Sociopath break up – grieving the person that you THOUGHT they were!

Aside from the stalking, bombardment of communication, and lies about you, as well as other losses, one of the most difficult things to come to terms with at the end of the relationship with a sociopath, is grieving the loss of the person that you thought they were. 


A sociopath throughout the relationship, has lived a life of deceit. of manipulating you into thinking that they were someone that they were not.

At the end of the relationship, you can feel such a sense of loss, as you realise that person that you were with, didn’t even exist. It was all a fake, all a lie. You had been manipulated, conned, and deceived.

It is quite common to want back the man who you thought you were in love with. Unlike other abusers with other personality disorders, the sociopath is often openly helpful, and to your face can appear kind (that is until he loses control of anything and the narcissist rage occurs).

You struggle within yourself, how can this be? You long for the support of the loving supportive man, but he doesn’t exist anymore.

This, can be absolutely devastating. With a normal break up, you know what you are breaking up with. You know that you have rowed, and maybe the relationship had came to an end. But the ending with the sociopath is entirely different. For a number of reasons

  • Your mind has been played with, you have been lied to deceived
  • The person you were in love with does not really exist
  • You likely are suffering other losses and humiliation
  • The relationship with the sociopath does not end painlessly
  • It makes you question everything? Was anything true?

You might try to reach out to the sociopath to take away this pain. He will either

  • Ignore you
  • Play further games
  • Deflect and blame everything onto you, it was all your fault and all your shortcomings

The only thing that can help with this, is time. With understanding and knowledge. By reading everything that you can, and understanding everything that you can. Knowledge is power.

Realising that the person behind the mask is different to the man that you thought you were in love with, is alarming and confusing. More than likely you suspected that this was the case for a while, when things didn’t add up, and you were lied to further, and manipulated some more.

At the end of the relationship with the sociopath, you grieve not only the end of the relationship,  but also  realising that the man you were in love with, never even existed.

It’s as heartbreaking as discovering that Santa is not real as a kid….. once you know…. there is nothing you can ever do to change the truth. The man that you were in love with, just like Santa, can never be real again. It was all just an illusion.

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48 thoughts on “Sociopath break up – grieving the person that you THOUGHT they were!”

  1. I am currently writing a huge blog about my ex sociopath and the things I learned about myself while dealing with that hell. It was crazy and he definitely falls under the criteria you listed above.

    1. Ah you too!! How funny i found your blog thats a coincidence! Where is your blog about it? I would like to read it.

      It is crazy they play with your mind as well, so you do feel like your head has been in a washing machine.

      The only up point is that they will still stay crazy – hence that is why with my work…. it did cost me my job, thousands of pounds, well literally my entire life.

      1. I haven’t finished it yet. It has been hard, but you have given me inspiration to finish. It is a hard story to write. That time in my life can only be described as unreal, almost like I was in another reality. Just when you think that you could be at your lowest point, or that the cards are stacked against you, this will be your turning point. With further spiritual enlightenment, your priorities change and so will your tastes and things you are willing to put up with. I look at these things as necessary building blocks. Very hurtful and emotional building blocks. A wise person one said, “This too shall pass.” And it shall. And you will look back thankful for all the heartache and tears.

        P.S. I don’t believe in coincidences. I am glad you are here so that we can learn from each other.

    2. I am so angry at myself to allow a I thought was a player in my life but now realize he is a sociopath. I have no words other than hurt not for me but for him because he will never be able to love. I might change my mind in a couple months but i’ve been crying all night off and on.

      1. Aw KJ, are you sure that he is a sociopath? I am sorry to read that you are hurt and upset!!

        I remember when I realised that the person I was with, was a sociopath. I read this article I had been trying to understand why he was lying. The compulsive pathological lying. It turned up sociopath, and from there I read that article and it was him to a T, the lying, deception, not caring when he hurt me, the crazy things he did, predatory stare, he ticked all the boxes, absolutely. I am sorry that you are upset. I found the shock and realisation so difficult to come to terms with – we stayed friends for 9 months afterwards. Even today, I can still see good points in him. Definitely a sociopath who caused carnage in my life, but he had good points too. That’s what makes it confusing. they can be great company, funny charismatic. Lots of fun to be around. Energetic. The realisation that this was permanent that he couldn’t love the same way as me. Really did hit me hard at the time x

      2. Fyi-That link take me to a bunch of other links..
        I’ve being a lot of research and it fits him to the T. The only thing is he never moved in with me but would stay for days at a time.
        One day I got mad at him for something and he told me that his name wasn’t his name that he have me.. . I know people that i had look his plates and his DL up.. He is who originally said he was.. He told tell me he had a daughter then told me I doesn’t have one.. He told me I made him cry now I know that was a lie.. .
        he would have me hold him and run my fingers through his hair when we layed in bed
        During a fight, I texted him that I knew that he had been abandoned just because of that..
        He immediately texted me and told me that he can’t believe all the stuff he has been doing to me and that he loved me and was crying but 2 min later he told me I was crazy to loose his number.. . Ugh!! He drives me nuts.. I really like that false person but hate he lied.. He is sweet, good looking and fun when he wants to be..

      3. You and the websites I visited described him to a T. He was abondoned by his parents at 3 years old. I wouldn’t let him control me so he ended it. Im not a weak person . I’ve been through a lot and wont let anyone control me. ” my husband died 4 yrs ago and almost died 2 yrs before that”.
        . Just in the little time I was with him was enough for me to learn about their crazy world & hurt enough that all I think about is him. I fell in love with him for sure…. I’m just glad he pushed me away.

      4. Thing is though, that they can push you away, and then come back again as if nothing has happened. If he has really gone, thank your lucky stars, and run.

        Also, I do understand that feeling of it happening at a time when you were weaker than you normally would be. This happened to me too, also at a time when I was grieving and suffering from trauma – twice!! 😦

      5. So I was stupid and seen him again. It had been a month and I thought he was done but clearly not..
        He came over an told me he loved me and wanted me to reverse my “essure” so I can have his baby.. I even asked him do you love me or so you know how to love.. He said, yes and asked him why so you love me he said, ” our personality is the same” now that might be true to a degree because we have the same birthday but he’s 5 yrs apart.
        My question is why would he tells he wants me to have his baby? To have control over me while I’m pregnant or is he trying to play with my emotions? Or both??

      6. KJ, first question, would you want a baby with a man like this? Believe me, those who do, go through absolute hell when the relationship ends. He ALWAYS has control over you. It is hell.

        Yes you might have similar personalities, but you would have, as he mirrors anyway. I had a similar personality to my ex. In lots of ways.

        In fact we got on….. BUT that doesn’t give him a conscience, remorse, guilt or shame for their actions.

        Remember it is always about two things

        – Control
        – Winning

        Having a child is a special experience. Sociopaths get joy and dupers delight from conning someone, and this escalates if they can do this to someone again it makes them feel important.

        Having contact makes you go back to square one day one of the bereavement process.

        Remember that he is a comulsive pathological liar who will say ANYTHING to get what he wants!!

        Plenty of sociopaths have children, and get married, but always for them, it is WHAT IS IN THIS FOR ME?

        Maybe his new source of supply ran dry – this is not your problem – he needs you more than you need him….

        Yes he might have a new mask on – being nice, and now you are confused –


        Sociopath and the confusion of kindness
        The sociopath test

        When you are confused try the sociopath test, and you will see a different character emerge the mask will slip!!!….then once again, you see the truth!!

      7. No, I would not want to have a kid with him at all. I actually thought he was kidding but I asked him a couple hours later and he said, Yes, I am serious. I don’t think that I am back to were I was before he came over. I was for a few days but it made me realize how sick he is. He would never tell me where he was going or what he was doing specifically when he left. How could I ever be with someone like this? I couldn’t…

        I sent him a long email to explain to him how much I could never be with him. I am not sure if that will do anything but it made me feel good to be able to get it off my chest.
        He sort of admitted to me he had been watching me because he said he knows that I had a guy over. How else would he know this, right?

        He has two names he goes by and I really think he switches from one character to the other. Or is this the mask? The last time he was he here he had the character that I like. I guess that is so he can come back later to do more damage. After he left and I had wrapped my brain around his crazy saying of ” I want you to have my baby” it didn’t take me long to realize he is a major crack pot.
        Are all sociopaths heartless or can they be borderline with a little heart?
        After doing some researching, I think he is borderline sociopath, with multiple personality disorder and bi polar.

        I have to admit I got him back. He was Djing downtown and I text him last month before it ended to ask him where he was… I already knew he wouldn’t tell me but he said i’m downtown off Washington so I text him back said I am too then he told me to loose his number. When he came over last week, I said. ‘well I was downtown that night with 3 guys” He was livid.. He said if you would of walked in the club with 3 guys I would of had you kicked out. I didn’t say a word… I did exactly what I wanted to do.. Make him jealous like he tried to do to me several times.. I was downtown with three nice looking guys.. I wish I would of walked into the club with those guys he was djing at. Is that bad?

        I think he has met his match of playing dirty….

        At this point, I really don’t care to see him anymore…. just knowing that made him jealous that one night was perfect….

      8. Omg my ex same thing! He asked me to have a baby after one of our many many fights. Ummmm yeah thats what I want to do…..have a baby with your psychotic, pot smoking ass. Its been 10 weeks since we broke up and I finally feel better……free……sane!

      9. I’m sorry Kj,,i too have been through a sociopath for 2 years now,,it hurts lots,but PLEASE know he will NEVER change,,,I repeat he will NEVER CHANGE!!! reading here has helped understand a little bit.they don’t care,it’s sad but true,and like these articles say,,,you didn’t do anything wrong but love someone,,,no contact is the best thing and move fowrd I’m sure you are good egg. my prayers are with ya’. I’m 6 weeks out of mine and it’s confusing for sure,,,keep on keepin’ on,you deserve better.

  2. The way you described it is spot on.. now it just makes it that much harder to open up – let alone trust – anyone that tries to come into my life… Any thoughts on how to overcome that?

    1. I am the same way. I would say not to rush into anything. If you are still feeling like you cannot trust. You are not healed properly yet.

      And if you try to date without healing properly you do risk meet another (I did) …. unbelievable, and the next was 100% con man who wiped my bank accounts.

      I think when you are ready to be with someone, is when you actually do not want or need to be with anyone at all. When your own life is so amazing you wonder if you could fit anyone in…..

      And then when you meet someone, well if they are bad news it is going to take quite a while to take your world down!!

  3. I am soooo glad I found this! Ive been struggling for 2 months since ending my relationship with a sociopath.

      1. I was with him for a year and a half, the last 6 months particularly rough but there were the beginning. I hung in there because I wanted it so bad but I knew in the I was just the girl in between “real” relationships. Idk if he’s involvedwith anyone else but I assume so because this time unlike the others he hasn’t contacted me. He asked to remain friends but had never
        Called or texted. Im sure im better off

      2. I am sure that you are too!! (Better off)…. although – don’t be surprised if he shows back up.

        In my experience, if he hasn’t been ruining and destroying your life at the end, and he said that he wanted to stay friends, the chances are that he will show back up in your life. If a sociopath stays friends with you, he does it for a reason!! 😦 Usually anyway…

      3. Its been 7 weeks of nothing, no calls, no texts nada. Do u think he really is finished? Im just so confused one minute he wants all my time and cries hes “feels rejected” if I want to stay home one night by myself but the next wanting me to go do my own thing. If even complained that I used to tell him he was good looking or hot too much. Dear gawd it was a constant mind game

      4. Well you have done really well to survive 7 weeks without him. Did you contact him at all during those 7 weeks? As that can make things worse if you do…. for you, and delay healing.

        It is so tough the way that that they just ‘discard’ leaving you feeling worthless… Or at least, that is how it made me feel anyway. Like i didn’t even deserve the time of day.

        This next stage requires work, and effort, and that can be hard when your heart is aching. if you make the effort NOT to contact him, and also if he pops in your head, try immediately to think of something else.

        Also – write three lists.
        1. All the reasons why he was good for you
        2. All the reasons why you are better off without him
        3. Set some short term goals write a list for those too….

        Start to do the things on your third list. If you find yourself having a hard time, go back and read the second list!!

      5. oh no I am far too strong-willed to contact him. When he went AWOL fur three days and on the 4th had the audacity to text me saying “hi” that was the straw that broke the camels back! I rapidly packed whatever crap he had at my house and told him to come get it by the end of that day. He of course said things like “well I know u don’t care you never texted me, I could’ve been dying in the hospital” trying to make me feel bad when the last time we talked I said I was going to bed and he flupped out saying I rejected him. Anyway he came to get his things and we have not spoken since. But that day he did say he hoped we could remain friends. Im sure he’s happy with his new found supply and hopeful that he’ll just stay gone. Thank you for the words of encouragement I really don’t have a string support system around me. Im a single mom trying to keep my sanity intact. I will start those 3 lists. First, im going to start off with a pedicure……..i deserve it!

      6. I was with this loon fit a year and a half. Im pretty sure I was a rebound and once he got over the last one and got back on solid ground he decided he didn’t want me anymore. The guys 33 smokes obscene amounts of weed (i didn’t sign up for that he took up that hobby 6 months In to our relationship), lives at home, works 30 measly hours a week at a going-nowhere-fast job. I know I can do better but he was so darm charming at times, and loving……grr

      7. Hmm, if you were in the uk, I could have said he sounds like my ex ex 🙂

        He also lives at home with his parents (had a single bedroom) I think his mum still rules his life 🙂 …. and smoked an obscene amount of weed. Actually the last 3 did, and all were paranoid, controlling. I know what you mean, about ‘knowing you can do better’ but….. when its your heart…. and their charm can ‘appear’ to make you feel so happy…. but remember with the charm came the control. You were, in a sense owned and controlled. And that part, is not so great, not when you can’t breath – and the lies, that is enough to drive you crazy wondering whether someone is lying all the time 😦

      8. Yup, I felt controlled through most of it. He point blank told me he wanted all of my time and regretably I obliged. However in the last month he wanted mych less time from me. He wanted to hang out with his cousins (he has no friends) and when I asked how come he never invited me he wood say oh you wouldn’t like it I’ve there. In the beginning he never talked about his past sexual partners and in the end started telling me (proudly I might add) about the times he cheated on his girlfriends back in his youth. But claimed to have never cheated on his wife of ten years. Ive never spoken to her but am no realizing something must have been amiss when a woman who has no job no income and a child (his now ex wife) would rather live alone and struggle by requesting to end their marriage. Hmmmm.

  4. Im amazed how you describe her perfectly…you all talk of men..but many girls are like this too! Beware! I just wonder ..ok so now she is there posting comm on her yt of how she has new love new job..she finally has true happiness ..I left her 4 months ago..but just in the last 3 weeks she start to post crap …and in just over a week she went from bad job to a amazing job in a new city and few days after she “moved” she had first date.. made love” on that first date…point “made love” not sex OK eheheheh and 3 days later he entered her heart so fast by looking at his eyes..Ok good for her..
    So lies? I all too fast! But maybe real.. then again ..why post..??Oh sure dumb me reads 😦 I too feel much shame when I fall in her traps..I fell on mnay while together..I was ashamed to tell many friends I date her..I knew it was too good to be true..
    but tell me ..what do they feel?
    do they have heartaches??Are they hurting like us??? Or just fits? She had plenty spoiled girl fits..while together..about dumb things..oH want that make up set! real nasty fits! 23 years old and full of fits.. but so many games ..if you only knew the way they can say things to hurt you ..oh cry cry you are so sensitive!! ..for her crying was weakness!
    well F her and her lies ..pathetic loser! I just wonder if they hurt..guess not they feel happy!

    1. If she is a sociopath – well, no they don’t hurt like us. They do feel a sense of loss, if they value you, as a source of supply. But they can get over it very quickly. You are not stupid, and this is no reflection on you! It is just that they are experts at being deceptive and manipulative. To them, relationships are a game, to get what they want. There is always an agenda, they come with an agenda and leave with one too 😦 Feel better because you are the one who is free….. whilst she will always be this way. Imagine having a life, where you have to fake feelings,. to not feel true love, yes you feel sorrow and joy – but you also feel happiness, elation, love, joy – you are the winner…. now….. onto focusing on you, and healing and recovery!!! 🙂

      1. Yes I guess they dont care, so why she spends so much time leaving posts on a social network where she has no “freinds” there to read them? not even this new lover, is a empty youtube, is clear that is for me, I never will go back, but I know she will keep posting her love words to her new love…odd no that she talks as if she is telling him how he makes her fell, but she has no one added to read!
        So if she did not care , why they dont let you go? she made posts earlier saying to me, leave me alone, for me this book is closed, I want you to leave me in peace, I will just ignore you . and strange things like this. and angry post sarcastic ones.. and then those I told you about new job and now new love all very fast . oh at first she was going to kill herself with starvation since I was not hers anymore …weird no.. why live? Oh she told her new lover, the one that I dont know how he reads heeheheheh he took her out of this dark place and open her heart again heheehheeh
        I have to laugh =D its all odd..In the end she always said things like..oh you did not want to be mine anymore ..was always this things about being I am her property..sad.I do feel shame. but this shall end I am finding myself again =D Your blog and words are indeed the light out of this tunnel =D

  5. 10 years “together” this year, it all blew up last fall and I should have left then, but nooooooo I wanted to help him, I wanted to “move forward”. Now, 8 months down the line, this relationship is absolutely surreal and I don’t know how to get out. They sure do a number on your self-esteem, self perception, self worth. Some days it feels like everything is going to be okay, I can “make it work” but most of the time I am aware that this is going nowhere and fast. I am so sad and angry over all the wasted time and effort, all the things I thought were true, all the hope that I had that is gone, gone, gone. There are these moments, when it seems like he is a normal, loving, caring man…..but realizing the man you loved never really existed is utterly heart breaking. I can’t explain the grip this pain has on me…. Any advice for how to get out? I could sure use a friend or two who know what I’m going through 😦

    1. Hi thanks for your comments!!! It is so tough, and as you know they just lie and then lie some more. The whole thinking it is ok, I wrote about in sociopath and the confusion of kindness.

      They are kind for a while, and that is confusing. 10 years is a long time to be with someone. Do you have children with him?

    2. hi everyonesfool,,,although I don’t think you are ,you just have a kind good heart is my guess,I too just went through this. No contact at all just leave,,it’s hard but you’ll be happier in the end.I haven’t posted my whole journey on here,maybe some day I will. But ,yes they do knock you down terrible,I am broke,lost my house,friends, EVERYTHING good I had is now gone. I truly understand,letting go is the hardest part,but now a month later I got a good job,I am no longer controlled,I am working on all of it,I have my own place.I come here lots to read cuz like you I don’t understand me or him,any of it but it helps here. One day at a time,it will get easier,we CAN live without them. I personally pray lots for understanding and grace and try not to cry,but don’t blame you,you are the victim,,,you can’t change him you can only love him from afar nd move on and member,,like it says here NO CONTACT!!! ya’ hear me? NO CONTACT!!!! hehe!!! good luck email me if you wanna talk,if you can. you can do it,you are stronger then you know

      1. Thank you Pam.

        You know, since I have been writing this blog, when I started I felt so isolated. I had lost my job, my entire world had been taken to the ground. Since then, I have met THE MOST WONDERFUL people, Who are a joy to interact with. I love the warmth of people, and comments. I so want to put a forum on but will have to change to self hosting, but that is a plan for the future. Your post has warmth – and it really made me smile!! Thank you!!! 🙂 ….. and i am really glad that what I write helps…. thanks… you help me too!!

      2. Thank you positivagirl,you don’t know how much your blog helps daily almost,and you’re right there are good people out there!!!! I was surprised to learn bout sociopaths,I had no clue til I found you!!! Thanks again!!!

  6. Hi, Is any one still on this site?
    I have been involved with a sex /love addict for 4 years. I don’t know if he is a sociopath, but he fits a lot of the profile. I have been trying to get out of this for months, but then he sweet talks me and I am back. I love him, but I really don’t like him. Finally I said some very hurtful things to him. he texted me that he hates me over and over again. I think this is the only way I can break it off. I feel dreadful, but I am a wreck of a person, I feel abused by his other women, who he has full relationships with.
    He thinks the competition should keep me sweet, but I am literally on the edge. He thinks I should understand that he loves me and be ok with this. I feel like some one who gets punched around.

    1. Hi pber, yes, I am sorry I haven’t posted a blog in a few days I have a legal case going on at the moment that has taken my time.

      Why can’t you leave him? Have you read articles on co-dependency?

    2. Understand that he loves you while he disrespects you by giving his time, resources, and attention to other women? How does that work? I comment because I believe I have been someone’s “other woman”. I didn’t know this from the outset. He told me he was uninvolved. I didn’t learn he was still with the woman until he got my car impounded and he got arrested. He came back to me after, half blaming me for making the arrest known to others, half information-gathering as to my mindset/why I did that (was I still there for him?), but giving me the impression he still wanted a change and would leave his present relationship. It is a month later (and a couple debacles more), and I just told him Weds. that I wasn’t doing this anymore, that his going home to another woman, driving the cars of other women still (or being driven by them) is all horseshit. That there was no way he could do me justice like this, that only after he decided what he wanted to do and determined he could treat me with the love and respect I deserve, to THEN come back to me. I haven’t heard from him since. Anything less than what I’ve asked for will also be rejected. I believe he knows this.

  7. I am going through a breakup from a sociopath and I decided to look online for support as I am at a very low point and have 4 more weeks on my lease with him and I am not sure how I can make it. This has been a nightmare hell that I would not wish on anyone. I started bawling when I read this page and PsychicPharmacyTech’s post. I haven’t made it any further whenever the need to write.

    I am a biologist, I am a fairly bright person but for some reason I was entranced. My story is incredible. I am so happy to have people who understand, yet I am so sorry that others have gone through this.

  8. Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this site, and in fact to any website at all. The last 6 months of my life have been a complete rollercoaster ride with a man I am thinking now is a sociopath. It breaks my heart to realize that he could truly be this way, and I’m still having a hard time coming to grips with it all.
    He was my soul mate, I thought, everything I ever wanted in a partner, the person I had been looking for my whole life. Things in the beginning were like a fairy tale and I couldn’t have been happier. The moment we got “close” about 2 months into the relationship is when things started to unravel.
    He got busy with personal projects that had deadlines and so we started spending less time together. He would say, “I just need a couple more weeks and then things will be back to normal”. But things never did return to normal and more projects/issues in his life came up after those first projects were finished. I stated accusing him of lying to me because I couldn’t understand why if he said he loved me that he couldn’t ever spend any time with me. We argued and fought a lot about how I was feeling and about how he was treating me. After every argument or discussion I always walked away feeling more confused because nothing ever got resolved, he never made me feel better and would never compromise to make me feel loved and secure in the relationship. I was always the one to be made to feel I was over-reacting to something he had done and that my sense of reality was warped. I would then feel bad and apologize for overreacting. What??? I know now it was all manipulation on his part.
    We have broken up a few times to get back together again when he says he will try harder, but it never lasted for long. Our last breakup was 6 weeks ago and it was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life. I was devastated, more than devastated, I felt like he had died, I was going through horrible grief and was an absolute mess. The no contact is so hard when all you want is answers, and for them to take away the pain they have caused. I was just beginning to feel stronger about 4 weeks in when I received a text from him. He said that he couldn’t stop thinking about me, I was constantly in his heart and mind, that he was praying for me and thinking of me constantly, and that he still loves and desires me.
    He sucked me back in. We spoke every other day for a week. I thought he was going to actually fit me into his life this time and that his words and actions would match. The last 2 days of us talking and trying to work things out, it was turned around on me. He made he feel guilty for all the things that went wrong in the relationship, saying that if I hadn’t called him a liar or an asshole then we would be in a more stable place right now. He said he couldn’t trust me again with his heart and that I have destroyed him more than any person ever in his life. What??
    I thank you for having this site up and still active. I have read so much on here and am trying to give myself as much knowledge as I can so I can move forward from this. I know it will be a long road ahead, but I have to focus on myself and go full blown no contact. It’s the only way to break the cycle and free yourself. Thank you again so much!!! KNOWLEDGE=POWER!!!!

  9. one of my favorite comments from the guy I was dating was I told her we are only friends to protect your reputation. no it is more like so she doesn’t know what a lieing cheating scoundrel you are.

  10. As bad as it sounds I can’t wait for his new gf to realize that he will never leave his wife. and see if she apologizes to me for what she has said about me. I already showed her he lies and she said she was done but yet the next day they are engaged. How many other woman are there? i witnessed her calling me “delusional, unreasonable & clueless” to someone else. They don’t know me they have no right to form an opinion on me. So I am curious as to what he has said about me to her to make her believe he is leaving his wife and that I am the bad guy. All because I called him out on his lies. I also confronted one of his other women. he kept telling us the other was just a friend. Yet when I confronted her found out he was telling her the same thing. She told me she was done with him since she found out he was playing games but yet the next day they are back together and engaged. I am gone and I am the one as she said “Delusional, Unresonable & Clueless”. yeah I think not. I think she is describing her self.

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