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Sociopathic mind control – How it works and its effects on YOU!


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Feeling drained? Feeling tired? Feeling exhausted? Worn out? This is likely because you have been affected by Sociopathic mind control.

The sociopath has the ability to, after assessing you, to find out what it is that you want and need, to tune into you and hypnotise you. You might wonder why you are feeling so exhausted, and wiped out. It is because you are being controlled through your mind.

How does the sociopath do this?

  1. Talking non stop sometimes at 100 miles an hour, which doesn’t give you time to think, you will lose your own thoughts and focus instead solely on the Sociopath
  2. Constant deflection
  3. Feeding you a false illusion, and when you challenge this, telling you that this is ‘all in your mind’ – gaslighting
  4. Mirroring you – repeating back to you information that you have already shared, so that you feel that ‘special connection’
  5. Intense stare, mirrored and intense body language combined with a lack of personal space. If you look closely the intense stare is almost hypnotic
  6. Constant questioning, or accusing you of things that you haven’t done (leaving you to defend yourself and feel confused) – which usually leads you away from questions that you really wanted to ask
  7. You might feel ‘relaxed’ in the Sociopaths company – this is usually achieved by charismatic charm, telling you key words that you want to hear (this is information that has been learned about you earlier, or things that you have said that you want/need your hopes desires etc)
  8. Being overly ‘nice’ ‘kind’ ‘helpful’ – being everything that you want to create an addiction to the Sociopath, so that you will find it difficult to live without him/her. Creating situations which develop dependency.   The ‘nice’ factor

How does this affect you?

You might look back and ask the question ‘how could I have been so stupid’? The truth is that you were not stupid.

  1. Constant bombardment of information gives you little time to think for yourself. Which means thinking to question, argue, or dismiss what you are being told. How can you do this, when there is no space to think? – this will cause you to feel stunned and confused (and relieved when and if the Sociopath finally shuts up).
  2. Not being allowed space to think, or speak, is very draining, exhausting, tiring. You will feel lethargic, without energy to fight back. You are effectively being ‘stunned’ into submission
  3. This can lead to health problems. Either physical health problems (exhaustion), or mental health problems (anxiety, depression etc)
  4. With no space or time for yourself, to make plans for your future or to think about you and your needs, you quickly become isolated from others. Socialising takes energy you do not have and the constant rows and Isolation gives the Sociopath the ultimate control over you.
  5. You will start to question your own sanity. Are left feeling confused and disorientated. If you try to raise questions, you are quickly accused of exactly what the sociopath is doing themselves. You then spend time and energy defending your innocence. The constant lies, and being told that you are being ‘paranoid’ ‘insecure’. All of your senses and evidence are warning that you are being lied to, but the sociopath will lie further to protect the lie. The outcome is effective and you feel further disorientation and confusion.
  6. You become dependent on the Sociopath. This is one of the most difficult things for others to understand, they cannot work out why you are emotionally dependent on someone who you claim is abusing you? The reason is because Sociopaths create dependency, you will develop a habit to the Sociopath

If you are looking back over the relationship with the Sociopath and wondering, ‘how did that happen?’ This is why. The Sociopath operates a trick that is similar to being hypnotised. Leaving you, the victim, feeling, stunned, confused, disorientated, and often sick, but at the same time, with a habit that can be as strong as the craving for crack cocaine once you have an addiction.

To  move away, you need to break the addiction. As it is recommended with people who quit smoking ‘not one puff ever’…. the same is recommended to break away from the Sociopath  – No Contact Ever….. if you break No Contact, you could quickly find yourself back to square one, and once again you will need to wean yourself off of the Sociopath. Stick to No Contact, understand what has happened and why, and start learning to trust yourself!!!

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