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High and low functioning sociopaths and the mask of deception

Some work, some choose you as their career option!

Whilst a character trait of all sociopaths is parsidical lifestyle. Some do go to work, and hold down jobs, often very powerful jobs.

Low functioning sociopath

The low functioning sociopath, is what i often discuss on this site. They are the ones who are the provincial con man, they operate one to one. Often using love to fraud someone in a relationship. They are natural predators. When meeting someone –

  • They immediately assess you. How likely are you to fall for the con? They ask you questions to try to test you. To see what your reaction will be.
  • Trial information back to you, to see how you respond

If you are seen as a good victim, the sociopath will then move on to using information gained in the assessment stage to seduce you, to lure you in, to build trust. Which is false, as it is based upon lies.

You will not be aware of the lies that are told in the beginning.

Lack of conscience

The sociopath has a lack of conscience. No remorse, guilt or shame for their actions. Because of this, they can easily lie to you. Can stare right into your face and lie. if you look closely there are the signs that this person is lying, but you quickly put these thoughts to the back of your mind.

Deceptive mask

The sociopath will, when he first meets you, be unsure who to be. He will not know what mask to wear until he knows what he needs to be, to capture you. To do this he needs information about you. He will work hard to find out as much information about you, as quickly as he can.

Capturing is a good word. As this is what he does. Luring you into his web of deceit. Where so many lies are told, that he begins to partially believe his own lies. Not knowing the difference between truth and fiction.

In the sociopaths mind they go  into character. Of who they need to be. The last person that i was with, had lived in 3 different geographical locations. Each place had a different accent. I found looking back, that when spinning lies, he was moving himself into character. This is why his accent changed. In his mind he was in character. Because psychologically he was in character, his vocal accent changed. This was to make his persona more believable. When his accent changed, was when he put on a new mask, and was almost believing himself the lies that he told. His persona, and his body language changed, as did his accent.

The low functioning sociopath has little regard for morals, right or wrong, keeping to the law. They always feel that they are above the law. They get pleasure from conning, and duping people. They enjoy putting on a new mask and being a different person. It is by telling lies, and actions that are deliberately set up, to manipulate and deceive, that the victim will believe that they are with someone who is wonderful, kind, caring, and someone who they can build a future with. The sociopath just sees you as somebody who they can use, for whatever it is that they want (whilst at the same time, lying through their teeth to tell you that you are the love of their life).

They have a lack of ability to make future plans. Living very much in the moment. They do not think of potential future outcome of behaviour, and that of course they will eventually get caught. They enjoy using somebody for as long as they can. Low functioning sociopaths can cause a lot of damage to a persons life. You are literally prey, prey that they will use, and live off.

Damage that can done by the sociopath mask of deception

  • Lack of self esteem/psychological damage
  • Financial damage
  • Damage to your own networks, family, friends
  • Damage to your employment
  • Threat of losing your home

In fact, damage to any area of your life, where you have a life, and the sociopath has none. A sociopath will mirror you, and live off of your life force. As the sociopath plays the victim so very well, you are lured into feeling sorry for him. This mask of vulnerability is just an act. A sociopath can turn on the tears, and go into full dramatic mode. Simply to con and deceive. Will be sobbing, and wiping his face as if there were tears. But there will be none.

See this video of Mick Philpott – sociopath who called his press conference after his 6 children died in a house fire, that he was responsible for setting, to get back his ex who had left (he was living with two women at the same time), he wanted to frame her, and get her children back. It backfired and sadly all of the children died in the fire. This is him, fake acting, fake tears. Its all an act to deceive.


Not caring that he has caused all his childrens death. He brazenly fakes tears, when there are no tears. Will use a tissue and sniff. Sociopaths will great lengths to deceive. They will do this to your face.

Parasitic lifestyle

The sociopath thinks that he or she is above having to work for a living and pay for themselves. A sociopath can be attracted to someone who is a single parent, who has a home and income from the state, someone who has a lot of money and is bragging about what they want. If they do not have what they want, they find some way to take it. The sociopath does not think about your needs, your rights or your welfare, or that taking from you, will lead you to go without. The sociopath enjoys conning, scamming and stealing. Because the sociopath has no guilt, feels no sense of remorse or shame, they can do this blatantly to your face, whilst telling you that they ‘love you’. If you are ever in doubt, when you hear the sociopath say the words ‘I love you’, change the words to ‘I am using you’.

The high functioning sociopath

high functioning sociopath

The high functioning sociopath, is intelligent, and does work. However whilst the low functioning sociopath can cause damage one to one, the high functioning sociopath can cause damage to millions.

A good example of a high functioning sociopath, is a world leader, someone who works in politics (I am not saying that all politicians are psychopaths or sociopaths, but certainly some are). You will witness the high functioning politician do the following:

  • Lying (about policies and political spin)
  • Deflection of blame
  • Need to go to war, when there is no real need for it (war on terror)
  • Feeding false information to cause fear and control
  • Showing a total lack of empathy, in the guise of (for the greater good)
  • High personal expenses at the expense of the tax payer
  • Shifting the blame (its always someone else’s fault, last Government or some other factor)
  • Never answering a question in a direct way
  • Using others to achieve their own personal goals

Have you ever watched a politician be asked a direct question, and yet answer the question without really answering the question at all?

The low functioning sociopath does exactly the same. Other examples, are

Jimmy Savile, High functioning Charismatic Sociopath – who hid behind his celebrity status to abuse young girls. This is a great video with Louis Theroux



Other cases:

Another high functioning sociopath

All sociopaths are deceptive, dishonest and compulsive pathological liars. They put on a mask of deception to achieve their own agenda. Having little feeling, they get a rush of endorphines, by  conning, duping, and deceiving.

The last case is extreme, it is rare for somebody to kill, most don’t kill, but they can suck the life out of your life, and cause complete destruction, resulting in a life that looks like it has been in a car crash.

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