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Love yourself!!

 Sometimes you need to meet a compulsive liar to learn to love and trust yourself!


Putting this here as a reminder. If you are reading this, and are feeling confused, or low. I just want you to remember the following. Print it out, put it on your wall. If you feel low go back and read it again.

Try to remember that most humans are ruled by two primary emotions


The psychopath not experiencing these emotions – will manipulate you by love and fear.

In the relationship

Assesment (neutral)
Seducing (love)
Gaming (alternating between love and fear)
Ruining (fear)

That is it. That is all that he does. He thinks that he is clever. But it is not., Its primeval. It is basic thinking.

He cannot experience love and fear so he either bombards you with love – or makes you feel fearful. One or the other -and sometimes he will do both at the same time, giving you conflicting messages (which leaves you feeling confused).

If you feel scared – don’t be. You have what the sociopath will never have. The ability to love and feel.

If you feel scared, well at least you feel. The sociopath does not feel. You are the one who is real.

Love yourself!!! Your worth it!! đŸ™‚