14 thoughts on “The sociopath is a LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!”

  1. Oh I’m glad you looked into the lyrics. It’s a pretty sick song really. My friend’s tell me if I’m ever feeling like I miss him, or warm feelings or simply confused by the relationship, to just read these lyrics. I must admit it helps me a lot. I guess for the fact HE was the one who introduced me to this song  I must admit it’s only a fresh breakup but I’m already finding his ways humorous and his tall tales laughable. Oh but he was so so believable!

    1. I think that is the beauty of it, if you were with a charismatic one. That they can say the most ridiculous things and the lies that they tell are stunning.

      IF you are feeling this way so soon, that is a good sign for healing. It means that you can see him for who he is. And if you can laugh about it….. thats brilliant. When can laugh about it, is when you can let go.

      You are right about the lyrics though, they are perfect for a pscyho. Just word for word, and explanation of their behaviour – really he has done you a huge favour. As you won’t miss one again!! 🙂

    2. I hate that type of music. But I have to admit, the way that it is done…. is clever…. as it really does sum up exactly how it is to have a relationship with a psycho!

  2. Well yes, I’m certainly not completely over him. Not sure if I ever will to be honest. However, I make sure that I use his sociopathic ways as my tool to be strong. I don’t cry anymore!! It’s such a great thing. I cried and was almost zombie like during our time together. He was a charismatic type by filling me with amazing words, all the while being with other woman. Then saying the most hateful misogynistic things about these women, followed by putting me on a pedestal. No wonder we as victims can question our own minds. And yes… a very clever song!!!

  3. I am not a fan of this type of music, but the lyrics are brilliant and hits the nail right on the head. The last word “promise” pretty much says it all with what a conundrum it can all be. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Absolutely I hate the music a reader on the site told me about it earlier this year. The words are so true. While I hate the music – I think it does go quite well with the song.

      Welcome to the site Mike 🙂

      1. Positivagirl- thank you for the nice words. It’s refreshing to be able and go to this site and feel better about understanding this kind of behavior. I guess it’s just good to know there are good people out there.

  4. Wow, that song says it all really! I wish I had heard this song earlier, before the ex N. It’s true, the N will tell you what you want to hear and parrot it back to you. I saw the N’s technique first hand when the OW and I confronted him. The OW would be talking away answering her own questions she posed to him and he would just repeat it back to her. The OW would then have this “he understands me” look on her face. I was sitting there thinking to myself “is she really falling for this shit?”. Then he would turn and glare at me with a smile on his face as if to say “see I have her completely under my control. I win, you lose”. All I kept thinking after that was: 1) I need to get out of this insane asylum; and 2) this turd didn’t have to do a thing, the ow will just explain it away; and 3) how truly sad it is when someone, despite knowing the truth is still will ing to live a lie and doubly sad that there is always a turd ready and willing to take advantage of that….was once blind, but can sure as hell see now…

  5. Finally, this song has gotten through my thick head. It’s a long and very sad story. My husband of 32 years, loving , kind , sweet man, was waiting in the hospital for a heart transplant. Yes a HEART TRANSPLANT . A night nurse (predator) sociopath , convince him he didn’t need his wife and family anymore before he dyed. She brainwashed him, leaving him thinking he only needed her. By the way my husband is 59 and the psycho married and 31. Thank GOD I found out in time had her fired and more to come for her. (Gag). All of this for money. And she did get some. Don’t worry, what she didn’t expect was that he would live. He did receive his heart transplant after waiting for a year. And I will not give up what she did to him or us until I see her in jail.

  6. My problem is she did every thing she could do to get him away from me. (Sex in the hospital room.) what kind of a nurse does something so sick. In fact by her controlling him he never reported it. But of course, the hospital counciling finally made him realize what she was, she had him so fooled. For myself I am so confused . In all the years we had such a good marriage. Now it’s hard for me to even look at him. I am having different feelings for him. Hard for me to have compassion for him. After 32 years do I leave him?? Can’t stand the pain.

  7. Hi Bella
    hi there and so sorry to hear you having to go through this pain. But what do you, this nurse had sex with your husband in his hospital room? When he was ill as you say. How sick! And she is a sociopath. There are many around. Ive encountered them about. And sociopaths who work in women’s shelters working with battered vulnerable low self esteem women. Verbal catty abuse from them. One gleamed some private personal info about me & made my life hell. And she sat in front of me with her legs wide open like a man, thank god there was a small table in between us, her shirt had been unbuttoned above the navel and she was toying with me, letting me know in a kryptic way she had learnt some stuff about my past. I didn’t let on I knew what she was on about. Nice n calm I was. I kept my body still enough and pointing away from her not to face front on with my self and tried to keep my body covered arms over chest. I was lucky to make it out of the room safe without her pouncing on me. Be strong bella. They can’t take your mind. Transfer hospitals if you can. And get her fired. Hell yeah!!! Blessings.

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