Sociopath dupers delight and the joy of conning someone

One thing that a sociopath feels is ‘dupers delight’. A sociopath doesn’t feel too many emotions. He does experience, anger, narcisstic rage, jealousy, paranoia, if it’s a feeling. But he don’t actually feel real feelings like other people feel. Its kind of an empty space. Sociopaths need to fake emotions to blend in. A sociopath can spend a lot of effort and time, saying the right words, to fake emotions and to blend in with the people around them.


Without true depth of emotions and feeling, sociopaths struggle with boredom and ways to get excitement. One way that they can get a rush is by manipulation, deceit, and deliberately conning someone. Sociopaths are opportunists. The rush that they feel when they are conning someone who they feel is more stupid, and can’t see through their lies.

When found out, they do not feel bad for hurting you and they do not feel remorse or shame. Instead they feel a rush of endorphins, which for a sociopath is described as dupers delight. The sociopath will never admit to the lie. The lie is their friend, and their mask of protection and deception.

The high that sociopaths get from lying can be addictive. They can become addicted to experiencing the rush of endorphins. And so, they repeat this behaviour again, and again. It is more difficult for the sociopath to tell the truth, than it is to tell a lie.

This is one of the reasons why sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated. They cannot change, because they feel empty inside and they become addicted to the rush of adrenaline that they feel by conning someone. To them, it is your own fault for being so stupid, and so gullible, and if you take them back, they will only do the same thing over again, thinking you must be even more stupid than they thought you were originally.

The sociopath will make empty false promises, reassuring you that they will change and that they have changed. But these are merely just words. A sociopath lives on words. Unfortunately, there is rarely any correlation between words and actions.

The sociopath takes great joy, in conning, manipulating, deceiving. He enjoys abusing your sense of ‘trust’. He knows that your thinking process is that everybody can be trusted. The sociopath knows that this is not true. He thinks that your sense of trust, and belief in everyone is stupid, and your niavete is therfore for the taking, and whatever else he can get out of you. The more that the sociopath gets away with this behaviour, the happier he is, and the bigger the con, the greater the dupers delight he experiences.

The sociopath thinks that he is superior to you, more clever than you, and that he has the ability to be something that you cannot. In some senses this is true. However, this is rarely a good thing. If you catch the sociopath with that little wry smile, be careful, he might be getting an adrenaline rush and dupers delight from conning.

The sick perverse high from conning

Sociopaths love to dupe and con you, but additionally will get a perverse rush from

a) Putting this in your face

b) Falsely accusing you of what they have done, watching you squirm, and protest your innocence

Doing this gives an adrenaline rush, it fills the empty space of BOREDOM in their lives. Examples of this, from my own experience.

The person that I was with, when we split, I didn’t know that he was with someone else and they were still together. We went to a festival together, and had a neck clasp to hang the festival info on. He was still with his girlfriend, and had disappeared for the weekend with me. Later, we didn’t see each other, and they were together. He continued to wear this neck clasp, in front of his girlfriend. She didn’t know but he did.

Looking back at old chat correspondences with him, in the early days, when I was naïve and ‘in love’, he would often say to me, at around 1.20am …. ‘ah see you are on skype, naughty girl, who have you been talking to, naked talking?’ I was stunned that he would say this, and tell him, how obviously my skype was left on, as I had been talking to my mum earlier. What he was really saying to me, was that HE was talking to others on Skype middle of the night, getting attention. Of course at the time, this wasn’t something that even occurred to me.

The last year that we were together, he was with somebody else, but kept this secret and hidden. He enjoyed the game of playing two women. I am fairly sure, that he would send the same text to both women, and see who would give him the best response (who would be most likely to give him what he wanted).

Sociopaths have a duality of nature, their brain operates using both sides of the brain. They are not held back or inhibited by emotions. Rather, they thrive off of somebody who is ‘in love’ therefore ‘dumb’ to them. A person who is ‘in love’ will turn a blind eye to their behaviour, will not WANT to see the truth, as the truth will hurt them.

Sociopaths are expert at telling you what you want to hear. Which keeps you calm, keeps you numb, and offers you the false illusion that everything is ok.

Another example of something that he did, which is probably the sickest thing that he ever did, was when he had stolen a lot of money from my bank. At the time, I had no idea that he had stolen money. He told me, that he had to attend to his daughter, whose mother was dying in hospital. This of course was all a lie. He had stolen my money, a lot of it numerous cash withdrawals over a period of time. I was devastated and blind. He came back, for a week. He told me he had gone to get some money, and had sold some belongings. He told me, that he would treat me like a princess for a week, and show me just how much I meant to him. During that week, he was indeed generous. I was really happy, it was the first time he had paid a penny since I met him. He was keen for me not to pay, If I said I was going to the bank, he would say ‘no no’…. at the end of the week, he packed his things and left. Calling the police on me, and accusing me of being a stalker….. I was devastated, I went to the shop and used my card for the first time. There was no money he had emptied my bank account. I still wasn’t aware of the truth. I wouldn’t be until a few days later, when his ex girlfriend, and his ex housemate, had contacted me. His ex housemate warned me to check my bank account, as he was a thief. It was with disbelief, and I wanted to be sick, as I realised the money he had been ‘treating’ me with, the meals that we had eaten, were paid for, by money from my own bank account.

This is the reality of the person behind the mask, and their sick, depraved mind games that they play. They don’t feel too much, but they almost certainly get a sense of dupers delight, and a joy of conning their victim, and this feeling is amplified, if they do this right in front of your face.

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3 thoughts on “Sociopath dupers delight and the joy of conning someone”

  1. Very illuminating post. This is why sociopaths can’t stand rejection. They see interactions as a game and if conning makes them feel great then being rejected or conned makes them feel worthless. They go crazy at the end of the relationship because they are constructing a win-win scenario in their minds. If you ignore them and continue the no-contact they will think in their minds that they are the one that dumped you. If you come back to them they are onto you about being onto them and they can ditch you when the time is right and on their terms.

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