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How sociopaths use the impossible scenario to get exactly what they want -sociopath mind control


Control is everything to the sociopath, and life to them is simply a game. A game to be played and a game that they will attempt to win at any cost.

Sociopaths love to play the victim and to turn the blame around on you for their wrong doings. They are expert at this, never are they wrong. If they claim that they are in the wrong, this would only be to keep you and use you some more.

When the sociopath wants to get  out of a situation, they are cowards, and will often present to you, the ‘impossible scenario’. What this is, is to tell you that you NEED to do something. For you to be together.

The sociopath knows that you won’t take that option, so they get off scott free all the while making you believe that it is your fault, as you didn’t keep to your end of the deal.

Examples of the impossible scenario

  • I am with another woman now, if you want me, you will have to come chase me, and prove that you love me.
  • The sociopath has been abusing you, and then  says ‘I have to move into your home, or we will split up’
  • Being a terrible father, then saying, I will have them only if I can have them overnight

It is basically blackmail, and the choice that is offered to you, will always be the one that would force you to be degraded, or it is an impossible deal that cannot happen.

The sociopath knows this. Rather than being a grown up, they play stupid games. Most people would say, no this isn’t going to work for me. Not the sociopath, always they have to have you and everyone else believing that this is all YOUR fault. The sociopath is the victim and you are the bad one.

  • ‘I so wanted to be with her, but she wouldn’t let me, I can’t be with her if we don’t live together’.
  • ‘I really loved her, and wanted to be with her, I said I would be with her, if she proved that she wanted me, but she didn’t bother, so I am with someone else now’.
  • ‘She is so controlling, I offered to have the children overnight, but she wouldn’t let me’.

What this achieves for the sociopath, is a sense of defeat for you, with you feeling that you are partially to blame, and leaves the sociopath WINNING. They have now got EXACTLY what they want.

Sociopaths are cowards

Despite their bravado and bullying behaviour, really at the heart of it, sociopaths are nothing more than overgrown teenagers or children, akin to having a temper tantrum against their parent who is the enemy.

Sociopaths like to punish you. By offering you the impossible scenario they leave you confused, and feeling punished.

Sociopaths are cowards to pretty much everyone that they meet. Most grown up people don’t play stupid mind games. Dating a sociopath is like dating an overgrown schoolboy, and perhaps not so overgrown, just a school boy.

If you have been offered the ‘impossible scenario’ don’t take this on board that it is ‘your fault’. It isn’t your fault. It is just that they are weak cowards, who offer impossible senarios to manipulate and control you.

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