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A male victims story of a female sociopath!

female sociopath

Josephs story of being targeted by a female sociopath

When i think about our 2 weeks of talking via social network before meeting i realize all the questions were profiling me. When I first met with this woman she was perfect, I mean everything she said and did made me realize how did I live my life without her. She made me feel as though I pulled her life out of the dumps and made a safe, secure & stable life for her and her children. I knew i was a Man but That made me feel even more like a man.

She tried to get me to move in within the first 3 weeks of us first meeting in person. I kept saying no, and when she finally asked me why I told her I don’t play house and I wont move in with anyone until I am ready to get married. Then she bought a ring … gave it to me and said no rush Joseph, when ever your ready I just want you to know I am ready to be your wife this was 2 months in. I thought about this for a week and could find NO reason not to go through with it because she was all I ever wanted. after 3 months of being engaged we finally found the “perfect” house to raise our “perfect” family This was November 2013.

The first month was magical, breakfast everyday before work, dinner on the table when I got home from work, laundry done every day and folded. She didn’t work that first month at all and kept saying how she loved just being home and not having to have to work. I paid for everything. Towards the middle of Dec.. we had the talk about How she needed to get back to work soon so we could have a “non struggling & happy” home situation with all the bills/rent being paid. That’s when I started to see things change.

Towards the middle of December. She started to turn the charm back on and I didn’t understand why such the flip, everything was good but it was like “honeymoon stage” all over again. re boosted my energy and I was all in again. That’s when she asked me to link my personal bank acct, I said no, she asked to let me do my taxes ..I said no, then I told her all my savings was gone on Jan 1st. ( I lied but I was starting to get weird feelings about the situation)

So from mid of Dec. to Jan 1st. (2 weeks) she started pulling away, wouldn’t come to bed, on her ipad all night. Claiming she was having major stomach issues, female issues. so I felt sympathetic for her and was hoping it would all get better soon. I paid Jan’s rent on Saturday Jan 4th.

She had it planned that when I went to work on Jan 6th they were going to move my stuff out to a storage unit that she rented on Jan 2nd. before I paid rent. I Was sick that day and she lied and told me she called off work to spend the day with me because I was sick. I was so happy feeling things were turning around, then Tuesday was exactly the same more happiness and things seemed like they were turning around. Cuddling at bedtime .. everything was perfect. I woke up to go to work on Wednesday, kissed her on the head and told her I loved her, she grabbed my hand and kissed it and said she loved me to and see me soon. Wed. I had to stay at my parents house by work because of the weather, she called that night before bed telling me that she loved, missed me and couldn’t wait to see me Thursday. Thursday after noon she text me, while im at work telling me it was over and she had moved my stuff out to a storage unit. That she was done and I was getting a certified letter explaining everything.

She wouldn’t respond to my calls, texts anything that day. I got the letter Thursday just as she said, the reasons were lies, and made me feel bad about myself. She took extra effort to make me die inside. Then all contact was gone. I spoke with her 1 time telling her I was shutting off all the utilities if soon to protect myself. She assured me that she was putting them & the lease in her name that she could afford them easily by herself, then she told me to stop contacting her because no one liked me, cared or wanted to ever hear from me.

I was devastated. I found out she had another man at the end of December, he helped her move my stuff out, and opened a hair salon with all the equipment needed and now she is enjoying that. 3 guys she has done this to before found out what happened and they have been a tremendous help in this. Sorry for the long story but your article has helped so much in understanding. I am slowly healing, dealing with the memories and trying to get myself back. Thank you once again.

I wanted to raise Joseph’s comment as a separate post, as it does prove, that the only difference between a male and female sociopath, is society, and gender expectations (as written in the post female sociopath). 

With Joseph’s permission, I have put this as a post. As this story does highlight how sociopaths follow an identical pattern of behaviour, regardless of gender. 

What are your thoughts?

picture: www.smh.com.au