Video: Defence against the Psychopath

Probably one of the best videos I have watched on the subject. Really worth watching.

14 thoughts on “Video: Defence against the Psychopath”

  1. I think is was a very clear picture of the traits that these people carry. Unfortunatley its hard to understand that there are people like this unless you get an upfront seat and by then you are already in their web. Once you break out of such a relationship its much easier to spot them and stay clear. They are all the same and different at the same time.
    The luring in is the same but different. The devaluing is the same but different. No two sociopaths are exactly the same but once you see it, feel it and know it YOU begin to see the patterns are the same (but different) lol. Those that have been trapped more than once know what im saying.

  2. You know whats funny? Many people use the term psychopath when they are referring to a friend or someone who has an emotional outburst or a moment of craziness – when in fact an actually psychopath doesn’t outwardly act crazy at all – because they are not crazy – they are morally bankrupt but not crazy – the average person has no clue what a psychopath really is – thats why this site is extremely important to have – to educate the others. thank you for providing it

    1. I found he acted incredibly normal. Apart from when he went to the dark side. I will never forget his face, when he went there. His face would change, his eyes would go black. Colour from his face would empty. A happy charismatic soul, who would have so much anger. Another one I met was passive aggressive. he stonewalled and did it so well, he could sit still without even blinking. There was nothing going on in there.

  3. Probably one of the best videos I have watched on Psychopathy. I watched the whole vid, even though it was long it went by fast. The video is very simple, and helpful for the educational standpoint. The take home message is trust your gut. If someone feels “weird” go with your gut and do not accept a con or a person that makes you feel uncomfortable with their behavior.

  4. mine hid it from me for 3 years….Although to be honest i had turned into such i meat puppet she had me decorating and building on remote control.Looking back now i was just a yes man and did whatever she wanted without questioning it

  5. I need help. I don’t know if you’re the right people to come to but you speak a lot of relationships with sociopaths and I had hoped maybe someone somewhere would have some helpful advice.

    My partner and I are both sociopathic. That is to say, we both don’t have the capacity to feel empathy. We’ve both been working really hard to fix our innate personality issues caused by our condition. However, there’s only so much you can do when you don’t have the assistance of therapy because, well, therapy doesn’t work for people like us.
    Our biggest issue is anger. We get extremely impulsive and violent towards each other. Mostly it’s just verbal. Every now and again, it escalates. They’ll put my head through a wall. I’ll choke them as hard as I physically can. They’ll hold me down and scream right in my ears. I’ll retort by attempting to gauge their eyeballs out. When one of us is too injured/worn out, the words continue. The name calling. The manipulation. All our work towards bettering ourselves as people turns to shit and we’re left at square one, both too stubborn to apologise to each other, convinced for the moment that we honestly don’t care about each other.

    It doesn’t matter what these fights start about. It never matters. It could be that I forgot to do the dishes, or that they turned my computer off. It always becomes so much bigger than it is.

    I don’t want to end this relationship; nor do they. We make each other happy, as hard as it might be for you to believe. I just want us to be able to remember that when things are going downhill.

    Again, really not sure if this is the appropriate place to be asking this. If you feel I am violating any terms you may hold about comments on your site feel free to delete this. Good day.

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