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Sociopath victim mentality


The one thing that a sociopath is good at is playing victim. When you first meet the sociopath they will tell you stories, about how horrific their ex was.You will not know it, but often the sociopath will accuse the ex of what they were guilty of doing themselves. If the sociopath cheated, he will tell you that she did. He will tell you that his ex was a psycho and how difficult it was.

Whatever lies you are fed, the sociopath will be sure to ensure that he paints himself in a good light and the victim in the story. He is great at turning on the waterworks and giving a good sob story. You will be made to feel, just how much the sociopath trusts you, with this painful information. How special you are that they have chosen you to confide this information. You will be manipulated to think ‘I wouldn’t treat you in this way‘. The sociopath can use this to test how giving you are, how caring you are and how easily he can manipulate and control you.

Often, displaying this victim mentality is exactly what throws people off of the scent of detecting that their partner is a sociopath. The sociopath can display weakness,and fragility whilst also appearing to be so kind and caring. Do not be deceived. The sociopath will always tell you exactly what they think you need to hear.

Yiou will hear great tales of how awful his childhood was. All of this is designed for you to pity him, for it is natural human behaviour for us to want to take care of someone that is needy. And this is what the sociopath plays on. And he plays this role well.

A sociopath is extremely intelligent. He is clever, and creative, and without the burden of conscience, he can weave lies, saying whatever he feels like, to deceive and manipulate whoever is his latest victim.

You will be left with the feeling that the sociopath has had a raw deal. You will be manipulated into thinking that you are special to this person, that you wouldn’t do these things, you wouldn’t cheat, you wouldn’t behave in that way, you will treat him better. This is all part of the manipulation, designed to lure you in and control you.

By opening up and disclosing personal information (which you do not realise are lies), it creates a sense of intimacy. What it also does, is create an environment where you will disclose personal information about yourself. Whilst the sociopaths stories of being a victim are false, the ones that you will tell him, will be true. The sociopath now has a list of your weaknesses, this is information that he can now use to control you, and later it is information that he will destroy you with.

When the relationship comes to an end. You will be amazed, that despite all the sociopath has done to you, he still plays victim. Only this time, he would have found a new source of supply to play victim to, to lure in. This time the person that he was a victim of is you. Lies are now told about you, all designed to portray you the real victim in a bad light, and the sociopath in a good one. This enables the sociopath to lure in new victims, to gain support for his actions against you. The sociopath will also tell these tales to people that you know, so that you becom isolated from support.

When the lies unravel, you will learn that most of what he said to you, whilst relaying his victims tales, was as fictional as a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

You will learn, that the sociopath was never a victim. He was the maker of his own chaos. He will go on to create further chaos in others lives, just as he has created chaos in all of his previous victims lives. You were the last victim, but there will be plenty more in the future.

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