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Inside the mind of a male Sociopath


I was looking at Twitter followers earlier today. I came across this follower. This was written solely on November 9th 2013.

I don’t know if it was my ex, or someone else. If this was someone you, and you read this, then please let me know, so that can credit you. The following, is separate tweets, all written, on one day. There are no other posts, other than this flurry of tweets on this day.

Inside the mind of a male sociopath November 9th 2013 – tweets from twitter.

He’s charming, demure and will say all the right things like he’s known you forever. But his actions never match his words.

His eyes will entice you like you’re the only woman who has ever existed….until the next woman standing next to you, catches his eye.

He will promise you the world but never make good on any one of his promises. His ego is larger than life and he seeks the attention of all.

When you approach him on even the smallest lie, he goes into a rage of how good he is to you and all he has done for you, which is another lie.

He never does wrong. It is always the world against him and his goodness.

He says that you are the love of his life but always puts you second. Second choice, second in line, second best.

He will abuse you and then explain how it’s your fault because you didn’t behave or act appropriately.

He removes every person from your life as a way to control you, as he is the only one who is truly your soul mate – according to him.

He is the life of the party, the centre of attention. Always looking to see who is looking at him, to give him the attention he so desires.

He cries his woes to make you feel sorry for him, as a way to control your need to help him with his self created problems.

He creates unnecessary drama just to make people feed into his need for attention.

Everyday with a sociopath is like groundhog day. His woes are always the same and he does nothing to change the drama he seeks.

He is loved everywhere he goes because the game of loving him is made easy by the fake he presents to all that surround him.

He treats the people close to him like garbage, because there is no show left for him to seek their attention out of boredom.

The sociopath can never be alone and when shunned by the ones who love him, he will find any reason or move on to the next showpiece.

The sociopath is a sex addict and even in love will lust everywoman while he is away from home, or even within the presence of his love.

The sociopath will make sickening eye contact with every woman just to verify his power over her and he usually wins at his game.

Try leaving a sociopath and he will make your life a living hell, destroying every ounce  of your life, friendships, finances, self respect and family.

He is a chronic pathological liar and will make up lies that any sane person knows makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

These posts were written on 9th November 2013. The name of that page, is almost identical to my own, with the addage ‘No Escape’. I recall what was happening in my life, at that time. We weren’t together, and he was full on gaming. 

Whoever wrote this, it either was him, or it is someone who had read my site.  

Anyway – I hope that this helps. This is somewhat what it is like to be involved with a Sociopath. Although reality, over time, is far worse than this.  .