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How visualisation technniques can help you to leave an abusive relationship!


Your mind is powerful. You will know this from being in the relationship with the sociopath. They use illusion to create confusion and to weild control over you. What the sociopath is deliberately doing, aside from creating dependency and addiction, is planting visualisation of false images into your mind. This is mind control.

Hanging out with a sociopath you can end up doing things that you never otherwise would. They warp your mind. This is why there is a fog of confusion when the relationship ends. You have been abused, manipulated and controlled, what is worse is mind control.

Types of visualisation that the sociopath does to delude, deceive, manipulate and control you:

  • Telling you what a good person they are (repeatedly to reinforce this in your mind)
  • Painting black pictures about you and your past
  • Pictures in your mind of a bright and beautiful future (that will never happen)
  • Lies – telling you the opposite of what is true to cause confuse you, and knock you off balance
  • False allegations and confessions
  • Tapping into the inner you – your needs, wishes, hopes and dreams, and using words to sell your own dreams back to you
  • Painting false images of others in your mind (what they said, what they did)
  • Wildly exagerrated pictures of a fantastic future
  • Accusing you of what they are guilty of doing themselves

All of the above and many more examples that I am sure you can think of. However, this post is not about the sociopath, it is about you.

You have the rights to the thoughts in your mind – you have the rights to think as you wish. YOU have the power to control your mind!! Change your thinking – change your world!

What happens after the relationship has ended is that you still have these images in your mind – especially

  • The pictures of a wonderful future
  • How good a person the sociopath really is
  • Their victim mentality past
  • The picture that the sociopath paints – to tell you how amazing their life is now without you

These images in your mind can continue to dominate and control you, long after the relationship has ended. The sociopath will tell you over and over how great a person they are, and how lucky you are to have them in your life. The images of a lost future (that were merely words) – but they were YOUR hopes and dreams and these can be difficult to let go of.

The power of visualisation

Just as it was a powerful tool for the sociopath to use against you. It is also a powerful tool for you to use on yourself. You are now free. You are in charge of the thoughts in your mind. When you were with the sociopath, and for as long as you allowed it, even after the relationship has ended (why no contact is important) the sociopath was in control of the thoughts in your mind. It is now time to take back control of you!

The most important visualisation technique is the one that you have in your mind of the sociopath. As you know the sociopath would have repeatedly told you that they were a good person really, or a great person, the sociopath would have offered you a bright and glittering future that matched your dreams (but not reality) and the sociopath would have painted a picture of them having a great fantastic time now they are not with you. How great their life is now. How wonderful, how successful they are….

You do know what I mean?

Each time, the film starts to run in your head, of a person who was so great. So amazing, how they promised you all of your dreams and now they are happily living this dream with someone else, i want you to find an image in your mind. This is going to be your new image of the sociopath. This is going to be an image that is more realistic with who the sociopath is.

What kind of images?

It needs to be strong, it needs to be visual. It needs to be an image that is graphic and will show you realistically how harmful the sociopath is for your life.

Instead of thinking of this wonderful person that you heartbreakingly lost – think instead (choose your own) as it needs to mean something to you!

  • A cigarette…. blowing smoke, the smoke…. spells CANCER….
  • A snake with a forked tongue to reflect the lies, that forked tongue can hurt you, can even poison you
  • A venemous spider…. crawling towards you, just one bite can be fatal, and take your life
  • A house as a pack of cards falling, reflecting the destruction the sociopath causes
  • A scorpion
  • The devil with the mask of an angel
  • The emporors new clothes

I could carry on and really go to town (I was quite enjoying that) …. sit down, find your space – and choose your image. This will now be your new realistic image of the sociopath – each time they come into your mind. Each time (if they do) contact you. No matter what they do or say, replace this image in your mind – with YOUR image.

This is taking back control


Try not to focus on losses, they have happened. You cannot change them. Instead, focus on how you can rebuild those losses for YOU.

The sociopaths new wonderful life

When you replace your image of the sociopath amazing person, with your own graphic image, it will sink in that they will create carnage and damage in their ‘new life’. As you can see them for who they are.

Reclaim YOUR dreams!

Rememer that your dreams were yours. If the sociopath was selling you a bright and beautiful life in the future that you were so desperate for. Remember that these are YOUR dreams. Now they are busy selling someone else their dreams. Whatever their dreams may be. You now have your dreams back for you.

Sociopath illusion – if you stay in contact

Just as the sociopath worked hard paint a picture of illusion whilst with you. They will do the same when the relationship is over. After all there is nothing that they love better than winning and being in control.

What visualisation image will you use to replace the image the sociopath has painted in your mind? Be creative? What can you come up with?

For me – I love the cigarette… and the smoke of cancer. As it shows to me, that I can choose to smoke it if I wish. It is an addiction, I can delude myself in my mind it is something that I enjoy – yet the when I visualise it, i see the smoke of cancer…. which is death, which can kill me. End my life.

What about you?

The sociopath uses illusion to control and create confusion….. so use illusion to undo the confusion 🙂