Yes, I think they do notice Kayjay – and I think it comes when they least expect it. I don’t think you can miss karma when it comes, or where it has come from, as often it is identical to what you have done to someone else.

  10. Well said Positivagirl! I was able to witness karma too. From the first hour I met him, he lied..about EVERYTHING. Anyway, he just showed up at my door (after I left him a fourth time). I did a background check prior, confronted him with the evidence (really living in his REAL house in foreclosure, with TWO older women, FAKED having jobs etc). Turns out he’s homeless, living in his car, no gas, food or phone, jobless as ALWAYS, family disowned him finally, etc. Ya see? He brought this all on himself. There is karma, whether we get to see it or not, it’s on it’s way! I must admit, I’m happy we got to see it! 😂

    1. Yes, there was another time as well with someone else, I almost lost my house because of him. He ended up homeless living in a tent!!! …. I don’t feel guilty for seeing this and feeling happy either, as it isn’t something I have done. We are not responsible for their lives. I don’t care who someone is, karma is harsh – it affects your soul, I think everybody even sociopath or narc will know what it is when they are hit by karma, its the mother of all punishments.

  11. My mother’s ex was a terrible emotional abuser, twisting things around to cause fights and going into silent pouts for weeks on end, it was a terrible time for her and yet she had trouble letting him go because of the times in which he was utterly charming and fun and helpful, and also because she knew that if she cut him loose he would likely end up homeless.

    Eventually she did cut him off though, and a couple of years later he had a partial stroke or series of strokes, we aren’t sure which, and was forced to give up his tiny apartment and go live in a men’s shelter. We would see him downtown or at mall’s around town, and it was clear that he was homeless and had no where else to go.

    The last time I saw him the stench from him was unbearable, and he had fallen as far from the know-it-all hotshot “international consultant” he fancied himself as he could possibly have fallen. He had also become completely incontinent, wetting his pants and seeming not to notice, which contributed to his foul stench. Eventually his family intervened and took him back home with them to a different city, perhaps to put him in a seniors home at the age of 66.

    After all he did to her my mother still maintained a line of communication for the sake of his siblings who were worried about him and would call her for information. Fortunately she never allowed him to move back into her life though. She would even make him save up his stipends so that he would buy the lunch if he wanted to see her. Which he did, having been broken so badly by his own fate and yet even during her last single period he was still hopeful that he would somehow win her back and get back into her wallet and house. No matter how hard life slams them they will NOT learn.

    This was a man who at one time had been extremely smart, outgoing, had a degree in pharmacy, played rugby and later coached and refereed and was active in volunteer circles. He was a keen networker and full of energy and attitude. But his years of living off of my mother’s money while at the same time convincing her of how worthless and stupid she was definitely sealed his fate.

    If karma exists, he absolutely got his. If I didn’t know or remember what a foul person he was to her and to me (when I was around) I would feel more sorry for him than I do.

  12. I wish I could be the karma for my own ex, it pains me a lot to see what he is getting away with in his current relationship. I have proof that he is cheating on her like he did with all the others. People tell me this is not my problem and that if she wanted to “see it” she would. Although I don’t want his wrath on me or his retaliation I do feel guilty for allowing this to happen to someone else. If I saw a woman being beaten, or a woman being raped, would I not intervene? Of course I would! So how is this different, why does everyone tell me to just leave her with this bastard and not show her the truth. Should I really care about how this would “make me look”? We are talking about a woman’s life here and if I know anything it is that he picks good women.

    To be honest I think that if I had moved away to where he couldn’t find me I would have exposed him already but I do have a legitimate concern about him retaliating. Still living in his neighbourhood gives me easy access to this new woman he lives with, but it also gives him access to me and mine, and I really have no idea what he’d do.

    If I try to talk to friends about this I know they are thinking that I’m just jealous or something. I’m not sure it is jealousy as much as it is just purely unfair that he can continue to get away with it while I struggle every day to pick up the pieces of my life. Surely karma should visit this troll sooner than later before he hurts more poor souls? The evidence to expose him has been placed right in my hands, yet I do nothing with it. I’m urged to “let it go”, but that doesn’t feel like the strong thing to do, it feels cowardly.

    Also when people continue to say that if this new woman wanted to know she would see it…what victim blaming! It also completely insults those of us, me, who were caught in the same position. I wasn’t stupid or happy to be lied to, I didn’t gain anything by not seeing what was really going on. I was charmed, duped, lied to, manipulated heavily. These people are pros at what they do, and I only know a tiny spec of what he did while we were together. So no, I don’t buy this line of thinking that she is somehow turning a blind eye to it. She is being blinded, more like. I wish there were a hotline to call, some justice, someone who could take the information, weigh it objectively, and do what needs to be done to stop this man. No such fairy godmother organization exists though.

    1. This is exactly how I feel!
      I know the girl he is in a relationship with now. We have the same circle of friends, of which I introduced him to. He picked her out by design as that is what he used to tell me as to why we started dating. He used me to help further his connections in the music industry. He wants to stay in the same crowd! I can see this and it makes me sick!!
      I want to tell our mural friends everything about how he is and what he did while in our relationship. All the lies, the manipulation s, the deceitful ways he can be. The cheating and deviant behaviors. I know her, she’s a kind, sweet girl too. She’s being used in every sense of the word by him. I too am afraid of retaliation, he is a Scorpio on top of it all and I have witnessed how he can be when called out. Any advice would help ad I dont know what to do!!

      1. Ah I see you are in a different place to me. I dated one just like this (my ex, ex). He was identical and wanted only to further his music career. To build contacts and connections. He would openly tell me this. He said he didn’t care about these people, only what he wanted. he was so delusional, he would say that he wanted to make more money than Bob Geldolf did for Live Aid 🙂 🙂 (seriously) he believed this too.

        My life, I loved music, and knew a lot of people connected to music. He infiltrated this group of friends, and I was ultimately shut out. I had a wider social network than that, so I let it go. The next guy I met was a Sociopath, and he infiltrated that group of friends too, and took them as his own.

        Please go careful, as you reacting and saying the truth, can make you out to be crazy and he will bank on this, and winning.

        Your best bet, is to say nothing but to go about with an air of happiness as if you are happy that you two are not together anymore. As believe me, they can play the game better than you. Hope that he slips up and your happiness NOT being with him, should make statement enough. Otherwise he could easily turn what you are saying against you and use this to his benefit (and likely will) and you could lose your social network at worse, or at best, have your reputation tarnished. I wish I had just ‘been the bigger person’. Ignored him, if you have very close friends that you trust, if they are mutual, you might be able to get them on side. But go careful – as they are really manipulative, and will lie and say whatever they feel like to get what they want.

    2. Trust me don’t,
      first because you deserve happiness, and so you need forget about him and the new girl,
      2nd because I did it, I wanted to save the new girl and it backfired at me, it never ends well no matter how much you try,
      3rd she will figure it out eventually, its her journey and sometimes we can not fix everything or every situation,
      4th trust the universe, everything will unfold one day
      5th no one will understand this urge to tell and help the new girl but us, and I know your intention is pure, but never ends well.
      6th let go, move on, focus on you, life is full of injustice and evil, let the universe do its job and let people learn their own lessons.
      Best of luck, from a girl who feels every word you said x

      1. Great comment, and you are so right. It almost always does backfire on you, as they boomerang the negativity back towards you. Focusing on you, and your life, is always the best thing to do.

  13. My sociopath “mother” is getting a dose of karma from what she did to me six years ago. But my equally sociopathic younger “brother” and ex-friend…I don’t have years or decades to wait for it to hit them. My existence is in the toilet and I can never recover. Oh, but everything’s my fault because I stood up to them.

    Still, at least you got some measure of justice. I’m glad for you.

  14. The problem with karma and psychos is they’ll never see it as such. We will. They won’t. They’ll always blame someone or something for their demise. It’s what they do and who they are. Death is the best karma for them. Or getting to wish them well on their death bed just before a terminal illness takes them. Send them off with a big ole fuck you as they drift off to Satans palace

    1. Nice!! This sums up the way they view karma. Everything is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault when their own bad decisions result in the shambles they live called their own life. The best karma for them actually is watching and waiting for them to self-destruct so that there is one less parasite on earth the world has to be tormented by and thus they are out of your hair, energy, and space and you can be at peace 🙂 with your life. These emotional predators deserve nothing but the sorry life but their sorry selves rewarded themselves and to leave people with a moral compass ALONE. This is the best request from the skies you could ask for…Peace

  15. I don’t know if there’ s Karma or not. It seems to be for some people. Doesn’t explain the misfortunes that visit upon the innocent who have never harmed anyone. Right Job? Otherwise, I must have been a terrible person in another life!

    Psycho Boyi, last time I checked is doing fine, and living a life of leisure and comfort! Nearly 5 years later, I don’t see that Karma even has a nodding acquaintance with him.

    Ditto for others I’ve known who seem to have often sought to force their sick twisted “morality” upon others, and always got their way as far as I can see without any Karma coming back at them!.

    Would love to see Karma visit Psycho Boy, but I’m not gonna fret about it. I’m busy living life to the fullest, and focusing on being the best person I can be. I hope anyway!

    Nice post!

  16. I don’t believe that such a thing as karma exists and here’s why: You see far more good people suffering than those who wrong others to get ahead in life or otherwise seem to deserve it. When a sociopath or like minded person has “karma” happen to them, it’s usually because they made a mistake somewhere or somehow and not because the universe or some hidden force was out to “punish” them.

    Sometimes, if somebody hurts or wrongs you, the best thing to do is to fight fire with fire.

    1. I don’t know Dae, I have seen Karma in full force against a sociopath who ended up street homeless. I also worked with homeless people too, and witnessed a lot in my field of work. Many who had lived a certain life, often off of others, then ended up with nothing or nobody. Don’t be fooled, they are great at making out life is, and they are doing better than is the reality.

  17. I guess sociopath already got their karma since they had ruined almost any relationship they had by lying to everyone. Either it is with their gf, friends, or family. The truth will always come out no matter how. In the end of their life, no one will truly care about them.

  18. When I look at the years of murder and rape by Hitler and his crew, it’s hard to see karma as real. He got an easy out. I just have to reason that what could be worse than being known as THAT level of asshole?

    I can’t describe what happened with my ex in detail because it would be too easy for those close to us (or him) to figure out. My ex left ten years ago. I’ve been content by myself and focused on rebuilding my life. I could be near retirement, but I’m at square one. And I’ve never been this free or this happy. Lately, I couldn’t think of giving up this freedom. It’s not out of fear anymore, but I got to know me. And me prefers everyone living in their own house! I can see whoever I want, whenever I want, go where I want (without interrogation), and do what I want. I wasted my 20s and 30s caring for everyone. I did feel immense guilt for not having a bright, shiny new partner for my kids’ sake. But even my kids say they don’t trust new people. I just try to tell them how to spot when someone is trying to commandeer your life! And how to be a friend. And don’t put your life and goals on hold for others without serious thoughts of the consequences. My biggest worry is seeing NPD or other worrisome traits in one child. I am told most teens are self-centered, so it would be hard to be sure at this stage. I just keep animals around to help with empathy. And I push them to try new things instead of staying in comfort zones.

    My ex seemed life a professional confidence man. He used gaslighting and love bombing as manipulation. I saw through a lot of his maneuvers, many times due to his low (and my high) vocabulary. He would just seem to hesitate just a second too long to find the perfect manipulative phrasing. I’m glad I’ve had enough time away from it to learn the terms for all of the twisted ways they mentally abuse. I’ve been through it with male and female. These are some of the sickest people on earth to be involved with. Vampires. It happens on a large scale in many types of churches too (see Spiritual Abuse and see if you recognize a pattern – it’s fascinating because I think church is where a lot of my self-worth was eroded as a child). I didn’t even know the terms gaslighting or love bombing until I read more about narcissists.

    He lied. He stole for drugs. He stole from kids. He would play mind games to get the focus away from his behavior. He lacked empathy. His only cared about himself and his things. He was invasive and controlling. He was an isolator. He would use everything you confided in him against you. He would tire everyone out with his constant wants and requests and drug binges. He could even manipulate police and judges by saying everything a remorseful person would by the psych book. I wish I could give more details about what happened. Karma isn’t really a word I use. I just say boomerang. When someone is being a jackhole, I just say that’s their boomerang, not mine. My ex now physically is very much like the people he took advantage of. I just can’t give more details (it’s scary what happened, really). My kids are almost adults, so I just want to feel safe until then. After that, we are truly free and can go 100% NO CONTACT. I’m counting down. He lists all the ways that karma got him, physically and financially.

    I knew his parents. They had mental problems as well. It’s the main reason I forgave him (forgiving doesn’t mean it was okay….it means I get to let go of it and be free) He didn’t have much of a chance, but I had bad things happen to me as a kid and I didn’t ruin people’s lives because of it. I don’t hate him. I’m just amazed he would think I’d consider taking him back. This time, I saw all the love bombing and mind games for what it was. I can’t even describe how good it feels to be free. Not lonely. Not deprived. I wish I knew what freedom meant before my 20s. It’s more precious than any material thing people pursue. I get to be me. And my kids have flowered since his departure. Their mental well-being is very important to me since I’ve found narcissists on both sides of the family. If I’d known about this before, I would have adopted and my poor kids wouldn’t even exist! Sometimes you can’t see it with your loved ones because they’ve been there your entire life, saying they do ‘those things’ because they love you! I feel this was my path. If I never learned about all these different types of abuse, I wouldn’t recognize how many wolves were around me at various stages of my life. It made me recognize/understand the people of my childhood. I wouldn’t want to relive my life at all! But all I feel is gratitude for what I’ve learned. And thank goodness for the internet. It’s much faster for learning. When I was a kid, I was reading about Verbal Abuse from the library. Or having to stand in book stores. Now I know I wasn’t the only one being driven crazy by manipulative people. Thanks for letting me vent. Peace for all!

    1. While I don’t enjoy what you have been through or experienced. I really enjoyed reading your comment. Thank you for sharing your story. It is also uplifting to know that someone can rebuild and just be happy in their own space.

    2. I also wanted to respond to your thoughts about Hitler. I don’t know if it is true, I don’t particularly have a religion, but I am spiritual. It is my view, that he will go to a place where he will have to experience all that he did to others. Imagine how long that would take? The pain that would be? I believe that he will pay for his actions, and he will know how he made those people feel.

  19. One thing I did do to my ex narcissistic Girlfriend was…I turned her into the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). For tax fraud and cheating the government. Be cuz I know she did it. I hope they put her in prison,but I know that’s not my decision. But at least she will get hit with a big fat tax bill that she won’t be able to pay. And I feel real good about it.

    1. I did the same thing to my ex. He continued to defraud the New York State tax agency after being kicked out of the county for years. Reported him for insurance fraud as well. I know he’s s broke ass bitch now worse than ever. Although he continues to fake it

  20. I do not believe in karma. Consequence of action, maybe, however that’s much more avoidable, unfortunately. The world and life itself is unfair; sometimes you’ve got to just bite your knuckles and deal with whatever hand you’ve been given.

    It makes me frown a little more each time I see false hope of any kind. It’s sad that we should need such an obvious lie to hide the truth from ourselves.

  21. I didn’t used to believe in Karma, but I think my sociopathic sister, after the turmoil she has caused in our family, may have been struck by the Karma Bus last year. She came down with a case of shingles that is so severe it paralyzed half of her face and she has constant pain, dizziness and fatigue ever since. That was almost a year ago and she is still suffering! Her mouth and eye on one side look like they’re sliding off her face! This can and often is a permanent condition. That is pretty bad news for someone that thinks she is really “cute” at the age of 60! I can’t say as I feel bad for her – I think she is getting only what she deserves. The way I look at it, at least now she can’t talk out of both sides of her mouth!!

    1. The thing about karma and psycho/socios is they never see anything that goes wrong for them as paying a karmic debt. They disassociate karma and replace it with a way of getting supply. They use their pity poor as me status to their advantage. They don’t make the connection. However, if you help them make the connection by pointing out how lopsided her face is because she’s a pathological liar, that may help her see it but beware that can also cause narc injury and thus create a reason for them to go after you. They always find s way to project their bullshit back onto you

  22. The hard thing is this, im hurting like hell through what mine has done to me, but as a caring person by nature will i take pleasure if my now ex sociopath say ends up in prison or kills himself with the daily heroin addiction has,  No I dont think i would would feel happy this is the trouble being involved with these people there is no happy outcombe for them or there victims either i dont think, the only outcome id wish is for him to be fixed but since, this is not possible I cannot think of any good karma perhaps one day somebody kind and genuine coming into my life.

  23. I hope the team of people who bullied me out of my last job get Karma. The girl who physically beat me up and the crossing guard who said it was all my fault and she was the on attacking me! (43 folks and this is still happening). Time for these peeps to learn what they did wrong to me. Cause i’m sick of getting fucked.

  24. I genuinely believe they’ll get the big karma,that’s coming to them one day!!!!
    I’ve always been a person who forgives,up until now… I’ll never forgive him… Ever!!!
    So come on karma,can you move a tad quicker please!!!😊

  25. Absolutely! You can see karma in action everyday with borderlines, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. Turn on Discovery’s ID channel. Just about every person on there falls under the category of Cluster B personality disorder. Our prisons are filled with these types of people. A lot of them end up alone, miserable or even dead by their own hand. Trust me, even if they don’t get caught or it seems like nothing bad ever happens to them they are living their own karma everyday. Karma is not some outside force that rewards or punishes people. Karma comes from within. They’re like the walking dead, lonely and empty inside. That’s what drives their behavior. Think about it… The way that they make you feel is the way they feel constantly but for them it’s much worse. The difference between us and them is that we can walk away from the nonsense. For them there is no place to run, no place to hide. That is their karma. Send them away with love and pray for them because that is your karma.

    1. Love love love love love this comment!! Because it is the absolute irrefutable down right truth. Narcs live their karma every damn day. And we all need to learn how to see it that way. For example: what do narcs do when they’re running short of supply?? Think about the anxiety that causes them when the realization hits that there’s no one there for them to suck on or take from. That’s some perpetual shitty way to live. Now think about them living like that for extended periods of time. They will go nuts!! That’s their karma and it’ll always suck to be them

      1. I’m still waiting..2 years down the line!!!!
        Now taking him to court,on a lengthy legal battle ,and guess what… He now feigns yet another terminal illness!!!!😤 This must be the 3rd one…
        Seeing he told me I was thick,amongst other numerous things,throughout our 15 years together,maybe now,he’s seeing I’m not giving up on what’s rightfully mine…
        And you know what,I’ll fight it until justice and karma are served👍

  26. My psychopath lives in Charlotte, where all the protests and looting and destruction started a few months after we broke up. Not sure if it was karma or not, but i sent him an email saying i hope hes enjoying it lol!

    1. I damn well hope so!!! I’m not one to feel vengeful, but since leaving my SP, over 2 years ago, he has made my life utter hell!!! His game playing has no bounds… Yes I’m bl**dy angry, he’s even feigning a second terminal illness!!
      Hopefully one day, he’ll get what’s long overdue 😡

  27. I did see karma of a sense. And it kind of made me see what the end for most spaths will be. When i was a teenager I worked at a night club and got used and abused by an spath bartender there. I didn’t realize what he was at the time. But I saw how he treated women. Lived off of them. Had several relationships going. He was tall and handsome and charming. Women ate him up. He used them for money, places to stay, rides, sex……..

    25 years later, i looked him up on fb and he’s still up to his old tricks. But he’s not anywhere near as successful anymore. He’s OLD. His looks and health have dissipated and he just looks and acts pitiful. He also doesn’t really have the grasp of using social media and thought posting to fb was private to the people he was trying to reach. So many posts to women he had been trying to get in with who saw what he was right away and would have nothing to do with them. Trying to appeal to them to get back with him because he was sick (lies) and ever the victim (you broke up with me without even giving me a chance! Liked they OWED it to him to try and make it work.) Even contacting their children and asking their children to speak to their mothers on his behalf.

    He’s living in some rural town, poor, living in a hovel because he spent his lifetime living off women. He never was responsible for himself. But when you get to a certain age, its not like shooting fish in a barrel any longer. It’s harder and harder for him to find easy marks to live off of. He has no friends and his family had written him off way back when I knew him because he was such a user.

    I see this too to some degree with the spath I just got away from. True, nothing terrible has befallen him. But I know one thing. He’ll never be happy. He’ll always be miserable. He could never find happiness in anything and that’s what he tries to suck out of his victims. Their happiness. He’s also getting older. And losing his looks. And he’s not having as much success with finding women to torment. His victim pool is drying up. Twenty year old girls don’t want anything to do with a 50 year old man whose shoulders and getting stooped and whose hair is almost completely gray. That frustrates him. I could see it when i was with him, how the young girls always caught his eye and he’d try to be charming with them and they’d laugh at his advances and call him “old man”. That made him very angry. This younger generation wasn’t taught to “be nice” to creeps.

    THAT’S his unhappy ending. He’s getting older, he isn’t having an easy time finding victims anymore, and he can’t experience happiness. I found THREE of his old gf’s and found out he tries to hoover them every once and a while. None of them bite. None of them respond anymore. And I’m done with it completely. Not even thinking slightly of breaking NC. I find him completely repulsive. We’ve all moved on. This is making him even more miserable. He lost control over all of us and no one even responds back to his “How’s it going?” emails.

  28. Escaping from a Sociopath is never easy,as I’ve said on this page several times….they up their control even more,because they think they can!
    A few months into leaving my ex,he was diagnosed with prostate cancer,but even then he had to make it sound a whole lot worse than it actually was! The person who took him to the doctors in Spain,where we were living said,it was treatable.
    After I started legal proceedings,he used his illness to try and get everything,but I wasn’t having any of it,it was about fighting for what was legally mine…the bottom line…2 years and 3 court hearings later,the judge had had enough of him trying to stall the British justice system,so I won basically.
    Ironically just before the final hearing he told me he had 10-20 days to live,which was yet another lie designed for me to feel sorry for him.
    A year to the date of the last hearing,he committed suicide in Spain!
    Whether that’s Karma I don’t know.
    I’m not a nasty person,and I would never have wished him dead,and all I felt was a numbness in hearing that!
    In my mind,I personally feel, I beat a sociopath and he wasn’t happy about it.
    A close friend,said Id proved him a liar,and he’d never get over that.
    Whether it was Karma I really don’t know😐

      1. I’m doing ok thanks. Still get flashbacks,but I’m realistic about that.
        We have to be strong don’t we. Hope you’re ok and doing well 🙂

  29. Spaths do get karma, that’s for sure, because I witness it in my divorce my ex wife got turn up side down in are custody battle her lies were exposed and she couldn’t help her self from lying to the judge, they will break under pressure because they know there being exposed by someone outside there circle and can see right threw them . I been married for 9 years and I was fine at frist but as time went on I started noticing there is something wrong with her she was so cold with no emotions , wasn’t really a mother to her children at all basically when they turn about three they were on there own I was living in Such denial people were telling me there is something wrong with her I guess they seen threw her but I was just blinded and had to keep providing for my family but as time when on i lost all the love . all I can say they are very cold people They have no feelings with anyone not even there kids they will fuck with your mind so bad they are like the devil walking the earth ! , I’m been divorced now for a few years and as time went on I always wondered what was wrong with her , ?? depression or midlife crises wasn’t sure , and Just recently I came across and article about sociopath oh my god! then I googled it and did more research on it I was married to one of those! and I started thinking back way back in our relationship then everything made sense them stories you here are true everything about them I lived it , but do think you can’t fuck with them because you can once you see threw them they hate when they don’t get there way or can’t get in your head they will try , just don’t give them the satisfaction what so ever, less contact and be short of words with them and don’t tell them none of your business , they will try to open up to with fabricated lies and half truths so that you will open up to them again , Don’t do it !! if you have no ties with them kind of people get them out of your life !! I’m just stuck with one because she is mother of my kids and it makes me sick because she don’t give a shit about these kids and that scares me , and what hurts me also is the kids will never understand what a real moms love is that’s the sad part . But my life is better with out her around thank god.. and these people won’t have nothing in life but material things that gets old and tarnished over time they get from there victims they are losier they can’t cope in society they have to jump for one person to the next until they find a weak victim who had some kind of mental illness that they know they control .

    1. You are so spot on Ray,in all you’ve said.
      I guess we’re all brainwashed in a sociopaths treatment of us,we just don’t see it.
      Others noticed my ex’s behaviour before me,and it took me almost 14 years plus to suddenly wake up to the abuse, similar again to you and your ex.
      It was when I stood back from it all,I could see exactly what others saw.
      My ex literally lied about his whole life to me,in the end I contacted his 2nd ex wife and she to.d me everything. Some lies were so bizarre!
      He’d lied about why he didn’t speak to his two sons.
      They have no empathy for anyone but themselves.
      It took a 2 year legal battle to get what was rightfully mine,by that point the judge was so fed up with him,she granted my divorce there and then,threatened him with prison if he didn’t adhere to what she’d said.
      Then a year to the day of last hearing he committed suicide in Spain where he was living!
      I’m sure sociopaths are desperately unhappy deep down.
      Hopefully Ray you’ve been able to go forward with your life,as I have.
      All the best.

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