Do sociopaths ever go away – for good – forever?

Did anyone meet a sociopath who went away for ever?


As some of you might know I was recently sick in the hospital..i was pretty I’ll. 

I put a message on the Facebook page to say that I wasn’t well and wouldn’t be posting or responding to emails/comments. 

Within what must have been less than 24 maybe 12 hours…. I had a voicemail message from sociopath.

Now this is bearing in mind we hadn’t spoken or seen each other since 2015. 

His voicemail was of the tone of someone stood by the side of a grave waiting for the coffin to go down… I almost expected him to burst into tears. It was that tone. Similar to the one where he was clutching the picture of his daughter in a frame, distressed that she was about to become half orphan (only she wasn’t that was a lie) … this is what it reminded me of.

He said he would have come to the hospital but was scared he would end up getting arrested by police for stalking.

Which was kind of funny as I had feared once I had the voicemail realising he now knew my house was empty… what if I hadn’t locked up and he robbed my house? I had called police and asked if they were in my area could they please check house was locked..

I don’t think sociopaths ever go away. Even when they are being quiet. I don’t know how he has the time to…

A) focus on his new target
B) stalk exes accounts (not just mine)
C) do what else he needs to do

Where do sociopaths get the time? I barely have enough time to keep up with my own life… let alone monitor everyone else.

He says it is because he ‘cares’ about me. We all know sociopaths care about one person ‘themselves’… if he cared it was because it was in his interest to care.

Anyway…. I did see him for a coffee when I came out from hospital. He was back to pathological lying and hiding.  Said he was out of my city for 3 to 6 months. 

I thought that this probably means is he is living with another unsuspecting victim. Will need to save up enough money… could take 3 or 6 months.

I thought how he did the same to me. It then annoyed me how I was back trying to undo the pieces of the puzzle and work out what he was up to. Why the he’ll did I find his psycho behaviour so intriguing anyway?

My mum had heard his voicemail while I was in the hospital. Said “oh that is nice”…

I reminded my mum that his voicemail was obviously in front of someone else as it contained key sentences like

-we split up a long time ago
-I know we are not together
-I know we have separate lives

Etc etc… sentences he repeatedly stressed, which wasn’t for my benefit, I was sick in hospital, total performance. Sociopaths are actors and will use any situation to their own benefit -if they can.

Sicknesses and hospitals are perfect as it pulls on the targets heart strings and sense of care and is of course perfect time to test how far they can go…

I don’t think they ever go away but I really do wonder where they  get the time?

All is quiet now. … for now..i know he will pop back up. At some point… he always does.

Did anyone meet a sociopath who went away for ever?

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298 thoughts on “Do sociopaths ever go away – for good – forever?”

  1. Hey Ladies…. No, I didn’t feel like you demeaned my experiences with my ex. It’s baffled me a little also that he’s not a typical sociopath BUT make no mistake he’s disordered. As I said he has all the character traits with the exception of violence and the destroying thing… He knows that I’m hurting because he broke it off and is ignoring me. As you’ve stated they all are a little different in certain ways.

      1. @Positivagirl he wasn’t! I loved , genuinely cared about him and treated him wonderfully… He was too dumb and messed up to appreciate it.

    1. I agree. Ex narc(I don’t like the phrase “mine” bc to me it sends that energy out to the universe I want him so I say ex narc) was exactly the same way. IF he was violent, it’s covert, “stabbing tires, rigging sugar in your gas tank, sending knives to your home no name attached, pouring gasoline around your home and not lighting the match) that sort of thing but never confrontational. So I empathize with your situation CindyT as it sounds a lot like ex narc I dealt with

      1. Gurl?!? Are you kidding me? Just 2 weeks ago the lug nuts on my suv mysteriously went missing and I almost had an accident. The entire rear wheel assembly had to be replaced bc it broke off. I went out for a late night snack at a convenience store and didn’t notice it bc it was dark out. Like 1:30 am. My car started wobbling and getting really loud so I pulled over, all the lug nuts were off on that one tire only. The others were snug and tight.

        positivgirl, I really don’t think anyone can imagine that I’d still be going through this 4 years after the fact. I swear to god, this is the craziest most bizarre experience I’ve EVER had in my entire 53 years of life! But the more I observe so much around me, the clearer things get. It gets so freaking A crystal clear its scary. Covert narcs are so dangerous I think many underestimate their prowess. They make the kind of crazy that makes victims look crazy and them look like the boy next door. I find dealing with them in a way to make them expose themselves is to maintain a strong level of calm and no response.

        At all. It’s like they invert on themselves and all the posturing they do starts to look like a bag of crap to those around them.

        I’ve always said if you starve a narc of supply it’s like pouring water on the wicked witch of the west.

        Once they lose it with all their antics( which I factually keep records of) then it’s easier to fight them in court and get them locked up. The covert ones will lose their mind in jail. And jail is where they belong but rarely go bc it’s hard to stack the deck against little Opie of Mayberry

      2. I think that the one you are describing is more than a Narc blue, try socio or psychopath, they have energy of the devil to keep going and going. This is why ‘no contact’ isn’t enough all the time with them. That sounds like not only hell, but also so scary, you must be so on edge Blue. Do you have a lot of support? I know that I lived so on edge, as I was constantly waiting for the next thing to happen. I think that you are right, a lot of sociopaths have written here, and to me, saying that going to jail was the worst thing, as it is so boring, and not enough people to play. I really feel for you, that sounds like hell, did you say that he was keeping this up for 4 years now?

      3. It’s been on and off like this for the last 4 years. And truthfully, yes and I know he’s a psychopath, I just use narc for short. I believe he’s been diagnosed at LEAST 3 times that I’m aware of, including through the marriage counselor we saw over 10 years agreed he has an “anger” problem. And yes it’s been a living hell. He’s not that great looking and his come on game sucks so him getting supply I know is hard for him. He “pays” for supply through favors, loaning money or credit he barely has, hanging around you constantly that sort of thing. So I know he’s hovering bc he’s lacking or got dumped by his last supply who I believe is a narc too, who likes to live vicariously through her grown daughter, who’s s model, meanwhile this woman looks like Shaquille Oneal in drag. She swears her daughter and her look like twins, she will screw anything that moves, pretend she’s high society meanwhile unemployed and has been living in her mothers basement since she was 23 years and never left.

        She and ex narc were old HS friends, at discard he claimed he had a HS bond with her that can never be broken, and had to leave me for her. So I kicked him out with what he had in his back and cut ties completely. That was the final straw in 2012. Divorce was final February 2015. I never looked back but constantly looking over my shoulder.

      4. Haha, when you write it like that, you can see just how pathetic it is. That they have to be doing these ridiculous extraordinary acts to punish you, or get one up on you – pathetic ..

      5. That is scary Bluegal…… making you live in constant fear of what he would do next. Did he ever get charged for doing this? Or was he not caught?

    2. I feel as if im the only male on here, but so far they sound all so similar. the descriptions of even the tiniest of details are unbelievable. i even missed the symptoms of a person with a damaged brain.

      1. Dont worry mate, I am another male victim of a covert sociopath. I am still going through it. Hope you have healed well by now.

      2. Same here. Got out after 4 1/2 years. It was brutal but this site helped immensely. Keep no contact!!

  2. See… The one I was with didn’t do any of that. I guess maybe he’s a highly functional spath. He pathologically lies, cheats, uses people, manipulate, never accepts that anything is his fault, doesn’t really care about anyone, arrogant, financially irresponsible, etc. We were only together for 9 months, maybe I’ve just never seen that side of him.

    1. I was married to ex narc for 13 years, with him for 15 years. I realized the longer you’re with them, the deeper and more destructive the damage they do. They dig themselves and you into a deeper hole the longer you stay with them.

      I applaud anyone who gets out within a year. I saw all the same signs as you did but made excuses for Opie as if he were an adult child. I feel like an asshole for letting it go on so long. But now that I’ve booted him out of my life with absolutely no contact, and I went absolute cold turkey and it killed me to do it, but I knew what I finally knew and I couldn’t break that deal to me or my daughter for our own protection.

      It’s just crazy to this day it still goes on and he can’t stand that he lost

      1. I took him back, gosh…. it was easier than the ‘hell’ of a life he was creating for me. They do serious damage to your psychology that you don’t know until they finally DO go away. I found that for a long time afterwards, I couldn’t switch off that he wasn’t coming back. That he wouldn’t be shouting and yelling outside of the house. I was so used to the crazy stuff happening, it almost felt safer (at the time) to know what he was up to. You are not an asshole Bluegal, they are very clever with what they do. They break you down, piece by piece, isolate you from others, and your life spirals down worse and worse the longer they are around. The longer they are around, the more you lose. I remember just in the beginning, I felt like I was constantly replacing, what he had taken or stolen. Constantly trying to patch things or make things right. He was doing it all deliberately. They are like a very bad virus, that spread and infect every part of your life.

    1. I cannot tell a lie. (I forgot if that was Lincoln or Washington well who cares) if she wasnt a bad looking woman i would truly say so but, in this case i cant. I just cant. Because it woukdnt be true. But ive seen her selfies and as Jake from State Farms wife said, shes hideous

      1. Haha you are funny Blue!! 🙂 I know its not a laughing matter what you have been through, sounds like hell. But – at least you can laugh at the pathetic loser, as really if he is doing that to you, and STILL doing it four years later – I mean, come on, that IS pathetic!! 🙂 really!! 🙂

      2. @Bluegal…. Girl… I’m on the way to work and I’m dying laughing!!! Lol!!! 😂😂😂😂!!! This is how I get thru this most days LAUGHTER!!! Thank you so much!!!
        P.S.: from what I’ve seen I’m the best looking that he’s had… But we know they will use anyone even if they’re not that attractive. He was in awe of me. But they were probably really nice women who didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

  3. Christ can someone tell me am I with a sociopath?..two women he had behind my back,went on holidays with them..endless dating sites,constant lies,borrowing money…though he was kind paying for holidays..5 years I have been with him..last two no women but I can’t touch his phone nor be on his Facebook because he says I contacted the women he was seeing when it was none of my business??anyway last week he dumped me because I found a second fb account where he had blocked me to contact a woman who blocked him,a woman he met on holidays who lives in another country..everything is my fault,he says I cause all our problems,I accept no responsibility for doing it..he has been violent..he says fb is none of my business….am I the problem because he has been trying to be faithful

    1. The women he was seeing and that was ‘none of your business’…. 🙂 …. Oh and then he dumps you, because he has a SECRET FB account, where he is contacting women? Oh, and everything is all your fault…. of course. It is always your fault and never his? He is the one lying, cheating, behaving in this way, and it is YOUR fault? No of course facebook is none of your business, it isn’t your business to find out if he is lying, cheating, deceiving and behaving like a deceptive sociopathic…. dog. I cant say what he is Michelle, but I can say that his behaviour certainly shows similarities!

      1. I actually now believe in the problem I should just stay quiet..he dumps me then txt’s to see am I ok followed by oh we are not back to this again when I ask him his need to contact a woman he met on holidays on a plane and why did he block me,again its none of my business..he says I ruined everything and I caused the break because of my problem with fb,I’m just jealous of a pretty girl..I just want the loyalty I give there and he never notices me..I get weeks of silent treatment…I should respect his private space and his needs for holidays at my wits end yet love and adore him…he dumped me for his lie and betrayl

      2. It’s all a game Michelle you will wear yourself out with it 😦 you know he isn’t going to change. He gets bored and can’t help but play the game with however many people.

  4. Today is the 1 year anniversary that I had to go to the hospital for anidepressants. They gave me them and sent me home. I was so depressed and not eating I got down to 95 lbs. Anyhow, now a year later I am so much better and April will be 1 year since I deleted my email account.
    Reading all these posts makes me think how if I was still on fb or still had that mail I bet he would still try contacting me here and there. I really went off the grid, extreme. My dog has an instagram account but nobody would guess that.
    These disordered ones are all the same. I have to pass his block often but I don’t look. He probably moved. Good luck to all of you all of us. It is a real struggle with ourselves ones we rid of them. I did alot of self therapy this year. Hugs to youguys!!!!!!!

    1. Thank God you just said that weight!
      Not sure how tall you are but I’m 5’4″ and 92 pounds.
      From 100 pounds (already underweight) 5 weeks ago!
      I’m SO ashamed~~~

  5. And thank you Positiva girl. Your site has benn one of my sources of the therapy!!!!!!
    Big Thanks to you!

  6. I can tell you, they do go away by other means – death. The sociopath it’s a touch of narcassist hanged himself after digging his own hole in this world he couldn’t get out of. It was the only way I finally felt free from him years of torment and abuse. In fact, he even remarried and convinced the new wife that I was the sociopath! Between lawsuits and legal proceedings, police involvement and no contact orders, it finally ended with his unfortunate death. Please keep in mine I find it awful for anyone, even a sociopath, to suicide. But finally I AM FREE!

      1. I do!! Its not like rejoicing the death of a human. Who in the hell cares about the death of an sbuser?? CD much going in? If my ex psychopath died tomorrow I’d VOLUNTEER to DJ at the funeral!

      2. Nice try sugar 🙂 you dream of the day an empath becomes like you. Will never happen. Ever!! Now go click your heels and repeat after me so you can go back home. “There’s no place like hell. That’s where my home is”

      3. Ladies!! Please…. We all are entitled to our on opinions and feelings, there is no need for name calling and nastiness. We come here for positive reinforcement and support. Please try to stay positive.

      4. I feel I should have the right to defend myself against a narc. She admitted she was and expects sympathy from me after calling me a bitch for my opinion. All I’m saying is I have a right to defend myself. She threw it at me, I threw it back. My opinion. Healing and SUPPORT is what we are here for imo, not CD for a self proclaimed narcissist which this person says she is.

  7. I was only rude after she said we aren’t human. I think that extremely rude although I’m used to this kind of insult. “Sociopath sin bin?” A bin of sinful stories? I checked it out. No stories there. Maybe that’s because sociopaths don’t feel that their stories are sinful. We don’t need to “confess our sins” to people who condemn us. I’m a masochist but only in the bedroom. I have to confess, however, I was genuinely shocked at how freely people here admit to rejoicing in the death of one of my kind. I thought you claimed the moral high-ground.

  8. Who cares what your bedroom tastes are, and it is relevant how?
    I think death is unfortunately the only escape for some people when even after splitting up you are subjected to a campaign of terror and stalking.
    I would never wish anyone dead but I can sure empathise with the telief one may feel when finally free from a terror campaign.

    1. Thank you so much Sadie!! I love this response as I share this opinion very much. But again I’ll say it, if my ex narc died, I have absolutely no empathy for him. At all. I’d welcome it after all the crap he put me through and STILL does to this day.

      Narcs are relentless petty kids masked as adults and can’t stand not getting attention OR their way once you dump them. 4 years later, my ex narc is still sabotaging my car, emailing me graphics, hacking my social media accounts, I mean the smell of desperation is so damn thick you need a chain saw to cut through it with them.

      Clearly “her” looking for “pity” as a sociopath by explaining its only reserved to the bedroom just shows she’s looking for a pass on her behavior and looking for “supply” from victims of people like her. How ass backwards is that?? Or how typical?? It’s just another weird diversion pulled out of the Narcology Course book 101 to gain attention from an obviously boredom lifestyle that can’t be fulfilled anywhere else but here online.

      When I say I truly could care less what happens to deep dark empty souls like a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist, I mean it. It’s pointless to give any care or empathy to a “thing” that could never receive it. My emotional care and empathy is best served to those who survived the carnage of these ridiculous fools, and healing myself from the psychological damage inflicted upon me without my awareness.

      1. Where do I start? Bluegal, I am not “a self-proclaimed narcissist.” I’m a self-proclaimed psychopath. What are you defending yourself against, Bluegal? Being called a “bitch?” I’m the one who is being attacked right and left. But no, I’m not looking for pity for being a masochist. Why would I need it? I was merely explaining why I don’t want to go into a “confessional.” But I see this is all over your head so don’t bother trying to understand. I just think it’s rather ludicrous to rejoice at someone’s death when you are trying to pose as the righteous victim. Calling all of us non-human is a lot worse than anything I said to you. And, yes, everyone knows the danger of becoming what you hate. It looks like this is happening here, regardless of how loudly you call yourselves empaths. So, Bluegal, I suggest you re-read all the nasty things you said about me and see if they apply to you.

      2. There’s a big difference between nasty and the truth. So may I suggest to you to reread as well as rethink your purpose for posting here. I’ll wait. Not

      3. ‘all the nasty things you said about me’….. oh that sentence sounds so familiar. But you didn’t goad her into it? Always the victim. Why do you need to come here to say your piece anyway?

      4. She’s here because it’s spring psychopath stock up time. Psychopath nut jobs troll survivor blogs the way normal people go to Costco or Sams Club. When supply is down, it’s time to stock up. You know, for savings

      5. Nowve666, you make me giggle.
        You say you’re a sociopath. You say you’re a masochist, even have written about how you feel chuffed that people are “obsessed” with “your kind”. How you enjoy being “friends” with others “like you” (James, also a joke) and you can use eachother and neither of you care.
        Poking and laughing at victims of abuse, Some abuse worse than others but abuse is subjective…you are here on a site dedicated to them that you obviously spend a lot of time on (yet, they are “obsessed”? *laughs*) and you being offended makes me giggle. It really does. Not because I’m a bitch and not because I don’t see you as human but because you are a complete joke.

        Then you come here saying how you’d never share with those who condemn you, call people vile names because you’re offended.
        “Boo-hoo no one cares about me or sees me as worthy so why should I share with them! I’d rather make fun of them instead and feed off of their misery with my good friend James…who I also use and he uses me and I love it that neither of us cares!”

        You’re not offended. You’re playing games and having a good time and you won’t share, because you are incapable of it not because you are condemned. You are simply incapable of sharing in the same way others here do. That’s all.

        Sociopaths are indeed humans and deserve to live and die naturally like the rest of us but they don’t realistically deserve empathy when victims of their direct abuse are relieved when they do die away.
        It is in no way lowering standards or hateful or becoming like you to have that sense of relief. In fact it is caring and understanding of the MANY affected by the ONE sociopath who finally dies away.

        When you die, I’m sure there will be some relief from someone you’ve affected and I’m also sure that same person will be deeply conflicted with feeling also that it was too bad for you that you lived a life without being able to experience true love and respect (and remorse and compassion) which I bet is what most of us wish the most for you. I bet that most of us wish you could be helped and feel the same beautiful (sometimes painful) love for others that we do and that you will be able to be surrounded with love in your dying days because that’s what you’ve given.

        I believe that. Even the ones who can laugh the hardest at the deaths…those people have deeper feelings than that and you couldn’t possibly see or understand what that’s like.

        I’m glad I can. I feel both their pain and their joy and I completely understand and do not view them as hateful bitches at all whatsoever.

        Wishing you and James well. 💗

      6. WOW! What a mouthful from someone who isn’t “obsessed.” Hope you got it all out. Feel better? My comments make you “giggle?” Good. We have a symbiotic relationship. We both are entertained. The difference is I don’t need to insult and belittle you as you are doing to me.

      7. I think it’s pointless to explain feelings to those who can reciprocate empathy. Trying to explain hurt and pain to numb things like them is like explaining physics to someone who can’t add and subtract. The more you try, the more you get sucked down the rabbit hole into foolery and numb nut confusion. It plays right into feeding their dull ass egos. Like filling an empty bucket with a hole in the bottom. It never ends.

        Telltale sign “it” gave is we supply so much entertainment. If it’s life was so full of joy, happiness shits and giggles like it says, then wth is it doing here?? My guess?? Huge lack of supply and no people in reality that wants to be bothered with them. Hence why the Internet provides a source of SOMEONE, ANYONE to “connect” with, that makes them feel like they’re not alone. Loneliness is a HUGE fear for them so any response to their bs here there, hell anywhere is like a gift to them. Just like Christmas and mommas homemade cookies fresh from the oven. Pure freaking ass joy LOL

      8. I just figured you guys out. You are total narcissists. You think your shit doesn’t stink. But what I don’t understand is do whiney self-proclaimed victims ever go away completely? Stop haunting my inbox with your self-serving screed. How can you think it’s ok to talk to me this way?

      9. I don’t think your brain can process information correctly. If we are all narcissists, then we should all get along fine with you, the self proclaimed psychopath with no problem. So, that blows your ridiculous theory. You say us being whiny victims lol, yet you whine. How hilarious!! Want some cheese with that whine?? I don’t understand what you’re bitching about since you say we provide entertainment for you. Stop switching gears and stay focused. Which piece of bs do you want us to believe? You’re a psychopath who wants pity for being an asshat and causing damage to others OR you cone on here to complain that you hate seeing whiny post from victims?? You’re so ridiculously pathetic a comedy show can be made from your post alone.

        You are showing ALL the reasons psychos need to be ignored. Your thought process and reasoning is so disorganized and all over the place it prolly doesn’t even make sense to you.

        At least self proclaimed psychopaths like Sam Vaknin can offer better insight reasoning and intelligence, you offer scribble scrabble. Laughable!!

      10. Oh, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking about you and those like you in general. Stop whining. It’s not a good look for psychopaths.

    2. Yes! There is a woman in Glos, Uk, who recently went to prison for killing her psycho abusive partner. One day after so long trying to get help from domestic violence support services, one day, she flipped and killed him.While I wouldn’t do this, I can empathise with the need to stop the abuse. I get what Bluegal is saying, she wasn’t saying about killing him – but rather about him dying, you know natural causes, and her being happy – that he cannot hurt anyone else.

      1. EXACTLY positivagirl!! That’s exactly what I meant. I’d never even entertain killing a worthless POS like a psychopath but if they died, oh well, sucks to be them. But like the typical nut job she is, she twist words to create the thought she sees and believed to appear like a victim.

        I believe for a psychopath to get on s survivors blog seeking kinship is so contradictory and obviously desperate for attention. Then to go so far left off topic to try to gain some weird alliance is just stupid.

        I’m glad I gained enough clarity to see through those people and glad I learned from here and other forums how to sniff them out like a bloodhound and respond without feeling any anxiety or fear. I find my biggest strength in dealing with them is humor, because I truly see them as a cruel biological joke some mad scientist created, or as Alien garbage. I just see no point in viewing them as human because in order to be human, you have to be able to identify with the human condition and they cannot. So I see them as biological trash

      1. Please, no apologies necessary. Her circular explanations mixed with gibberish is just as laughable as her presence on here. What a joke indeed! If anything I owe YOU positivagirl an apology for succumbing to the assholery of this self nominated Queen of the Psycho Idiots.

        She’s prolly screaming at her scream right now and spinning in her chair. Who cares. I’m LMAO at that clown

      2. It’s okay, I’m not bothered by her. It’s prolly the only diversion she has in her entire life. Let her focus on me since I inflicted narc injury on her sagging psycho ego. I can take it while I give myself a manicure.

      3. Witty? Yes, absolutely! Devastating? No, that’s your job. Grandiose? Nah, but thanks for the flattery. I’ll leave the grandiose illusions to you, you’re so much better at it

      4. When she says devastating, I’m thinking she means in narc terms, like hurting someone. That, I’m not. She would have to clarify, because like most cluster B’s their meaning of things is subjective to their own definitive perception. I’m not a narc whisperer or anything like that so I went with what’s familiar to me

      5. she needs to go. just the way she writes gives me flash backs!! who the fuck do you think you are? self proclaimed IQ as well? or did you just take an internet IQ TEST?

      6. She’s a self proclaimed sociopath. She said so. She’s on here looking for supply. she thinks us survivors have it all wrong, and she’s looking for empathy and dissonance from survivors so she feels better about how fucked up she is. She won’t get that from me that’s for damn sure.

  9. I think if we all went over to a phycopath/soc/narc blog, sat reading all the comments then chipped in when we saw something we didn’t like, we wouldn’t last 5 mins.

    Same here, the two will never understand so why even bother.

    Clearly she has her reasons for being here but you have to ask, why? Brings back memories where you’re allowed no space and nothing for yourself without being prodded and goaded.

  10. Positivagirl, bluegal, and Sadie,
    I think you guys handled yourselves accordingly. You did a great job stating your opinions and I for one am cheering you on. Things like that coming to a survivors forum got exactly what it deserved. It is the reason we come here, to get away from things like!e that, away from the abuse, to tell our truths about what these things have put us thru. O get some comfort and understanding from people who have been thru it themselves and who have the capacity to truely care. When I’m have a bad day which is pretty much everyday for now I come and read and it makes me feel like a human again that I am worth something. This is a great place and I think you guys are all wonderful stong encouraging and very helpful to someone like me.And to be honest, I have to think of my ex as being dead to me, so I can relate to your feeling free. Although his ghost haunted me yesterday via text. Reading what you post gives me hope and the strength I need to get thru one more day. And today I was able to laugh. Thank you all so much.

  11. Positivagirl told us to stop badmouthing each other. I stopped but Bluegal had to get in the last word. She just HAD to do that. So I was letting her. And, guess what? You people can’t stop. My visit must have given you some sort of jollies that you just can’t let go of. Hell, that nasty remark you made about taking joy in the death of a “socio” one of you claimed to have loved came to me in my own mailbox. I started following this blog because you had a few articles that really showed some intelligence and insight. I am genuinely shocked at the mean-spirited stupidity I have encountered here. Robert is right. You are a bunch of “pathetic irrational” folk with “victim mentalities.” Diss away. It’s all you have.

  12. Actually, this whole thread has proven (at least to me) the importance of “No contact.” One appearance turns into a chaotic explosion of mind games, finger pointing and shaming.

    Point made- no contact works, contact seemingly drags even the unrelated into a sick, twisted exposition.

    1. Yes John, it is why I don’t object to them posting, they are all the same, saying similar things. With responses that are akin to a teenager kicking out at it’s parent.

      1. Adult children, yep.
        They do not care one bit about the person who died, their only (pathetic & irrational) concern here is in thinking they are winning and controlling by being able to cherry pick where they think they see themselves in another so they can call them out and attempt to make them out to be hypocrites.
        It truly is all they have.

        Amazing how they are indeed all the same all predictable and all void of rational thought and expression.

        I don’t object to their posts either, because they are only proving everything written about them is right.
        Just amazing to me. Thanks Positiva, for allowing them to continue.

    1. Did your father abuse you and that’s why you’re a sociopath and a masochist in the bedroom?

      1. I never believed my masochism came from abuse either. I felt simply “born that way” but there was much abuse and neglect around me that took me a long time to see, including child sexual abuse of myself that my mother convinced me I should feel sorry for the abusers, as they didn’t know any better due to their own abusive past. So, I totally understand how you would be incapable of seeing that reality of yourself being so incapable of self reflection.
        Maybe someday?
        Have fun…Sitting obsessively watching your emails coming in for your entertainment and because it’s really all you have.
        I’m glad you post here because it is also entertaining for me and I don’t have much to do this morning myself.
        *drops more crumbs*
        Eat up, dear little broken birdie…that’s a good girl. 😉

  13. So in answer to the question in the title “Do Sociopaths ever go away – for good – forever”?

    Clearly not :-/

      1. I didnt ask you to go away. There is a page called sociopath sin bin. Post away. There are people who are interested in your viewpoint. Others who are sickened by it too. For me. Its interest. I dont tend to judge.

  14. I am so glad I’m not alone in this world having to deal with a narc/socio ex husband for a over 15 years and still going, only because we have a child together. He is a master manipulator, punisher, dominator, emotional abuser, sexual abuser, hero and liar and will fight til he wears you out; that your white shirt is black just because he has to win. So much so that he has warped my sons brain into thinking I’m the one that has made his poor life so hard. This man,{he doesn’t even deserve that title}, has made my life a living hell. I believe the only way to rid yourself of one of them is if they fall off the face of the earth. In other words die. Nothing you do or say to them ever gets through to their thick skull…Yes I’m angry because he messed up my life and my son forever.

  15. Hi Positivagirl and everyone. I posted on here a couple of years ago when i discovered the ‘thing’ i was with who up and left me was a sociopath. I went through all the trauma of it and luckily came out the other side in one piece, thanks to the help of this site. Low and behold, which i never thought would happen, ‘it’ has made contact after nearly 3 years. I have maintained no contact all this time and have no intention of replying. Im wondering will ‘it’ (he) ever go away? Hope everyone is doing good Angel hugs Butterflygirl

    1. Congrats on your survival success!! I find they seem to boomerang back to previous sources of supply when they are left with no supply or are alone. They act like lost children trying to find their way home, when left to their own vices. They go back to the last frame of reference in the delusional memory bank file and pull it out, look at it for clues. I find when they go in that mode it’s like they are on their way to cracksville. Mask drops off, the inward primal scream saying what do I do now because I have no source of supply type thing.

  16. hi all, i am currently in the process of trying to get my sociopath ex put away for harassment, after he left me for someone else he was at the game playing stage between the two of us, this time of my life was a bit of a blur as they know exactly how to make you confused but i decided enough was enough and made the choice to move on and let him do whatever he wanted as long as it did not involve me, easier said then done at the time as i was getting up to 30/40 texts per day, he made up profiles on facebook pretending to be other people who were supposed to have known him and sending threats to me as to what he would do if i did not reply to his texts, at this point i was fighting with the no contact rule as i was eager to lash out but managed to restrain myself and i kept all his texts and phone calls and logged them all for the police. I eventually took out a pin notice out on him issued by the police warning him to stay away, but these are just warnings and he knew that so he decided to contact me again, all the time he was contacting me he was in a relationship with someone else, so at this point i decided to screenshot all his texts that he had sent to me and sent them to his girlfriend hoping she would see sense too. she did for a while then his slithery charm obviously started to drag her back. At this point i broke contact with his girlfriend too and told them both to stay away. His threats, nasty and sometimes very strange poetic messages were getting worse so i called police in again where they arrested him. He had a trial not long after where he pleaded not guilty.they released him on bail under conditions he would not contact me and with a court day for me to attend to give my evidence. This was friday gone, I went and was all ready to give my evidence against him when he had asked for the court to be ajurned on the grounds that there was no solicitor present whilst he was interviewed by police, i asked the prossecuter if there was anything more i could do as everyone could see he was lying, so we decided if i can get a restraining order against him i would be willing to drop the charges, just as long as he stays away. his reponse…no he wanted the court to be ajurned ..where is the sense in that! I later found out he had told the prossecuter that it was not in fact him who sent the text messages but his brother!!! So this is why he could not accept my offer to drop charges and to stay away from me as lying mask would have slipped so he has dug his own hole with his lies and has made things ten times worse for himself! I also see he is doing exactly what he did to me with the girl he is with now and she is in discard phase as he will have his new target and this has made me more determined to get him put away, i am back up in court in august with a stronger case!

  17. Hi Bluegal, thank you for your comment it feels good to be free lol. Yes i think you are so right about the boomerang effect i’m sure he has no supply at present poor thing lol. I’m sure some poor girl will be ropped in somewhere but not me ever again. That’s funny..on the way to cracksville haha. You write very well and seem to have a good understanding of their mindset oh how we learn! This site has sooo opened my eyes no going back for me. It’s funny how reading his message gave me no emotional reaction whatsoever ah what a good feeling. No contact is the only way. Hope you are well, hugs to all Butterflygirl

    1. What I’ve noticed in surviving the abuse from these creatures is that the further you get away from them, and research, the clearer you see them for who they are, the more removed from their effects you become, the less blurry and less dissonance you have for them. No contact really is good for you in so many ways, but is truly narc kryptonite. They hate being ignored. It’s like they die inside without anyone to exchange with. They put on the bs fake happy act for show but it never last. Ever. That act is hard to maintain when you can’t actually feel that way inside, which is why their mask falls repeatedly. I always like to see survivors flourish and become strong and at peace with themselves. Not feeling as if you lost something but knowing you gained personal insight in yourself, learning our boundaries, discovering that we should have a no tolerance policy on our convictions in life and character and those that pursue us with ill intent. I feel that once things get clear in our minds, that sick game psychos try to play on us gets deflected off of us like Wonder Woman using her bracelets. No effect, at all. Becomes more like a viewing of lost souls who will never find their way home

      1. This is true. They are toxic. I think that you can also pick up their energy fields too. It is good when they target someone else, as they are not directing their poison towards you. I totally agree that moving away – the further you get, the clearer your head becomes, brainwashing is undone, you are liberated and free.

      2. OMG!! YES!! I’m so glad you validated that for me. It’s like I have “spidey senses” and I can tell when he’s stalking me, or near me or when something bad is gonna happen. Every single time he tried to covertly attack me by sabotaging my car, sending knives to my home, pouring gasoline around the parameter of my home, or sending me disgusting perverted emails, I could always sense it before it happens. They have a very strange eery energy force around them that’s piercing and noticeable. Like a bad odor

      3. They watch your every move. It IS quite spooky, I could see him out of the corner of my eye. They know your responses, and your reactions, before they have happened. I agree with you, about the ‘strange, eerie energy’….. it was almost ‘too calm’ – toxic. I felt a sense that I was in danger too – although he did an amazing job of reassuring me that he was my rescuer.

  18. My ex has never contacted me since he discarded me in December 2014. I’m ashamed to say I contacted him, the last time in April 2015 when he strongly suggested he had terminal cancer. I’ve been in contact with the woman he lived with for 14 years before he met me and she told me that at the time my ex was telling me he was dying, he was actually moving in with a new girlfriend. She also told me things he’d done to her that were so awful, yet when she said he still keeps in touch with her and asks her if she wants to get back together with him, I was jealous!! She said she only responds to him to “keep the peace” having once made the mistake once of telling him she was seeing someone else and he turned up ten minutes later smashing the door in. Some riduculous part of me wants to know why I don’t matter to him enough to do that???? I say it must be because I’m worth nothing, but other friends will say it is because he discarded me because I was onto him and was beginning to ask questions he could not provide an adequate answer to, ie I was too smart for him, but I can’t get my mind to that way of thinking, even though I know it is right and if I can just start to accept that, I will begin to heal and recover from whole terrible experience. Yet, I still sit here crying for him, missing him … It must be me that’s crazy.

  19. I just typed a comment but it has disappeared – are they moderated before appearing on the page?

      1. Hi positivagirl – thanks. I haven’t posted before and I thought I’d messed it up xx

  20. I’m a little worried, recently my socio called me (from a friend’s phone so I would answer) then a few days later he stopped me in his car to say hello and tell me about how as usual he doesnt have a job… I pretended right along with him which is what I’ve become pretty good at. He went on his way and I went on mine… Then suddenly almost a month later I suddenly have the urge to see him, have him tell me what to do “take care” of me and I realize his brainwashing is probably still very present in my mind. I’m also obsessed with understanding and I’ve read almost every article (mostly focusing on the socio’s pattern) I want to know what makes my socio tick, eventually I hope things return to normal. More than likely I suspect he has a source of supply and is waiting till things go south to suddenly appear by my side again.

    1. Jeremy ,the it that was in my life is doing the same thing.. We’ve been off and on for 21 yrs. I recently discovered what he is. Every time he is in a relationship that is or has gone south he contacts me for more suply. This time a week go was no different. He has been texting sence the beginning of April. About 2weeks ago I responded and it all started. He tried to tell me how happy and wonderful his new relationship is and I stopped that dead in its track. He also told me He’s buying his own simi truck and how far in debt he is because he’s not getting any miles so he can’t make his truck payment or bills. I told him it was not my business and that i really didnt care.Then I kid you not he tells me he’s single again thinking imma take him back. Well he now knows that’s not going to happen and is now giving me the silent treatment again..I welcome it.. Now I’m not saying for anyone to break nc please don’t. But in my case I think it worked out in my favor because all thru our conversation over the past 2 weeks I realized what he was doing and all the lies he tells I kept reminding myself of what he is…yesterday I was driving thru new Mexico(I’m also a truck driver) and all of a sudden I had such a warm feeling come over me (thought I was having hot flashes)a peaceful kind of feeling I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but I couldn’t and can’t stop smiling. I feel really good about that conversation maybe because he’s doing so badly but what I do know is I feel good about me and my life. I’ve got a lot of work still ahead but I’m getting there things for are coming into place now that he’s outta my life and I no longer want or need answers from him I have them already.. Yours may come in and out of your life quite frequently like mine does. But you don’t have to give in to them. Remember remember remember what they are.. Above all know who you are and love you. I can’t express myself enough and unbeknownst to positive girl and everyone one else on this site how they’re stories and advice is helping me get thru the most difficult time in my life. Thank you is not enough.. But I’ll say it anyway. Thank you all xoxoxo

  21. Well done Janice, sometimes we have to deal with things in our own way for our own sanity.
    I have to see mine regularly and it’s a constant battle mentally but as time goes on (and it has not been a quick process for me) it becomes more insignificant as do his passive aggresive comments and lies.
    There was a time he sent me close to the wire and over time with a couple of very good friends i’ve come out the other side remembering I can easily deal with any of this crap, I just let what he says go in one ear and straight out the other without dwelling on the bullshit inbetween anymore. For that reason alone, I no longer have that awful feeling in my gut that something is constantly off.
    Keep doing what you’re doing as it will bet better x

  22. I just realize I was dating a sociopath for the past 2 years on and off relationship. Every cry, every disappointment, he did not care. He will leave me hanging and dump me over and over at least 4 times. When I finally dumped him, I did not contact him and 3 weeks later he was a “changed” man. I don’t understand during an argument he always said he was “cool” and did not give a F about the break up. I would not hear from him for weeks, but then out of no where he was trying to win me back. It was like this for so long. My question is, why he always seemed careless every breakup but then came back after a number of weeks? this time around he dumped me because I had asked him if he felt the same way I felt about him? he got so upset and said “ok its over, you forced me out of me, this is what you like” it was a never ending argument. I was so confused. Its been a week and I’m wondering if he’ll come back or is this really a good bye for good? I told him how he deceived me and his answer was “ok cool” … I don’t understand. How are you ok with making someone feel so bad? He has had so many relationships in the past I lost count. You would think a 33 year old man would have some type of growth.

  23. Hello all, I’m so glad I found this website as I am so confused my my ex’s behaviour. Bear with me, it’s long! We were together 4 years, had a child and moved to the UK together from Canada (all while I was still star struck by his ‘charms’). I did see a lot of his crappy behaviour but had planned to move here for a long time and this gave me an excuse to. After a year of crap I called the police to evict him from the house as he was totally emotionally, menta abusive and I had had enough. He had also never found a job here and is a mooch. He harassed me for 1.5 years day in day out, using our daughter as an excuse, showing up at random times to see her and would make a scene, the usual. I finally phoned Child maintenance and made a claim for child support (he was worKing for once at a place I knew he wouldn’t last at) and he promptly quit or asked to be paid cash when the maintenance people came sniffing around.

    I haven’t heard from him since December 2015. He hasn’t called, messaged me, been on Facebook or any social media since. It was like he dropped off the face of the earth. My daughters passport expired during this time and I couldn’t get any of her 2 renewed as I didn’t have his signature or a court order. I filed a missing persons report with the police and was told he had been arrested under an alias and was living at an anti-fracking camp. He never showed up to court and I got my passport court order. I haven’t heard from him to this day not had any of his family. His mother is a sociopath as well and has been harassing me and my family through Facebook asking about him and my daughter. I refuse to engage with her as she is as nuts as her son.

    Come Saturday and I’m looking at a FB post about a local market and who do I see but the sociopath running a stand with a homeless squatter group. To be completely honest I got a bit upset because a friend of mine had me convinced he was dead and yet there he was, smiling with his new supply group! I am not ashamed to say I wish he had been dead in fact. There is a picture on their FB page of him holding up a sign saying he is looking for work. he cannot keep a job because he is always the victim. This group he has aligned with is feeding that so well.

    Anyway, point being, I have been lucky enough to have my sociopath ex not contact me or my daughter for the past 1.5 years and I truly hope it lasts forever!!

    Thanks for letting me vent and sorry it’s so long!!

  24. Hi Bluegal oh yes eerie is not the word. I have not made contact and have no intention of ever doing so. I’ve grown so much. The thing is he claimed to be a ‘vampire’ very eerie but the thing is i have ben dreaming of him a lot lately and i have no idea why? Is it a subconcious thing or is he in fact a vampire, any feedback would be appreciated. Hugs to all Butterfly girl

    1. Honestly I think it’s energetic. There is something called “soul ties” where when 2 ppl get together then break up, a part of their energy stays behind. Narcs have a deep dark perpetuating stagnate energy about them. Ever notice that feeling of anxiety when you know you have to see them or speak to them?? That’s that rotten energy they have and it permeates whomever they sync up with.

  25. Oh god yes i know that feeling well esp for parents. Uugh if it as in ‘he’ is latching on from afar he can feic right off…soul ties you say? Not having that i’ve done my soul work there. Thanks happy vibes to all Butterflygirl

  26. Mine broke it off with me and I left him be 3/4 months later he showed up once I was trying to move on. Now that he has my attention again he is pushing me away telling me he only came back for sex and that I need to give him space and time so he can date. And if I would have done a,b and c he would have moved me into his house and never left me. He was seeing someone in those 3/4 months before he came back around and she came and went for about 3 weeks after he came to my door but now she is mysteriously “busy” and hasn’t been there in a month.

  27. I hope I get lucky enough that mine is gone for good. My story is much like everyone else’s. He said we were amazing and soul mates and he was falling in love. Then weeks later we weren’t compatible…then he didn’t want any men to have me because he’d “never find a woman as perfect for him” again. After analyzing (unhealthy i know) all his texts, I found holes I never noticed and even more red flags I over looked. He’d said male friends didn’t bother him as long as I was with him at night.. Yet weeks later was his first outburst that he broke up with me: bc I had dinner with a male friend and he would “never go out with another female EVER.” Back and forth, love hate, run, stay, accusing me of cheating and I’d throw it back at him and he’d assure me he didn’t have time for other women and all kinds of bs. Playing with my head… Months later I find out he was seeing at least two other women and who knows for how long, but ya know: the ones he would “never go out with EVER?!” one of which contacted me. He was “afraid to fall in love” and “couldn’t fall in love” bc it was just “too soon” after his divorce- where his ex was the one that ruined that marriage. HA! now it’s laughable. He was telling Girl #2 and I allll the same things about how perfect we were and how he was falling in love with both of us (he knew her only a month and me for 5) we put together a timeline of when he was with her and me and broke down all the lies he told each of us to cover himself up. As soon as he knew we knew he blocked us on everything and disappeared like a ghost. Though he isn’t a ghost he’s the devil, I wish I could be exorcised of his presence in my heart and mind.

    Thank you to everyone on this site, especially the person in charge. If there’s a book I will preorder for sure! Every time I begin to doubt and think “well maybe he DID care… He must have cared more about me bc he would ditch her to see me” –anytime I have these toxic addictive thoughts of doubt that he inevitably helped put in my head, I come to this page and remind myself he didn’t, he won’t, he’s An evil monster of a person and sorry excuse for a man, and US soldier as well (he would blame everything on his PTSD. Sad to say but true. So again thanks to everyone on here, you have helped me greatly to realize I’m not alone- especially when my family and friends can not seem to wrap their head around why this is so much worse and ten times harder than a regular breakup. He hasn’t popped up since he blocked everything but I still watch my lot for his truck just in case he shows up one day. Smh. So sad. Prayers to all of you still suffering, thank goodness for the internet so we can connect in a way such as this.. Across the ocean even?! And peace for us all from these sick sick humans we’ve fallen victims to.

    1. Hi sarah upon reading your story i had to laugh at the bit where he said “he was afraid to fall in love” your story is so similar to mine it could actually be the same man! When my ex socio realised i was starting to see holes in his stories he obviously had another woman on the side for emergency supply! Telling her one thing and me another, he even had the cheek to harrass me warning me what would happen if went with another man whilst all the time he was with another woman! Urgh! The harrasment went on for months causing me to get a pin notice out on him whilst attending court twice 1 year after he eventually pleaded guilty for harrasment as his own solicicitor eventually seen through his lies, he was fined and given a restraining order to stay away from me. Reading these post reminds me that he will be doing exactly the same to other women and he is so evil and reminds me how far i have came since getting rid, i totally understand about the family side of things whereas they dont seem to understand it wasnt like any normal breakup which is frustrating thank the lord for these posts, helping each other to stay strong x

  28. Hi Positivegirl,
    RE: where do they get the time?
    You helpfully pointed out to me elsewhere on this site that socio’s have parasitic lifestyles – they don’t like working much as they are both lazy and think they are too clever for it, & it impinges on their time to plot, and, that, they are also very superficial and glib, they are all about the surface of things and hiding reality – so they don’t apply their brain to anything other than the plots and manipulations that can get them a short term goal. Result – they don’t do or think about anything much else than controlling their source and targets – old one’s get a look in if they can find you – and the latest ones.

  29. Mine seems to have gone for good, is female so don’t know if that makes difference. Her discard and cut off where designed for permanent severance I think. Here’s hoping.
    I have no doubt she is smearing me all over the place as is her basic pattern to draw in new sucker with tales of woe and victim status about the crazy ex who she is now oh so scared of.
    I gather she even took opportunity of our ending to steal from her family a lot of cash hidden at their house, I can easily guess where she suggested to lay the blame. I know because her mother was so perplexed by it, as only they knew about the location, that she raised it with me when I bumped into her later.
    They will still use you as you are booted out the door, it’s just how they think and behave.

  30. my bar went and got married and never told me. Then asked if we could be friends and still date. He was seeing her the next year after we dated and promised me all these things then gave them to someone else and said us not being together was my fault> wow

  31. Hey, ugh… I don’t exactly know how to start my story. I had a good friend who introduced me to my offender. I’d just gotten out of a toxic relationship and was ready to move on. I was fourteen for God’s sake. My offender was nineteen and seen absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone five years behind them. He told me that I was as cute as a button, I can’t stand when my grandmother says this anymore. We dated awhile. Then he decided to talk to another girl when I had a guy friend I was confiding in when I’d gotten suspicious. This girl contacted me telling me that they were engaged. I flipped my lid and he called me crazy. I dated another boy before turning fifteen and my offender kept tabs on me all the time. after boyfriend Numéro dos and I had a falling out, boyfriend Numéro uno came back for rounds. We’d gotten back together, but he fell out on me again. I was fed up already and at my limit, so I decided to get back at him by “dating” an old friend, both said friend and I would “date” until we figured out offenders game. Well, old friend got harassed and threatened, then I got threatened with um…nasty shit that I don’t wanna repeat. I know that deviling into this post a little much. Valentine’s day rolls around in 2014 and I wake up for school to a text saying that hes found someone better and that y’know…we were over. But a month after, he came back, telling me he was possessed by a demon from that Magic the Gathering card game. That was a little bit far fetched for my liking so I told my mom. She told me to block him and that he was a weird ass, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I’m a big softie who believes everyone is good. Well obviously not in this case. Well, this ‘demon’, in order for my supposed boyfriend to come back and talk to me, he wanted me to have sex on Skype with my best friend at the time. (Not my good old matchmaker buddy)
    After this he left again and was harassing said friend. Her dad called the cops and now offender-man was supposed to be in jail. His grandparents bailed him out and now he’s on parole, he had his new girlfriend message me a few days ago and it brought back the awful memories. I’m about to be eighteen and Im afraid that he will come after me again when my birthday hits next month…I don’t know how to get over this. It’s like a weight is on my shoulders that won’t go away. Being seventeen is tough too…there’s no one that can relate that’s my age and I feel all alone in the world.
    Thanks for giving me a safe space to post my experience, I appreciate this so much you have no idea how grateful I am.

  32. I dated one on & off for a year beginning in 2014 & she is still in my life because she likes to pop in my life at random every few months & even though we’ve remained split & I’m in a new relationship she continues to flirt with me in attempt to lure me back with her. When we go out she proudly introduces me as her ex & recently put my picture on her social media as her “woman crush wednesday” . So no, I don’t believe they ever go away. My experience dealing with socios is that they don’t like to burn bridges too much especially if there’s value in that person.

    1. I must be valuable then!! This ex of mine first discarded me, after I got over that he now resurfaces every couple of weeks. I keep telling him to STOP contacting me!!! He’s still lying, won’t share anything about his life, but he wants to keep me around. They are truly crazy people!!!

      1. He just lies low for a short time. He hadn’t gone away at all. While you didn’t see him almost certain he kept tabs on you. Bet he was with other women during those times away too 😦

      2. It isn’t about keeping you around like normal partner who misses you. More like they don’t want anyone else to have you. Unless they have totally ruined you, always a chance they will come back.

      3. Oh I’m sure he’s had other women… although he denied it to my face!!! While asking me if I’m sleeping with someone else. We are not together.., haven’t been in a relationship in a year!! But it’s true they don’t go away. This man has told me numerous times that we are over and we will never be together again… 3 weeks later he’s contacting me!! I have realize that he only want me when I’m DONE and am trying to move on. When I was persuing him he ignored me.

      4. If asking you if you are sleeping with someone else, making out to be hurt and possibly jealous, seeming that he cares, I bet he is hunting other women 😦 Ugh.

      5. Lol trust me I know, they’re all I am really used to dealing with & its WORSE when they’re your family. My father is a psychopath & he will never leave me alone. I’ve continuously cut him off but he still keeps trying. Phonecalls, emails, popping up where he knows I’ll be, going through other family members & utilizing his girlfriend…it never ends lmao.

      6. Its died down a little since I’m older but it was really stressful when I was more easy to reach. Now I try to just laugh things off because it feels like I’m watching myself on Lifetime 😂 . What kind of socios/psychos are you used to dealing with on the spectrum? Violent or just the lying type? Sporadic or calculating?

  33. Mine just recently resurfaced and I think he thought he was being discreet or slinking in the shadows. He’s been viewing my stories on snapchat. Yesterday I got a message that was a screenshot of some other girls snapchat photo/username. almost like a-“hey here’s my new girl!” OR SHE sent it to me… like ha I have your man (she’s welcome to him, good riddance). but I can’t decypher which it could be- or why?! Like… dude you “won” your cat and mouse game and have a new girl why are you or she, or BOTH if you coming at me like I’m the one initiating something?? Can anyone help me figure out the motives of this crazy person. I know It’s bad regardless, but I need a logical psychological explanation from someone else that makes me less angry about it all. Is he just trying to get me to react? Help!

    1. This remember they always like to win. This is how pathetic they are. Doesnt see it makes him look like a needy and greedy little boy. In his mind he is better than you as he can find someone else. Sound pathetic? It is. It is all a game and part of the sad loser games they play. He thinks he is winning. Truth is right now out of the three of you, only one winning is YOU.

    2. Yes… if you react.. he feeds off of this it feeds his ego. Oh and he sets you up. If you respond then he can tell the new one how great he is. You are still craving him. Look what a catch he is? She has no clue.

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