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Feel like you are having a run of bad luck? – You might just have a Sociopath in your life…


Life, is a challenge. In life, we have good and bad things happen to us. We all have this. Sometimes life goes good, sometimes life goes bad.

Sometimes we get a run of bad luck, and life feels pretty crappy. But we know, that the sun will shine again and life will get better. If not today, then someday.

Sociopathic influenced bad Luck

I was really unlucky when seven months after ending the relationship with the Narcissist I would meet the Sociopath. He walked into my life and started behaving like he was my long lost husband.

I thought that after the bad luck of the Narcissist relationship, that perhaps I was now in for a period of ‘good luck’.

We can’t have all bad luck relationships? Right? Some people are lessons and others are blessings? -Right?

On the ‘surface’ everything seemed to be perfect. Then so much bad luck happened, almost immediately:

  • His place was burgled
  • His ex became terminally ill with cancer
  • He lost his job
  • Then another and another
  • None of those employers paid him
  • His daughter became sick
  • He became seriously physically unwell
  • He had to suddenly move out to sort out all of the drama
  • I started to upset and lose friends
  • His grandfather let him down on money he owed him
  • His ex had ruined his reputation, was a psycho and he had lost all of his friends

There was so much drama, and so much bad luck, I couldn’t believe it. How on earth can this be happening, right now?

I felt that pull in my stomach, the stress that I felt, the anxiety. I couldn’t believe that I had finally met somebody who felt so right for me, yet so many bad things were happening. There was no time to be able to just ‘live’ ‘have fun’ ‘celebrate meeting each other’, be happy’.  Simply as so much time was spent on fire fighting what appeared to be seemingly very bad luck.

There was a part of me, three months into the relationship, after a daily assault of more and more bad luck, that was affecting me.

  • His lack of money
  • Losing jobs
  • His having zero support network of family and friends
  • Being totally 100% reliant on me, and his drama affecting my life and my own stability in life

The truth is….that there was NO BAD LUCK, EVERYTHING was Sociopath created -DELIBERATELY!

While I was used to life having ‘good luck, then bad luck’ the ups and downs of life. Being with the Sociopath there were no real ups. The ups were as manufactured by the Sociopath as the downs. The ups were always very short lived.

Sociopaths are plastic manufactured people – and they manufacture luck! 

When you are with a Sociopath, you start to lose control of your own life, of your own luck, of your own destiny. Your life becomes owned and controlled in the hands of an abuser.

You will never be lucky with a Sociopath. If you were lucky with a Sociopath, they would ruin and destroy this for you by

  • Being jealous
  • Being insecure
  • Needing to take over and be in control

You have no life. If you are in the relationship with a Sociopath, you are nothing but an empty shell, a puppet that the Sociopath takes control of, and plays with, for his or her own entertainment.

As a test going out there to people, tell me, how many of you experienced good luck being with the Sociopath (apart from the perceived good luck of being with them) AND hung on to what made them feel lucky?

Any of you?…. Just one?….

When you invite a Sociopath into your life. You invite BAD LUCK. Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, you INVITE BAD LUCK.

This isn’t bad luck because you are unlucky. It is bad luck that is MANUFACTURED by the Sociopath, to fuck you up, trip you up, make you look bad, weak, ruin your reputation and to strip from you, anything that is good in your life.

Sociopaths, are, to be frank, just damn UNLUCKY to be around.

Focusing on ‘missed opportunities’

Aside from turning your world upside down, the Sociopath additional to this, will focus on what we will refer to as your ‘missed opportunities’ in life. Is there:

  • Something you want
  • Something you need to achieve
  • Something that was taken from you that you want returned?
  • Somewhere that you want to travel to?

Anything really, think about those missed opportunities in life, the Sociopath will offer to fulfil the gap and provide them for you. Sociopaths not only create bad luck (DELIBERATELY), they also hone in on YOUR life and offer to fill the vacancy that you are advertising to be filled.

Sneaky huh?

I know, Sociopaths are sneaky. They are manipulative and deceptive. They fuck up your life on purpose.

How funny was that?

To reverse ‘bad luck’

  • Bin the Sociopath – forever – just get rid they only bring toxic vibes with an exterior of ‘hippy persona’
  • Remember ONLY YOU can create your own luck in life, so once you have got rid of your BAD LUCK SOCIOPATH CHARM, that you once had hanging on your arm, get out there and rebuild
  • Remember, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, if it took the Sociopath a while to bring you down, it might take you a while to rebuild
  • Take it one day at a time. Each day work towards goals, small goals, longer term goals, just don’t GIVE UP

Focusing on Gratitude

By focusing on Gratitude there is NO ROOM FOR THE SOCIOPATH, at all – what do you have to be grateful to them for? I want you to focus on gratitude, every day. It will take practice at first. Focusing on gratitude will bring focus back to you and your life. Be grateful for EVERYTHING. Your home, the bed you sleep in, the fact that your car works, that there are shops with food, that people work in the store, you have electricity, running water. You know focus on EVERYTHING.

When you do this, the Sociopath will shrink, until they are nothing.

You can do this.

Love yourself, you really are worth it! 🙂

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